A changed world

June 27, 2010
By AaronHunter BRONZE, Mesquite, Texas
AaronHunter BRONZE, Mesquite, Texas
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The world is changing. Growing dark, growing cold. Light is fading and Chaos consuming. It was when the five nations became one, and Arcaine became ruler of all, that Chaos occurred. It came in the form of Methinite, an ore that is so powerful, so strange that it physically changes that it comes in contact with. So powerful that it can leap start evolution at almost a hundred times the regular rate. A power that was unmatched by man, beast or any other contenders.

It came one winter's eve the Methinite. In the form of a celestial giant it appeared in our atmosphere. The radiation of the ore crippled the globe annihilating all who lived. But, there were those who survived. Under the shields of Arcaine we hid, frightened and alone. As the world around us changed, as it grew dark and cold, void and empty. History was lost, and we created our own.

Out of the Six cities, Arcainia, Vegas, Santoga, Nabalia, Sybil, Estonia, and Wyston, only five survived. Santoga went first, from the momentum of the cosmic giant suddenly halting in our atmosphere a large chunk of the asteroid broke off from the blood-red moon and impacted somewhere in the north pole. Santoga, being only a few hundred miles away, suffered an aftershock so fierce not even her shields were able to hold. 5 billion people died that day. The day of changing, the day of dying, that horrific day of Chaos.

Vegas survived for nearly 2000 years before her shields failed. The toxic miasma gas that surrounded the area flooded into the city killing millions. A few citizens were able to escape on a small ship called the Rhuzarria, commanded by Captain Rhoma Valkyrie. They fled westward, there they discovered a vast land filled with plains. Thus the Rhuzarrian Empire was born,and from there they created a new history, separate from the dominion of Arcaine.
Something happened that day of Chaos. Something that none expected or even hoped to happen. Life. It came under very strange circumstances. As it seems the Methinite from the fallen star embedded itself in the elements. Creating a new world, a world of Methinite. It even fused with the DNA of fallen humans, creating a new species. Evolution.
They called them selves Methianites, or the people of the Methinite. They looked human, acted human, even ate as humans do. But they were not. Far from it, Methianites were evolved so far in the future of the Human race. With the snap of ones fingers a Methianite could conjure up a flame. With the highest concentration of energy a Methianite could shoot a lightning bolt from the palm of his hands. They were one with nature, and one with life. For they were Methinite, and Methinite was them.

It was 3000 years after the day of Chaos when the Humans began exploring their new world. Arcainians and Rhuzarrians were dedicated with a new mission. They built a ship that could pierce the clouds of Miasma and they then set out to explore the Santoga region. First Contact.

The Humans encountered the Methianites in the Togan Pass creating an everlasting friendship for some, and an eternal fear for most. There were two tribes in the Santoga region, the god fearing Thorans and the demon warriors known by all as Drakos.
A man by the name of Alexander Connolly was the first to meet the Thorans. It was then he formed an everlasting friendship with a Methianite known as Cyrus.
On the other side of the mountain range, Marcus Arcaine, (the next in line for the title of Arcaine)encountered the Drakos. Where he would spend the next three years wishing he were in hell.

It was 7 years after the Merrian Expedition, the expedition that had changed the fate of the world, that Marcus Arcaine stabbed his father in the back, forcing his fathers death. Twisted by the Drakos Marcus became Arcaine, and spared no time in dominating his new dominion with an iron fist. He started with the Methianites living in Santoga.
Slowly he began ordering Arcainian soldiers to kill any and all Methianites in the region. The Methianites did not stand for such treason. Led by Alexander, who during the past seven years went under the process of Anon-kah and he himself became a Methianite, the Methianites revolted.

The war lasted for 9 years. Two billion died, a fifth of the worlds population.
With Alexander gone Arcaine's job of genocide would run much more smoothly. Ironically, the place where First Contact was made was where Arcaine chose to build a new city. A city of the dead that was built by the dying.

Santoga Relocation Living Complex it was called. All who went, did not go to live. It was a death camp where Arcaine took great joy in hearing the cries of the millions. Those who escaped the eyes of Arcaine were hunted down by his HUNTERS, who ruthlessly stole the lives of their targets. For twenty years the world lived in darkness. Lost from righteousness and hidden from hope. This is the ultimate fate of our race, this is the path we have chosen.
But there is hope, hidden, but findable. It lies in a HUNTER by the name of James Connolly, and in the hearts of those who resist Arcaine. Hope, it is a gentle word that can only be whispered, yet it lives within those who shout it.
The world is changing. Growing old and full of hate. Hope is fading and darkness consuming.

The author's comments:
For the past three and a half years I have been working on a novel series based on this idea. It is a story about persecution, love, hope, rebellion and the darkness of man.

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