Werewolf Family

July 1, 2010
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"Allainy Mallary Weretolis why can’t you just be a normal teenager"? That’s the only thing that goes through my head over and over and over again. And if you can imagine the type of person I am, dark and mysterious, well then you know that I hear it a lot, in my head of course. Not a lot of people can relate to what I go through every day. See im not a normal every day person, teenager, girl, or well human. I’m different. A different that you can spend years running from, but you can’t. No matter how many times you try, it will always catch up with you. My mom is a normal working mom, blond, poise, and nice. My dad is very different, hard, mean, and very menacing. Sometimes I wonder how they ever got married and the circumstances of what they are under. And then there is my brother. Who is the complete opposite of me. Very open to his feelings, Mr. Popular, but when angry can seem like a whole different person, which he is. My family is not like any family you will ever meet or see. My family is well. A werewolf family. Scared yet? Im not one, yet, but when I am I will be a very talented one. Says Rob the leader of my distant relatives, in other words my "Pac". He is the leader of the north side of our "Pac". He says when I turn 16 not just my driver’s license will be a present, but so will the transformation. He was trying to joke around but i didnt fine it very funny. The transformation that hurts. Not just physically (my brother says it hurts a lot physically too) but emotionally. See when you turn into god forbid a monster. You become a different person with anger issues. My dad for instants isn’t so good with the anger part of it. Touch him or get him mad he lashes out full force, and the bad part is you cant go back and fix it my dad has to be very careful now because one time he almost lost his cool when a police officer came to my house and he thought me, my relatives or brother, gave away our secret. Well he almost gave it away himself. My 16th birthday is in a couple weeks and im scared of everything that everyone has told me. Josh is happy though. He can’t wait. He’s kind of in love with me, says my mom. See Pac rules, you can’t go out with anyone unless they are in your Pac to much of a risk and im not officially in the Pac yet, not until I go through the transformation. But my mom was an exception, well because of my dad not really knowing how to control his anger issues. Rob nor did anyone else want to tell him they couldnt be together. They said that she knew how to control him or something. But me. Me is a diffrent story. I disagree with the whole thing. And its not a life i would choose of having. EVER! She always trys to calm me down. What would she know she’s not a werewolf. How can she deal with a family of werewolf’s? I guess she deals with the human half of us. The normal half I guess. The human or so called normal is more of the soft, genteel, and feelings side of us. I don’t know how my mom deals with it all. All of the un-normalcy of it. Shouldn’t she be freaked out or heavily medicated? But all I know is once you enter this world, this place. You can’t return to normal life, EVER AGAIN! That’s the scary part of it all. The insane part. My mom says its time for me to start stressing now. What ever that means, I asked her what more can I do? And all she said was. "You’ll know when it happens." That’s what everyone has been telling me lately. It’s like their catch phrase for me. It’s almost time for me to meet up with the only person who knows me. The real me. Josh.

"Hey Josh!" I yelled to him

"Hey Allainy, has it happened yet?" he says

"No, and I can wait too!" I replyed in a ferice voice.

"Whoa, chica sorry didnt mean to push your buttons." He said trying to calm me somewhat down.

" I see the anger problem are starting to set in" He said in a joking voice

" Ha!" I replied now with even a more feirce sound.
Why does he do that with his eyes, he already knows I like his dark black eyes. They are like a statement. With his black curly hair and oh my gosh shut up! Even though his eyes are reading every thought that goes through my mind before I can even speak. Ugh that really gets on my nerves when he doesn’t let me speak and he just sits there looking at me. People always ask me why he looks at me like that. I just say uhh, umm, im not really sure. And they believe it. I hope. Josh does that when Rob says something about werewolf’s to me or like it’s not that bad of a thing. Josh just sits there with a grin on his face like right. Because he knows that the last thing I think about are werewolves are a good thing. We kill people who haven’t done anything to us. Or we have lash out just because they say something to us we don’t like. That makes us sound, well selfish. And I for one am not, nor will ever be selfish.

"Well I got to go "A." Josh says with a smirk

"K." I say back to him, with a look of if you scare me tonight imp killing you.
He is always scaring me or creeping me out. But Josh unlike my dad is good with controlling his anger. And imp glad because there has been some times where I might have said things that could have set him off. But my mom said that he loves me to much to hurt me, she says that the strongest part of us isn’t our werewolf side it’s our human. It concourse more of us then we thing sometimes. Rob said that my mom is very smart for a 100% human. That made me a little frightened. In a couple of days I have to get ready to be in bed for 3 weeks. 3 weeks for the transformation to stop and be done. The part that imp excited about is. Well my power. Rob says its going to be something he has never saw before cause imp the 400th generation of werewolf’s. And he said it’s the person I am too. The quiet and mysterious people always get the cool powers. That’s why Josh has such a cool power because he never talks to people other then me. Imp the only one that knows him and how to deal with him. Not even Rob can understand him sometimes and if he can’t they all call me. Isn’t he suppose to be the so called leader? I mean come on, it’s not like I have my own problems but then I have to fix someone else’s. Gosh, I can’t believe I only have 3 days until I go into "sick" mode. No school, no nothing. It’s like your being isolated form everything.

