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June 26, 2010
By Maniacwriter SILVER, Haverhill, Massachusetts
Maniacwriter SILVER, Haverhill, Massachusetts
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"it is the way you treat the ones you have never met that define who you are as a person"

Chapter 1:
"Randy get down here now or you will miss the bus", shouted a voice from downstairs.
Randy sat up bleary eyed and reached for the glasses on his bedside table. As he plunked them down on his face his vision cleared. He trudged to the bathroom trying to delay his ride to the first day of high school. He flicked the light on and brushed his teeth thoroughly and as with everything slowly.
He walked down the stairs as if he was going to his execution. Pouring cereal into a bowl was in Randy's mind his "last meal"
"What is your problem today?" asked his mother as she entered the kitchen holding an enormous basket of laundry.
"I just don't want to go. I'll be a freshman and all the freshman get teased a lot and I really don't want to get teased the whole year", said Randy
"I would have thought you would want to go because you will get to see Jenny", teased his younger sister Amy
"Oh shut it", snapped Randy
"Ok you two stop your bickering", said their mother as Amy snickered "Oh look at the time we have to be off" said Randy's mother.
"By mommy" said Amy in her sweetest voice.
Then Randy and his mother were out the door and into their mustang conversable. As they drove to the school Randy had time to think about what the year was going to be like. Most of his friends were going to be in his homeroom so the year should start out well but what happened after that was anybody’s guess.

Chapter 2
The bell rang all to early and all the freshmen were frantically running trying to find their lockers. Randy had gone to orientation so he knew right where the class’s lockers therefore he spent most of his morning showing his classmates where their lockers were. He was currently he was showing his crush Jenny to her locker he was awkward around her but he managed to keep his composure.
"How do you open the lockers again?" asked Jenny obviously flirting but like most boys at his age he remained oblivious to the fact.
"You uh just turn the lock to the right numbers but remember when you go to try it you have to spin the lock to reset it", replied Randy
"Thanks", said Jenny breathily
She was tall and thin with dirty blonde locks of hair falling over her shoulders. Her green eyes pierced the deepest depths of everybody’s souls when her eyes fell on them. Her face was pretty with full lips and a button nose. When she smiled warmth radiated thru Randy's body as the purly white teeth showed.
Randy was an inch or two taller than Jenny but his hair was pure blonde. His eyes were a deep amber brown that seemed to perpetually stare at you. He was going to try out for the cross-country team because he was slim and fast.
"I think the door is jammed shut”, panted Jenny as she tugged and pulled with all her might.
"Here let me try and see if we can make that door open", said Randy stepping foreword cracking his knuckles.
He wrenched and pulled at the door and slowly it started to squeak open. Ever so slowly it opened and the sight that beheld them both frightened and intrigued them. In he space that should have held a shelf there was nothing but a huge black void. It swirled around in the locker and began to grow bigger and bigger until it enveloped both Jenny and Randy.

Chapter 3
For the second time in an hour Randy woke up from sleep or unconsciousness or whatever. However, this time he did not wake up with bleary eyes he woke up with a roaring headache. Looking around he realized he was no longer in Pinkerton high school. He spotted movement from the corner of his eye and he saw a fairy it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life.
"Hey" he whispered in Jenny's ear as he shook her gently "Get up you have to see this we are so not in high school anymore.
She stirred and grunted. Blake renewed his efforts to awake her this time more vigorously. Her eyes fluttered and she sat up that's when Randy saw it. There was a deep cut in the back of Jenny's shirt and her shirt was soaked in blood. He lifted her gently and saw the spear she had landed on. Wait why was there a spear in the middle of a meadow? This was strange and frightening. Laying Jenny down again he took off his shift and pressed it to the gaping hole in Jenny's back. Trying to remember the basic first aid he had learned he remembered to stay calm and apply direct pressure to the wound. After an hour of kneeling beside Jenny the bleeding had almost stopped. Thirst drove him to try and find a source of water he carried Jenny around always keeping one hand on the shirt he still pressed into the wound.
After just a short time Randy came across a small spring that gargles up between two rocks. He kneeled down and drank until he thought his stomach might burst. Then as he went to straighten up he realized that a white hand was laid on his shoulder. Alice was sitting up and panting as if she had just run a marathon.
"Water", she croaked thru cracked lips.
Randy knelt once again and cupped his hands letting the cool liquid lap up into his hands. He returned to Alice's side and instructed her to open her mouth. She complied and as the liquid trickled down her throat her face regained a little of the color. He gave he another palm full of water and she actually sat up and started to make her way slowly towards the spring. She took a few large gulps of water and when the color completely returned to her face she started to rise.
"I don't think you should", Randy tried to advise but Alice did not pay the slightest bit of attention. She started to walk back towards the place she had been impaled.
"Where are you going?" asked Randy uncertainly.
"To try and find help", said Jenny exasperatedly.
"Wait up", called Randy as he scampered to try and catch up with her long strides.
They went around the perimeter of the meadow they currently occupied to find nothing that would help them return to their own time or place. They had both just agreed to enter the dark woods when the sound of hoof beats made them turn. A huge muscular centaur reared on his hind legs as he tried to stop himself from hitting the two smaller beings. He carried a bow and a quiver of arrows adorned his back. An arrow was already on the string. He leveled the arrow at the two humans.
"Come with me", he commanded "If you try to run I will put an arrow in your back so quickly you will not have taken three paces away from me do you understand"
Alice and Randy stiffly nodded and then followed the centaur out of he quaint little meadow.

