The Story of Medusa

June 20, 2010
By FaithInWriting SILVER, Port St Lucie, Florida
FaithInWriting SILVER, Port St Lucie, Florida
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A long time ago there was a beautiful girl named Medusa. Her beauty was far greater then those of the city of Athens and was well known throughout the land. Her green eyes dazzled many fond young men and sparked hatred among many women of all ages. Her looks even amazed herself; frequently losing herself in her reflection. Her words became like acid as she complimented herself repeatedly more then one hundred times a day! Day by day her words became more outrageous and prideful. Stunned by her own extravagance she talked little about anything besides her splendor and worth.

One day Medusa and her friends went to a temple in Athena to honor the god Athena. Medusa carelessly walked up the temple stairs into the huge white temple. Its faultless walls like gigantic pearls lined with golden curtains and jewels. The townspeople of Athens stood in awe of the temple almost afraid to walk inside. They murmured of the great goddess Athena and all of her wonder and intelligence. Medusa continued to walk into the temple and also admired the inspiring workmanship.

“Too bad this beautiful temple was wasted on such an ugly face. What a pity. I would make a much better subject.” Medusa mocked as she walked passed paintings and sculptures of the supernatural woman.
Loud gasps and shocked faces littered the room. Fidgeting priests in white robes scurried around the rooms with scrunched faces and sweaty palms lighting more incense before quickly and silently exiting the large temple. Townspeople of all ages quickly exited the large open room in quiet despair praying to the gods that Athena did not hear her unjust words. But not Medusa, she stood looking into large brass doors admiring her own reflection lost in her dreamy wonderland not even noticing the sudden decline in population.

As Medusa sighed in awe her reflection shifted and bent into another face, one not as attractive or young as her own, a face that was foreign and angry, it was Athena’s face. Medusa’s wonderland shattered into a million pieces as Athena’s icy voice echoed through the empty temple.

“How dare you be so prideful! Do you see no one but yourself?!”

“Is there but anyone else more beautiful then I so that I may gaze upon them? Do you see any other?” Medusa asked ignorantly.

“Beauty fades quickly amongst mortals. Does beauty feed the hungry, or teach knowledge to those without, or heal the broken?! Beauty is good for little you ignorant fool! You are now cursed for your unimaginable pride! You are doomed to behold the body of a snake as well as a horribly formed face! You will have a face so horrible that you shall turn any on looker into stone! Beware of even your own reflection for you also will turn you are now exiled to the ends of the earth so no innocent ones will be punished with your grim features! Athena raged. And after she finished her last word her reflection disappeared and Medusa’s reappeared but, this time her face was not what it used to be. Her long beautiful brown hair diminished into wreathing snakes that fought with each other continuously atop her head and her beautiful blemish less sculpted body morphed all but her arms into a long fat snake body. Medusa’s scream pierced through the desolate room as she quickly turned away from the monster that she had seen for only a quick second. Her heart pounded uncontrollably and hot tears poured from her eyes. Her stomach tumbled at the thought of her beauty shattered now exiled to an island of emptiness. Destined to be lonely for the rest of eternity.

The author's comments:
Although Greek Mythology is incorrect and only a story it is still thoroughly interesting and inspired me to write a story about pride based off the story of Medusa. Even though this is based off mythology and talks about goddesses don't misunderstand I still love tho Lord and wrote this for fun! ^_^ I hope you enjoy it! Please give me comments about what I could do to better myself in writing! Thanks so much!

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