A New Start

May 31, 2010
By 88spess BRONZE, Lake Oswego, Oregon
88spess BRONZE, Lake Oswego, Oregon
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“Should we go?” the captain asked.

“Yes,” replied leader. “Start launch sequence.”

“Three, Two, One, Ignition,” a mechanical voice said. “Commence course to Mars!”

The rocket blasted off carrying one hundred men, women, and children and a lot of supplies, enough supplies to start a colony, a large enough colony to save humanity from a war, a war that might result in the extinction of the human race if something wasn’t to be done. The rocket discarded its first few stages and started to go in a parking orbit around earth, awaiting gravitational assist to mars. While waiting, back on the surface of Earth, conflict erupted. Missiles were launched in the thousands, exploding like a set of fireworks and killing billions. The colonists watched in horror as the planet they had lived on for their lives was now getting destroyed before their very eyes. However, the scene only lasted for about half an hour as the spacecraft received gravitational assist and blasted out to Mars and the colonists were put in suspended animation.

A few months later, most of humanity was destroyed back on Earth, the spacecraft reached the orbit of mars, and the colonists were awakened, ready to settle into their colony. “Ready to begin entry on to Martian surface,” the captain announced on the speakers. “Brace yourselves.” The entry went smoothly as the spaceship landed softly on the red surface with hardly a jolt. The colonists clambered awkwardly out of the spacecraft like toddlers learning to walk, made even more awkward by their bulky spacesuits. They all walked towards a huge dome: their colony. All of them cheered through their spacesuits as they drew closer to it. Humanity was reduced to rubble; the climax of the human race is over. Now, the hundred colonists are making a new start.

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