It Is Only A Fairy Tale

June 16, 2010
By goober-reader BRONZE, Visalia, California
goober-reader BRONZE, Visalia, California
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I was creeping up the old abandon porch steps. My body vibrating with nerves. I was thinking how stupid I was for taking this bet. But hey a hundred just to go into a supposedly haunted abandon old house was pretty much a deal. Pulse I’m saving up for a new car. As I opened the door I was thinking that a hundred dollars was so not worth it. I looked back and there were my “friends” egging me on to go into the creepy house. when I stepped into the house and closed the door all noise from the outside disappeared as if I entered a tomb were the only sound is the moans of the dead. The further I walked into the more difficult it was to think clearly a dreamy voice was breaking though my thought telling me to come closer, but something was telling me not to listen and to get out of the house pronto. As I stepped on to the third floor’s hallway carpet my minded snapped to attention I was three doors away from my destination a window that looked over the silent town that I grew up in. I started down the hallway determined to reach my goal but as I past the last door to by right it creaked open my head jerk to see what could have opened it. All I saw was a fleeting glimpse of black leather before something hard and warm pushed me to the ground. There was a big crack has my head it the floor making me lose consciousness. When I finally woke up it felt like something was on top of me crushing my lungs. I laid there with my eyes squeezed shut thinking of all the terrible things that could come across me has I laid there defenseless. I finally gathered the courage to open my eyes. Something was on top of me nothing scary or monster like, nothing like the crazy stories my mind made up. It was just a big air conditioning vent like the ones you see in the malls and stuff. It was difficult to get the stupid thing off of me but when I did I lumbered over to the window were I can see that the sun was rising. I walked down the stairs rubbing the knot on the back of my head smiling to my self because I was about to get the one hundred dollars that would finally get me my new car. Joe is going to be pissed that I went though with the deal. When I reached the front door opening it to embrace the new day I found emptiness the road was deprived of humans like it should be at this time. My favorite time of day were the earth is opening it mighty jaws and stretching for the new day. I started home, I was half way there when I noticed her she trotted right up to me and planted her butt right between my feet giving me a wolfish grin all the way through. As I started at that narrow face I knew just knew that she was all mine. My mom wouldn’t mind if I brought a dog home if she even would bother to notice that I was home.

The author's comments:
I have been writing this for a while I hope to finish it some day and publish it

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