The Discovery Part 3

June 24, 2010
By NightStalker PLATINUM, San Diego, California
NightStalker PLATINUM, San Diego, California
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So, after we fashioned some weapons, we headed back to camp and told the girls what we found.
“So there are, like, some natives on this island?” said Juliet in her stupid-blonde way.
“Yeah. So we should find them and ask for help. But we should be extremely careful in how we go about it,” Tom replied, knowing how to talk to her.
“But what if…” Manuel started.
“OH MY GOSH!! WOULD YOU JUST SHUT UP! YOU’RE SUCH A FRICKIN’ PESSIMIST AND IT’S JUST…” I broke off just then because of a noise. “What was that?”
“Calm down Tony,” Janine said in her calming, soothing voice. “It was probably a bird or a mouse or…”
“TRESSPASSERS! INVADERS ARE APON THE SON’S OF ISREAL! RISE TO DEFEND OUR LAND AND WAY OF LIFE!” A native screamed as he jumped from the rustling bush. As he spoke, hundreds if not thousands of warriors jumped up with bows, arrows and spears raised at us.
“Surrender or die!” another hollered.
“I doubt they’re joking. We had better do what they say.” I said, startled but as calm as I could be while facing death.
“Heck no! If they want a fight, then I’ll just… AHHHHHH!” screamed the foolish and now dead Manuel. Killed, ironically, by an arrow to the back of his head.
“So, What will it be, you heartless ruffians.”
“I guess we have no alternative but to surrender.” So we became prisoners of no crime.

The author's comments:
I know it's short, but it's kinda funny. Well You have to read the first and seccond parts to understand what's going on.

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