The Lost Alien

June 17, 2010
By arabmonay2 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
arabmonay2 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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Once upon a time there in Karachi, Pakistan lived a boy in a beautiful home. His name was Ben. He was really organized, intelligent, sensitive, and athletic. He was smart in school, in home and he was smartest from all of his friends. He had two brothers Farhan and Ali and one sister named Shareen. They were best friends. Beside his siblings he had other friends too. Ben loved to read adventure and mystery books and make connections with the world around him. He just didn’t want to read adventure books for fun; He really wanted to have some adventures in his life.

Ben’s house wasn’t a regular house it was a tree house. Ben and his friends played games in the tree house, such as, board games. The thing about his tree house is that it was more attractive than regular houses. They decorated the tree house with flowers pots, pictures. Every time Ben and her friends saw the tree house, it looked new like a fresh blooming flower to them. The tree house was one of their special places because that was where they all loved to play, fly kites, and chat around. Whenever any of his friends had problems, they came to him and he gave them advices.

One night, Ben and his friends were having a game party in a tent near the tree house. The moon was so thin and so gorgeous and the stars were shining. They all were sitting in the tent, a little far away from the tree house, because the tree house was too small for all of them to play in. They were playing board games with each other. Everyone stopped and settled down when Shareen spotted a light that looked like a shooting star and said it was green, whose light was so strong that you could see it from the blue tent. Ben corrected her that a shooting star is not green, it is white. They all went out of the tent and looked at it.
Ben told them to come along with her into the tree house so they have a better view. They sat in the tree house and looked out at the light that looked like a shooting star. The light that looked like a shooting star really did appear to be green and they all were amazed. Suddenly, they noticed that it was coming toward them. When they saw the light, they got scared and moved back. Ben kept looking at it. When she saw it was coming closer to them, he backed away and looked at his friends. She noticed that they were filled with fear.

Ben heard something on top of his head. Trembling, he looked up and saw nothing was there. Finally, he realized that it was his own heart pumping like a drum. They could even hear Evans watch ticking seconds after seconds. Even, Evans was terrified whom everyone called the bravest because he wasn’t afraid of anything. The light came in front of them and they had to shut their eyes to avoid getting hurt from the strong light. They did not understand what was happening. When Ben opened his eyes, he told the others that nothing was there.

They all saw nothing and calmed down. Finally, Shareen broke the silence saying it was bloodcurdling. Ben told them it was late and we should better go inside the house. They all refused to go first and then Evans said that he would go first if they all would follow him. When he faced toward the door, he screamed and fell back on the group. They all looked at him and his hand was shaking and pointing toward the door. The all froze and one of Ben’s friend fainted.

A huge, green monster appeared in front of the door. He was all green and his nose and ears were pointy and big. The green monster spoke with an innocent voice that he was not going to hurt them. They all were shaking. Ben stepped forward breathing really hard. He asked him what do you want from us. He told them that he is from Alien’s world and he had gotten into earth accidentally. He needs to go back to Alien’s world and that’s where his family is. He was looking for his saucer, in which he came in. He could fly on earth, but not on Alien’s planet, he needs the saucer. His saucer fell into some near Forest, when he was trying to find his way back to Aliens planet. They all calmed down and told the lost Alien that there is a forest near this place.

Ben asked him that how we could trust him. He told her that you have to trust me. Sometimes in life you have to trust some kind of creature. I really need help. They agreed that if they will take him to the forest, he must return them in here, the tree house, safely without anyone noticing it. They went and searched for the Saucer and at last they found it stuck in some trees. The Alien shed in happy tears that he found his saucer. They all sat in the saucer and landed safely on the ground beside the tree house. They got down and he thanked each of them.

He told them that aliens also read human books and some of the secret alien agencies have stolen human books to alien planet, and he had read one of the series by J.R.R Tolkien, The Lord of the Ring, he wrote that “All we have to do is to decide what to do with the time that is given to us”. So, you children should spend your time wisely because time fly’s by you and you never know sometimes it’s too late to catch up with the time. My parents told me not to fly the saucer alone and I did it again and now see where I ended up. I don’t even know if I will reach home safely. Ben and his friends told him that of course you will have the courage to go on. They told him goodbye and gave him luck. He thanked them again and sat in his saucer and flew in the sky out of earth. Life is beautiful… The End…

The author's comments:
My life in pakistan inspired mr to write this piece.I was sitting under a tree and thought of this out of thin air.

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