Peridot Chapter 3

June 29, 2010
By sofastyoucantsee SILVER, Amherst, New Hampshire
sofastyoucantsee SILVER, Amherst, New Hampshire
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I woke up the next morning to Backleon yelling downstairs my mom's name. I got dressed and ran downstairs to ask him what the matter was.

“I just can't find mom, if she left to go to the shop or something, wouldn't she have left a note?”

“Yeah, she would've.” I knew because she sometimes did go to the shop in the morning, and she always left a note when she did. We didn't worry that dad was gone because he always had work in the morning. We left the fact that mom was gone thinking she would come back in a while when she was done with whatever she was doing. We didn't eat because we didn't know if she was going to fix breakfast when she came or if we were supposed to eat now, so we just left it alone. After about an hour of playing cards we got kind of hungry so we made ourselves sandwiches. After a couple more hours Vensch got up. It was almost midday now, and we started getting worried. After another couple hours we went to our dad's work to ask him if he knew where mom was. However, we had a very shocking discovery when we got to our dad's work. When we got there to ask the desk clerk if we could see our dad, she said that he hadn't checked in that day. I looked at her in a puzzled expression. I didn't understand, where were they? They couldn't have just disappeared! They had to be somewhere. We went to the shop to see if they both went there and dad took the day off. After finding out that neither were in the shop, blacksmith, bakery, market, or barber we started getting really scared. After a couple hours of looking in all the stores everywhere, we called the quelvins and reported two missing people. We gave the quelvins our residence number and they came to our house within minutes. Right when they got there they started asking us what they looked like? how tall were they? What were their defining characteristics? Question after question after question. It seamed like they asked us for hours until they transported back to the Quelvin Council House. All we could do was sit around waiting, hoping that they were still alive somewhere. After a little while of waiting I started going drowsy, I started falling asleep.
I suddenly saw two people. They both were facing me, and I couldn't really see there faces for reasons I know not. they couldn't have been more than ten feet away from me. One of them told me they loved me. Then out of the blue, the same hooded figure that appeared in my last dream came out from behind me, stretched out his hand and suddenly both the people toppled over on top of each other. I looked at the two people laying over each other, both dead, and I'd never get to see them again. I started crying and looked around for the hooded figure who'd been the cause of so much mischief! so much chaos! so much death! Looking and finding nothing I looked down and saw the same haunted, beautiful rabbit that had given me the look I really couldn't explain. It looked at me, jumped into my arms and turned into a beautiful woman, she had flowing black hair and green eyes. In the midst of the transformation, she suddenly wasn't in my hands anymore, she was standing in front of me now knocking on my head, she knocked again.

I woke up to someone knocking the door. Suddenly I remembered with a painful jolt that my mom and dad were missing. I jumped off the couch and ran to the door. I got there just in time to hear the quelvin at the door say to Vensch, “I'm sorry, we can't find your parents anywhere. We shouldn't really give up hope, 'cause we're still looking, but I was sent to give you a summary on the findings.” Vensch said “thank you”, and sat at the kitchen table and started crying. I walked over to her and tried comforting her. She put her head on my shoulder and made me wonder how much water she had behind those red, swollen eyes. She eventually went up to her room and I didn't see her again for the rest of the day. I looked at Backleon and found him on his bed looking at the ceiling in a trance that looked like he was in shock. I didn't want to talk to him while he was like that. He went into the same trance thing when his dog died. I tried to talk to him and he started screaming and crying. He stopped after about a half an hour. I just closed the door to his room and left him alone. I went downstairs and sat at the table. I felt a tear drizzle down my cheek but didn't feel it leave my eye. I wanted to fall asleep, I wanted to forget about the whole day! Everything in the day was going badly, even yesterday was bad. It was as if someone was out to ruin my life. I started drooping my eyes, then finally gave into the hypnotic seduction of sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night to move to my own bed. Besides that, I didn't wake up for anything. I planned on forgetting what happened over the past two days, I didn't want to have anything to do with what was happening. Then I started thinking: maybe I'm the cause of all the confusion and chaos? Maybe it's because I'm not one of their children, someone wants them gone? Maybe my real parents want them gone! I didn't know what to think, so I just went back to sleep.
I woke up the next morning to my room filled up with smoke. I quickly ran out of it and found that the whole house was on fire! I went into Backleon's room to find him just barely waking up and waving his had in the air trying to clear away the smoke. In the midst of waving he saw me and jumped out of bed. We ran out of his room to see Vensch come screaming out of mine.