Last Day of School
The last day of school was sad. A lot of goodbyes, and why are you leaving? I had to come up with something, I couldn’t just say yea imp leaving because imp Turing into a werewolf see yaw later. I mean you can’t just do that. So I came up with my own reason why, Imp leaving because my parents are giving me a whole 3 week-weekend. They kind of just sat there looking at me, with this look as if they though I was stupid. I don’t know. I mean what else can I do? I can’t be too obvious and I can’t be to not obvious. Josh said its better then what he came up with, he said he came up with, Imp dying. Then I said and then what do I say when I come back? And he realized, he didn’t get that far. But my plan worked and I got it approved by the Pac leader. He said it was a good thing I was thinking of my own excuses. He thinks it’s good to branch out. I don’t, I think he is just trying to make me feel better about changing. Not that I mind not being out of school. I just don’t like the reason imp going to be out of school. It’s horrible. Ridiculous. I have so much homework that has to get done tonight. Because after tonight. Its over. My human life as I know it is gone. A good part of it anyway. My mom says it’s a gift, I think it’s a sin, it’s not a gift. In what way would it ever be a gift? Anyways back to school. I have to get everything done. Who knows if ill go back? Who knows if ill ever be able to face thoughts people. The people I could relate to. School is going to be completely different now. And not in a good way. The days seem to get shorter as I wait. One more day. And it’s all over. Human life is all over.

My last human day has finally arrived. The pain is getting very servicer. It’s like shots over and over again all in the same places. And it hurts like nothing you have ever felt before. Grinding head aches and you can’t see anything. People in your room 24/7 making sure that you have meds and what not. The only person I feel bad for is Josh. Making him watch me go through pain. He has only been in my room 2 times since last night. I feel bad, yes I know why should I feel bad when imss the one going through all this pain? But I do feel bad. Bad because he can’t control his anger about all of this. I know if there was one thing that he could do. He would take away the pain and he would go through it instead of me. I know that Josh is excited though. But he is sad too, because he knows how I feel about all of this. "OW!" the pain is getting so much worse. And this going to be for a week! A week without getting to talk to Josh. A week with pain. When my brother told me about the pain i didnt know it was this. This bad. He told me it hurt a lot and that it sometimes is unberable. And right now it is! So badly not funny or cool. I havent gotten to sleep or get out of my bed in almost 24 hours. Its been forever! just 10 more minutes until 12:00 AM! The second day of the transformation. 10......9......8......7......6.......5.......4......ow!...3......2.....1. Day 2. Of no sleep. No food. No friends. No Josh. No talk.. No nothing. Any more of this im gonna kill myself. 5 more days, but i dont know if i will be able to make it that long.

Transformation complete

Everything is going through my mind now. Everything. And I know i said that i hate to be a werewolf. That it was going to be the death of me and all that. But its really not all that bad! And i know i cant believe im saying it myself. But really its not. I mean you can stay up late, run really fast, skip school when you feel like it, never get sick, and i mean you get to be human sometimes right? I dont know anymore. Im scared to look at any mirror because i dont know what i look like. Josh says i look normal. Nothing really has changed. But i cant listen to him, not even if he was the king of England, I still wouldnt believe anything he says! Its not that i done trust Josh and everything. But i mean you cant trust someone who likes you. They will say you look nice or whatever even when you look like you crawled out of a trash can. Or feel asleep in some toxic waste. First day back at my new school was the weirdest ive ever felt. Not like im not weird enough as it is. But just put ontop that i look completly diffrent like ive matured 10 years. So everyone stares. And ive also learned that guys are pigs! The only thing they look for is.. Well you know.. And its aweful. Josh doesnt like the fact that I think about other guys. He listens to my thoughts like a police scaner. In some ways i feel bad that Josh likes me. I makes me sad and depressed. Just because I dont know if i like him. Like that. My mom said to give him time. He might grow on me. But i dont know. I dont know if i should. Or just tell him im not really intrested in him right now. I dont want to let him down. Or lose his cool either. Or worse hate me for the rest of his werewolf life. I dont know. I just need to take some time and think. I have all the time in the world now. And if i want to i can leave my house a wont ever have to come back. Which sounds good to me. I dont want to be here anymore. My life is getting to complicated at this point. And im not sure if i can handle it like i know i can. Or should.

to be continued......

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silver said...
Aug. 12, 2010 at 1:35 pm
you need to keep writting, i really love this please let me know when you've got more written!!! from The Midnighter Writer
Writingroxs replied...
Aug. 24, 2010 at 11:47 am
Will do. :)
silver replied...
Aug. 24, 2010 at 1:46 pm
thanks your writting rocks!
Writingroxs replied...
Sept. 2, 2010 at 10:44 am
Hey just a heads up. I am putting some more of this sorty up.
Writingroxs said...
Jul. 17, 2010 at 5:10 pm
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