A Fish Tale: Chapter 6-7

May 31, 2010
Chapter 6:

At the cave while Jordon talked about how wonderful her first few hours as a mermaid, I was completely spaced out. I started to count the different shades of purples and blues that covered my tale. From my lower torso the color was a deep shade of purple then went to blue. The pattern continued to get lighter and lighter to the end of my tail, which was a lovely lavender color. How could I look at this beauty as a curse it was so amazing. Then I started to examine Jordon’s exquisite shades of yellows and greens on her tale when she interrupted me. “Mia are you even paying attention to me?” she moved her hand back and forth in front of my frozen face. “Oh! I’m sorry I was just thinking about Taylor.” I whispered remembering the pain from this morning incident. Jordon moved so she was sitting on the edge of the pool with just her tail in the water, and I got out a laid beside her to dry off. “What are we going to do?” I asked feeling the numbness of the cold ocean wearing off. “Well let’s just go with it. It can’t be that bad.” She spoke as she moved her tail up and down in the water. ‘It can’t be that bad is all she can say. For crying out loud I am a d*** fish! How can she be so calm and mellow about this? I am about to drive a stake through my heart.” I thought to myself. “Why do you have to be pessimist and ruin the fun for everyone, and a stake through the heart, isn’t that for vampires?” She said answering my thoughts. I completely forgot I wasn’t dried off completely. “I’m sorry Jo, but I am still upset about the whole Taylor thing, you know.” I said defending my thoughts. “I am sorry for telling you that you needed time apart from Taylor.” Jordon said sympathetically. “It’s okay.” I mumbled. “Well while you lay there and mope and try to figure out things, I think I would like to live life and explore the local reefs.” She gasped her last breath of air and was gone. As I lay in the sand next to the clear pool, I thought of what Taylor had thought of the journal. I finally just stared playing with the conch shell that the freaky looking red head gave me. Suddenly a voice stunned me out of my trance. “Mia?” the voice said. I glanced up and saw Taylor standing at the entrance of the cave. “Taylor what the h*** are you doing here?” I asked shocked by seeing him here in the cave.
“I could ask you the same thing. I followed the directions in the book and remembered your little adventure with Jordon.” He said sourly. “I remember.” I squeaked. “What the h*** is going on Mia.” He almost yelled. I could feel the tears coming. “I can’t tell you Tay, didn’t you read the part about Iris.” I cried. “Yes I read the dang book, but what does it mean?”He had confusion written all over his face. “It means I’m not human anymore.”I shrieked waving my arms in the air like a manic. “I am a freak of nature and if people find out that I exist, I am screwed!” I yelled starring into his eyes. “I love you too much to lose you now; I don’t care what you are, as long as, you’re still my Mia.” Taylor breathed as he came closer to me. I didn’t know what to do; I just wanted the cold numbness of the ocean. I loved Taylor too much to leave though. “Mia tell me, show me, you can trust me.” He asked with pleading eyes. I couldn’t hold the tears any longer and the waterworks came. “I’ll show you.” I whimpered through the tears. I just walked into the water and as soon as I broke the surface I swam quickly to the side. I folded my arms and laid my head on them as I waited for him to answer me. “What’s the problem? I don’t see a difference.” He questioned. I pulled my upper torso out of the water and sat on the side of the pool. “Now do you see.” I sighed with my back towards him. “That’s why we can’t be together.” I whispered with tears streaming down my face. Finally I got the nerve to look at his expression. His face was twisted with confusion, frustration, and understanding. “Are you okay?” I mumbled in his direction. He was in complete shock, d*** so was I. He just stood there starring at my tail. “Stop starring, I already feel like a freak.” I barked in his direction. He adjusted his weight from one leg to the other and finally spoke.
“I am sorry for starring. I’m a little freaked and still in shock.”
“Well I’m still in shock too. I barely found out today and Jordon is acting totally cavalier.” I exclaimed. “She’s a fis-“, he paused, “a mermaid too?” He squeaked as he slowly sank to the soft sand. “Yes, remember my little trip yesterday, it lead us here and the only way out was at the bottom of the pool.” I spoke honestly. “But how did THIS happen.”He emphasized on the word “this”. “I don’t even know, Jordon and I just got in the pool, it started bubbling, and then Bam a tail the next morning.” I said getting back into the water. After I said this all I heard was silence. I closed my eyes and just wished nothing had happened. Why does curiosity get the best of me? I asked myself. “Mia.” Taylor said breaking the silence. “I’m not mad, scared or anything, just a little shocked, but that’s it. You’re still my Mia, and that’s all I care about.” He sighed laying down in the sand. As soon as he laid down starring at me I felt comforted. “I love you no matter what you turn into. Nobody can tell me to stay away from you, not even you.” He said smiling with pure honesty. I was so confused, I’m a freaking fish and he still loves me. “So you don’t care that I’m a fish undercover.” I murmured with confusion. “I love you, and only you. No person or fish can change that.” He said leaning in to kiss me. Then right at that moment I thought about how this was such a cliché; a mermaid falling in love with a human and both of them lying in a secret cave making out. I laughed silently to myself and looked into his eyes. My favorite smile came across his face as he said, “Well Ariel get me out of here.”We both laughed as he cannoballed into the water. “You better hold your breath you sea monkey.” I said taking him under.