“Aamyst? (Cough) Aamyst, where are (cough) you? Oh, there (cough) you are.” We all quickly ran downstairs and out the front door. We looked back at the house. Seeing nothing wrong with it we looked inside, but didn't go in. the house looked completely fine. We then walked inside and were engulfed in smoke and dust. Coughing and gagging, we walked back outside. We looked in amazement as the house once again looked normal. We put our shirts over our faces, actually just our nose and mouth, and walked back inside. We looked around as our sight was diminishing because of the smoke. There didn't even seem to be a fire. But why was there smoke? We got out of the house again and decided we couldn't go back in until the smoke was gotten rid of. We went to the Exterminator's office to ask them if they could do anything. The Exterminator's office is designed to get rid of all kinds of things like basically all rodents, gasses, and sometimes they actually exterminate people, but only on government business, like legal bounty hunters. After they checked out our house, and all around it, they tried some spells on it. Then they tried to spray a weird purple potion in the house. Whatever they did, nothing helped, it justed added another something to cough to. Once they'd tried everything they thought necessary, the head exterminator was talking to Vensch right outside our house.

“Well, we tried all we could. I've never seen anything like this, I'm sorry ma'am. There'll be no need to pay us, we've never not been able to exterminate anything, so there'll be no charge.” He then hopped onto his horse and rode back to the Exterminator office with all the rest of his team.

“I wonder what's been happening lately.” Backleon said.

“Well, whatever it is, it's obvious someone's behind it.” Vensch pointed out.
After talking it over for a long time, we decided that we should move and see if the person harassing us will follow. If he/she does, we'll see if we can catch ‘em. We, again, put our shirts over our faces and went back inside to bring out everything that we owned of valued. After we had brought everything out, we looked at the house that was filled with so much happiness, so much pain, so much fun. I looked at the old house and wondered how it held so much on top of it. It has enough memories to fill a library! And all the memories will now be left for someone else to cherish or destroy. That's one thing I love about this world. Memories are never gone, they are left wherever they were made, and if they are kept somewhere by a person, they stay there for more people to share. You can erase the memories if you wish by casting a very simple spell almost everyone knows. That's why it's why it's so fun to go to the fair or circus. They always erase the memories every three or four months. So whenever you go, unless they just barely cleaned it, you can stumble onto a place where two people kissed, or where a spoiled kid got exactly what he wanted and see it clear as day. But with memories if you stumble onto a place where someone had a special memory, you can't keep it like a normal memory. If you leave the spot the memory was, you leave the memory there for someone else to experience. More than one person can see someone else's memory at a time though. We haven't had that house erased of memories in about thirteen years, so there are a lot of memories we value in that house. It's kind of sad that even though I'm eighteen, I still can't do the spell that erases memories. One thing I think isn't all that great about the magic around us is that when you try to mold it, you are going to have trials and it's really rough. But if you are able to control the magic you live in, you could never do anything with inanimate objects, but you could always control things that have to do with the heart or brain such as feelings or memories. If you want to control inanimate things, you need to have a magical gem placed in your body. No human has ever figured out how to control things without a gem.
We went to the market, set up our fold-up table, put a blanket over it and tried to purchase all of the things we had that we didn't value very much, and stuff that was just too heavy. A little way through selling our stuff, it started sprinkling. We put up some tall sticks we carved who knows how long ago, put a tarp over it, and let that be our protection from the rain that soon came harder and harder. By the time we'd sold half the stuff we wanted gone, it was raining so hard we couldn't see ten feet in front of us. We sold a little more after that, but we eventually had to leave and go to an Inn. Fortunately not a lot of our stuff was wet. Most of the stuff that got wet, though, was ruined or close to it. We had to pay a little bit of what we earned to stay in the Inn, but in the end it was worth it.

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