Peridot (prologue)

June 17, 2010
By sofastyoucantsee SILVER, Amherst, New Hampshire
sofastyoucantsee SILVER, Amherst, New Hampshire
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It was the battle of the century. A battle that started a new life for all involved; and a battle that ended the lives for many involved.
“Agetha, Get out of here!” Jacob shouted at his wife, who was doing battle with several goblins at once. All three goblins were rolling and jumping, all trying to make at least one vital hit on this impenetrable human woman. With one swoosh of her sword; she easily took out two of the three goblins. Jacob was a little amused at his wife’s capabilities, but still was stern in his command for her to leave.
Jacob had some seventy pound armor on and wielded an equally heavy battle axe, which he could use like a knife. With his green eyes constantly shifting to his wife’s position, he worried exceedingly for her safety. She was one of the only things he had of value in this desolate(?) world. If she died, he would no longer have someone to constantly stroke his shaggy brown hair when he was distraught. He would no longer have anyone to tell his secrets to. He would no longer have someone always with him every moment. He would no longer have love.
After she successfully dealt with the goblins at hand, she joined the fray with her husband. Jacob Immediately was at her side and yelling again.
“Agetha, this is too dangerous! I just heard that The-Most-Feared is coming!” A look of fear crossed Agetha’s face for a split second, but it was soon replaced by a look of triumph as she sliced down an imp out of the air. She looked around as her husband battled a minotaur with his battle axe, alone. It usually took two to three humans to take on one of those gargantuan monsters.
Agetha had light metal armor on, which she could easily move in. She was constantly doing flips and spins out of harm’s way. She had a bow in one hand and a long, thin sword in the other. Jacob was constantly taken aback by her flowing blonde hair and glowing blue eyes. To him, she was life itself.
Thinking fast as a dwarf came flying out of nowhere, Agetha ducked and he flew over her and into an elf that was barely managing already. They both stayed on the ground after falling, not moving.
Agetha looked around to see who’d thrown him (because dwarves were allies. It wouldn’t make sense for one to jump at her.) She turned and ducked just in time to see a giant club swing over her, right where her head had been. Immediately Jacob was on top of the eleven-foot troll that attacked Agetha and chopping at the highest part of its back he could reach. The troll was writhing, thrashing, and running full-force wherever he could to get Jacob off. Just as the huge club came down about to hit Jacob, an arrow shot from Agetha’s bow and hit the troll’s hand causing it to drop the club. By this act Jacob had just enough time to leap from the stampeding giant. With a sickening crack the club fell right onto its head and it fell forward, but still moving. With screams and cries, humans, imps, elves, dwarves, centaurs, batloxes, hastates, orcs, and goblins alike were smashed under the great bulk. The troll had enough propulsion by its activities of getting Jacob off, to keep going, turning and rolling as if it were a giant rag doll being tossed around.
Once it finally stopped, there was a terrible silence as both sides evaluated what had just happened. However, in no time at all everyone was doing battle again with whoever they could see that was an enemy. Agetha joined her husband and aided him by making short work of the imp teasing him.
“Jacob Mingle Youth, why would I leave when the fun’s just beginning? Listen, just because you’re Commander doesn’t mean you can boss me around!” She gave him a quick smile and joined the battle with yelps of excitement. Jacob could not help but admire her courage and strength. However he did fear for her safety, taking into account that The-Most-Feared would be arriving soon. But the blade of a scimitar flying through the air, aimed for his head, made him quickly come to his senses. He swung his axe with such force that the orc holding the scimitar was thrown off balance and dropped his weapon. With one sweeping motion he cut the orc down without mercy.
He looked around noticing he’d lost track of where Agetha had gone. With a grunt of frustration he charged at a hyper goblin that seemed to be all over a centaur who couldn’t get to him while the goblin was on his back. The goblin went flying into another, and with the force Jacob exerted, they both died.
The centaur gave his thanks and offered his back to his commander. Without thinking, Jacob climbed aboard the centaur; then it charged. Keeping his eyes tightly closed to protect them he listened to Jacob’s voice telling him where to go as he bulldozed through the fray with Jacob on his back swinging at any he might have missed. In his high position Jacob could easily see over the heads of the combatants as he scanned the perimeter for his wife. The centaur on which he was riding was also swinging both his swords, but still without opening his eyes.
Suddenly, and without warning, the centaur keeled over from all the enemies around him, attacking. But with the momentum that Jacob had, he kept going right off its back and into the hands of a troll that was equally sized as the last. This one had lost its weapon during battle and caught Jacob with glee, seeing now that he had a new body in full armor to throw around at his leisure. The troll began to swing Jacob in circles hitting anyone that was near.
Right when Jacob stopped struggling and passed out because of the continual hits he had to take, Agetha jumped off the back of a flying griffin and landed on the troll’s tiny head. With an equally sickening sound as the last, she drove her sword straight through its head. With a howl that made everyone around cringe, the troll toppled over onto anyone that was unfortunate enough to be standing near.
Agetha Jumped off in her husband’s direction-who had flown away because the troll was no longer holding him-with the agility of a squirrel. She grabbed his limp leg and caught hold of the same griffin, which had swooped around to come back for them. But when the griffin slowed down to let them go, a batlox took advantage of the griffin’s unstable passengers and dove out of the sky for them.
Seeing the batlox coming, the griffin did a quick roll out of the way. Caught off guard, Agetha slipped a little. This didn’t help the matter, since the batlox hadn’t given up so easily and came around for another attack. In order to fight it properly the griffin had to unload. He dove for the ground and came just short to drop off its leaders. This was too much of a pause, and the batlox was upon him in no time. He had grabbed onto the griffins back with the talons of both hands and feet. The griffin gave a cry that resembled a very loud, out of tune harmonica, and was swept into the sky, being carried hopelessly away by its captor.