Chapter 7

I took Taylor near the shore but not to close. As the waves came in I said, “I need to dry off and then I will meet you back at the house.” I kissed him one last time and watched him make his way to the shore. I dove straight to the ocean floor to sit in peace. As I looked around everything so calm and serene, and I realized this was mine. This was my place to escape from everything. Suddenly I remember my shell; the one the crazy fish lady gave me. I went back to the cave to retrieve and headed straight for my private cove.


Sprawled out on the beach I sat up and starred at my colorful tail. Then a thought hit me. What if this isn’t a curse, what if this is a gift and I could use it. After thinking about it, I finally returned back to my human self. In relief, I ran straight for the rocky shore that led me out of here. The drive home was short and I was still curious about Taylor’s real thought about me being a fish. I pulled into the drive way and rushed inside to my room. I found Taylor on the floor, surrounded by a puddle of salt water. It was very weird that I discovered I could distinguish salt water from tap. “Aren’t you cold?” I asked curiously. “Just a little.” He said through chattering teeth.
“Go take a warm shower, and I’ll grab you some extra clothes.” I urged.
“Okay…Fine I’ll take a shower.” Sounding like the water would kill him. The water turned on and I could hear it calling from the laundry room. I ignored the urge , as I searched for any of his clothes so he could have a wide selection. He ended up with a pair grey sweatpants and a “All Time Low T-shirt”. I sort of spaced out for the next five minutes and snapped out of it when I heard the water stop. I smiled as I reached the bathroom. ‘’Knock, knock.” I walked in and saw what Taylor was wearing. “What the h*** man, isn’t that my robe?” I asked a little shocked. I stared in shocked as he model off my pink robe. “well stop starring and get your butt over here.” He teased. His clothes ended up on the ground and my body in his arms. I cherished him so much I couldn’t bear losing him. Warm full lips met my forehead and so did his wet hair, but it was too late. Thump! Taylor and I went crashing to the floor, I layed on top of him, and we both were attempting to get off the ground. I managed to roll over off Taylor and onto my back
right next to him. He was laughing so hard he was red and I could feel my pale face the same color. “First I am short, now I’m fish!” I giggled. After about five more minutes of unesscessary laughing, Taylor sat up and we both stared at eachother smiling. He stroked his fingers on my tail and interupted him and blurted, “I’m not a dolphin at sea world.” He let out a breif smile and stood up. He picked me up and kissed my cheek. “Be a good little fish while I get dressed.” He cooed sarcastically as he put me into the tub. In the same exact tone I said, “Get me a towel so I can dry off my tail.” He threw a towel over the closed curtains and it landed over my head. Really how does he have such great aim? I smiled at the thought. A few minutes after I started to dry my tail I was back to normal. I snuck out the shower in silence and watched without a sound as he reached for his T-shirt. “Does me being half naked bother you.”Taylor said with his back still turned to me. The sound of his voice spooked me so much I slipped right back into the tub. I tried to make up excuses about what he accused me of and all I managed to say or more like stuttered was “N-O-OO-O!”. He let out a little laugh to himself. “What!?” I asked.
“I think it’s funny how I am almost comfortable with you being a mermaid, but my half nakedness bothers you.” He spun around towards me. We both walked to each other in silence, it felt like something off the movie screen. When he was arms length I reached over and put my hand over his heart, when I did this he pulled me into his arms. Listening to his heart beat was like my lullaby, I was dazed for a few moments and then I snapped out of it when I started to fall asleep. Next thing I knew I was swept off my feet and into my bedroom and was laying on my bed. I was still awake when Taylor whispered in my ear, “I love you my little fish, I will always be there for you.” After this I blacked out.

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