Chapter 4
The strong centaur could sense that the two legers were getting tired so much slowed his pace and eventually stopped altogether to give them a rest.
"You are the smallest humans that I have ever seen", said he centaur trying to make friendly conversation.
"You've seen our kind before?" asked Randy
"Oh yes and they always appear in that same meadow", replied the centaur "It was my watch when you appeared"
"So why didn't you apprehend us earlier?" asked Jenny looking the centaur straight in the eye.
"I saw that you were hurt and I wanted to give you a chance to heal", replied he centaur turning his head away from the girls harsh stare "We must move on or the chosen ones will be angered"
Without another word they were off. However this time they did not have to run very far in about ten minutes they reached a vastly that must have been ten stories tall. Creatures that he two humans had never believed existed lived in the village just outside the castle walls. Fairies flitted in and out of flowers. Satyrs skirmished in a practice arena and dwarves scampered around carrying precious minerals to and from shops.
They had little time to process he information before the centaur had to push them along. Onto a drawbridge they went and across a moat filled with alligators eels and majestic women?
"Why is there a girl in the moat won't she drown?” asked Jenny almost screaming at the half horse half human that lead them up to the castle.
"Relax", consoled the centaur she and others like her are naiads they live in the water they do not get harmed by it"
With her heart still racing from the recent scare she preceded up the bridge to the great double doors that creaked so loud when they opened that the two had to clap theirs hands over their ears to keep the drums from bursting.
"Come on you two hurry up we do not want to keep the chosen ones waiting", said the centaur as he started to run Pell mell thru the passageways and the kids were hot on his heels or should I say hooves. They finally reached a bother pair of huge double doors. The kids had their hands ready to clap over their ears but this pair of doors opened with nothing but the whisper of the hinges. Inside the room it was colossal the ceiling was high up giving the claustrophobic feeling that you were in the bottom of a well.
"Thank you for coming here today", said a snobby voice from the head of the giant table in the room. The chair the voice came from was turned so he back faced the door.
"Who are you?” asked Randy clearly a little shaky
"I am the chosen one sent from the high heavens to rule this land with a fair rule" the voice said.
"What do you want with us?” asked Randy
"Two things you should know number one stop playing twenty questions and second you are here for my entertainment", the snobby voice kept growing more and more content.
"What kind of entertainment do you mean?" asked Jenny taking a step back only to be pushed forward again by the centaur.
"Again with the questions I hate questions but now that you ask you will try to fight your way back to your real home", the man said from his chair "We get so few outlanders and when they do come we like to entertain ourselves so we watch as you fight to the death against a dragon"
"Wait you said creatures plural", accused Randy
"Oh did I say that I am so sorry" the voice said then the man snapped his fingers and the centaur carried them outside and thru them into a cave. The moment they passed thru a huge portcullis slammed down.

Chapter 5
"What do we do now?" asked Jenny
"I suppose we will have to fight like the brave humans we are", joked Randy as he gripped her hand trying to reassure her.
"We are going to die in here we will never see our families again", Jenny said tears rolling down her face.
"There is no one I would rather share my last moments with than you", said Randy wiping the tears off her face.
Jenny cracked a smile. They both leaned I. Then their lips touched and they kissed standing there in the midst of certain death. They broke away as the sound of a roar sounded from inside the cave.
"Well I suppose it is time to bring the fight to him", said Randy a little to cheerfully.
So the two walked down the tunnel and stopped as a torch suddenly flared into life sitting on the cold stone floor were two swords waiting for their knights to claim them. They each picked up one sword and with a burst of energy they both charged into the chamber in which a dragon should have lived. Instead they saw a dead dragon on the floor along with centaur that had killed it.
"How did you do that?” asked Randy in astonishment
"No time for questions you must hurry the chosen one will be here soon you must get away before he catches you", said the centaur hurriedly.
"How do we get back there is no way out of this chamber now", asked Jenny
"You get out thru he dragons mouth just open it and the portal that took you here will take you home", explained the centaur.
Jenny and Randy hurried over to the dragon both were so homesick he thought hat they were going to go back to school cheered them up. A swirling black hole slowly enveloped them and then they were standing in front of Jenny's locker as if nothing more than a few seconds had passed. They both knew that if they tried to tell anybody they would just shined them away so they kept his great secret to themselves.
High school was nothing as they had expected it was full of fun and it was clearly going to be the best years of their lives.

The author's comments:
This peice was inspired by my moms love of fantasy

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