With her heart filled with pity and courage, Agetha pulled out her bow and an arrow. Aiming her only shot she’d be able to get because of its continual increase in speed and distance, she fired. With speed close to that of light, the arrow found its mark; right through the leg of the batlox. The arrow had actually gone completely through its leg and into its wing, where it stayed. The batlox yelped and let go of the griffin. The griffin quickly turned and attacked the batlox. Biting, scratching, tearing, doing anything it could to bring it down.
Agetha, was involved in a battle of her own. She had the terribly hard burden of guarding her fallen husband. This was especially hard because she had lost her sword in the trolls head. With no alternative, she used arrows as knives.
Many other creatures were helping her in her task, though. A couple dwarves and elves were circled around their commander, their beacon, while another elf knelt at his side casting spells, and administering herbs to revive and heal him.
Once he was up and back to his usual health, there were around twenty elves and dwarves by his side fighting madly. His wife was kneeling next to a fallen dwarf, healing a huge gash that had ripped open his side. Seeing her vulnerable, Jacob ran to her. He got there just in time to leap upon an orc that had both arms raised, along with a two-handed sword, ready to strike. Jacob forgot his axe that was at his side and dive kicked the orc right in its knees. Jacob got up quickly to find his victim on the ground without a weapon, and with two broken legs. Without pity Jacob drew his axe and lopped off its head.
He heard a terrible scream that filled his ears, brain, heart and soul. With terror flooding through him he turned to see The-Most-Feared standing not more than five yards away, and holding Agetha up by her neck. The-Most-Feared was around seven feet tall and hooded. No one could see any part of his body except his hands, which were deathly white.
Jacob ran at the cloaked figure with the most speed and strength he’d ever exerted in his life. No one seemed to be around but the three of them. It didn’t matter what happened to him, Jacob had to save her, had to stop him!
But he was too late. Before he had even taken his third step, The-Most-Feared squeezed. Jacob heard a loud pop, and dread flowed through him like an ice cold drink of water. It was soon replaced by anger, sorrow, and hatred towards everything about The-Most-Feared.
He kept up his running with more agility and power than before! The-Most-Feared dropped Agetha and laughed at her limp, immobile body falling to the earth. He looked at Jacob’s courage and ability to keep striving and seemed amused. He lifted his hand and reached out to Jacob. Without even touching him, Jacob was lifted into the air and tossed into an elf trying to fight an orc. The elf was thrown off balance and the orc lunged. Being able-bodied and prepared, Jacob protected the elf and killed the orc. He lifted the orc’s scimitar from its body and, with all the magic in his being, he threw it at The-Most-Feared.
Unprepared for such force exerted by a human, The-Most-Feared was caught in the arm by the blade. It took a couple seconds to take the scimitar out and heal his wound. By the time he had done so, Jacob had already gotten to him. The-Most-Feared was taken to the ground.
No one in history had ever gotten that close to him and lived. Driven by hatred and revenge, Jacob was filled with the magic of old. The magic that had won so many battles in the past; and The-Most-Feared knew this.
The-Most-Feared was now not driven by the desire of amusement, but the desire to live. Jacob had his battle axe in one hand, and a throwing axe in another, swinging them both wildly, each one hitting “The-Most-Feared”. Finally The-Most-Feared burst into flames. The pain Jacob had caused was too much. He shot Jacob off him without moving a muscle. Jacob flew up into the sky dropping his weapons, and came falling back down like a rock.
Even though the battle was still going on around The-Most-Feared, it didn’t seem to affect him at all; he just kept staring up at the falling object.
Suddenly three griffins broke from battle to fly to their commander and save him from the crushing impact he would receive. They caught him a good fifty feet above the ground, and floated down to let him go.
The-Most-Feared was furious and flew up to meet them, not moving any body part, and still on fire. Two of the three griffins broke off to fight him, while the other carried Jacob to safety. All The-Most-Feared saw was the griffin holding Jacob, completely disregarding the two griffins pelting straight for him.
While Jacob was with the griffin he climbed up on its back.
The two griffins charging The-Most-Feared went faster and faster until they reached him. The-Most-Feared hardly paid them any attention as he hit them both with force that could have split steel. Both the griffins fell to the ground and caused much chaos.
The-Most-Feared was in pursuit of the griffin holding Jacob and wouldn’t be dissuaded.
Before the griffin reached a safe distance from the ground to drop off Jacob, The-Most-Feared was close enough. Still being conscience, Jacob jumped while pulling out a secondary axe out of his belt. The-Most-Feared was unprepared for a human to perform such a daring act and could do nothing as Jacob sent the secondary axe right through his chest. The-Most-Feared screamed with pain. The agony was unbearable. Jacob found himself alone in the sky then; The-Most-Feared had vanished. The griffin that Jacob had jumped off came back and caught him with ease.
Now that The-Most-Feared was gone, the rest of the battle seemed easy, with no one to challenge Jacob’s talent in battle. The only problem-and worst that could have happened-was that Agetha had died. Nothing in the world seemed to matter to Jacob anymore. After the battle, he returned to his hometown in the forest.

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on Jul. 13 2010 at 12:14 am
sofastyoucantsee SILVER, Amherst, New Hampshire
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well, I need to post up to where you've read before I can post new stuff.

on Jul. 7 2010 at 12:25 pm
niccalson1oak, Fairhope, Alabama
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I love this story lol. But I already read all these parts. When are you going to write more?



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