Project Rebirth

June 17, 2010
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haana114 PLATINUM, -, Other
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A new era is approaching .Each and everyday, the world becomes more modernised and now, humanity suddenly decides to launch a worldwide project .Project Rebirth. To transfer the brain into a new body.

“Humans are humans because they possess a soul, correct? Then why don’t we just transfer it to a new body? One that shall never decompose.”

“I hate this body of mine. Yesterday’s wounds would still hurt and it then leaves a scar. The new body will be invincible. We can stay the way we like forever. I can be forever beautiful.”

“I don’t like remembering our fight before. But its okay. I’ll get the new body tomorrow so I’ll just tell them to get rid of any memories that I don’t want.”

“That is the ideal humanity. No death, no pain .No sadness, no worries. No hatred, no war. Science can overcome everything. It is the perfect Eden itself.”

“Hey, its our turn now, right? I’m really excited.”

Five years later

The new Eden was almost completed. The new humans are all happy. Haven’t they been programmed to be so? These new generation have exceeded the number of the normal ones. Project Rebirth was almost complete. But something has been bothering the scientists, that is, the constant curiosity of the new humans. But questions can be answered. After all, it is a white lie needed for the new Earth.
Even though they have been answered, the minds of the new humans of Project Rebirth kept on wondering.
“What is cold?”
“What is pain?”
“What is sadness?”
“What is love?”
“What is peace?”
“What is hope?”
“What is life?”
“What is living?”
“What is death?”
“Please, can anybody answer me? This question that is bothering me. What - - what is me?”

“Don’t worry. Science can overcome everything.”

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