June 14, 2010
Long ago, a King's Future was told..."Beware of your two sons,one will be the end, while the other the future". In this situation,what would you do ?The king simply said,"At the age of 18,I'll banish both".The foolish king set his kingdom's fate.Oh what will happen to this family of great power?

It was a nice calm cool day in the kingdom of Yama.A perfect day to celebrate the time of crystal.A time of peace for tthe supernatural gifted Kingdom. On such ocasion,their drumers beating a lound rythem of the city to call upon the princes of the kingdom.Suddenly the drumers stopped,then the crowd chanted fire and ice.A small midddle aged man appeared from a high podium wearing a long white poncho,in his hand he was carrying a crystal trumpet.The small middle aged man blew his trumpet once for the crowd to grow silent,and another for him to speak."Now presenting Prince Omari and Prince Jin".

In and instant Omari and Jin raced towards the marble center floor.Omari formed a 25 foot block of ice,then with an incredible jump Jin formed fire whimps and while free falling he began breaking down the ice to form a satue of there father.Without his chariot clapping while walikng through the crowd King Yama appeared.Now King Yama was a man who looked twenty-two and was 5'6 with long silver hair. He always wore a jade colored kung fu suit with a yellow outline of a lotus on the back.King Yama walked to his son's and said,"Good job,but your missing one thing".He took three steps back and shot lighting through his hands hitting the ice to form an electric aura outline on the statue.King Yama turned around and faced the crowd."People of Yama,let us all enjoy the day and festivities".

As the party started,Jin sat with his father to watch his brother romance the ladies."Your majesty",said a faint voice,"Your majesty",the voice began to grow louder.King Yama ran towards the voice leaving poor Jin alone.

"Oracle what joyous news you bring",said King Yama.

The oracle cought her breath and said,"King Yama please let's go to the libary".Once there she said,"Beware of your two sons,one will be the end, while the other the future".

In rage the king striked the royal oracle to the floor."Foolish women,your words make no sense,my sons will never betray me!",Now leave at once!",said king Yama.
The very next day,King Yama told his sons to leave and go explore threre kingdom.King Yama began to think of what the oracle said."Eureka,I will set a palm reading for all of us".Prince Jin and Omari were both athletic teens. Jin had a face of an angel,with his long red hair tied in a ponytail to resemble hi father. He also wore a red kung fu suit that had red oulines of fire.Omari who looked like his mother,had long blue spikes that went back.He wore a blue wushu uniform that showed of his muscles.On the back his top he had blue twin dragons the tails of each dragon wrapped around the pants leggs.

Both Jin and Omari walking down street they engaged in to a conversation."Omari,why do you think father rushed us out of the palace,said Jin.

"I dont know, maybe he found a new lady.You know ever since mom died by her wolf beast,dad has not moved on,said Omari.

"I miss mom",said Jin.

"We all do",said Omari.As they walked along the marble street somthing caught both there eyes.


"Brother I know she is the most precious girl in all of Yama,Jin you take her,said Omari.Although Jin was the eldest his only wisdom was in books.Omari would always idle off somewhere and get girls while Jin studied.So a supprised Jin replied.

"What!but I've never encountered the female kind before,father said..."

"Father said what?look, is father here?can he see us?NO!So stop thinking so much and relax",said Omari.Jin began to listen as Omari described the mystery girl as if she was a new found goddess."Jin just look at her, She dresses elgantly by the look of her blouse its saten,and her hair done in half a bun.That face is from angel or goddess of love and beauty.Jin as a brother, I will do this Ill talk to her, then you take over, Deal,said Omari.

"Deal",said Jin.Omari walked over the mysterious girl with confidence,showing that made Jin watch closely on the approach.

"Pardon me miss but may I ask, your name?",said Omari.

"Kindly,my name is Minka, I ask you the same question?"

"My name is Prince Omari,Where are you from Minka?"

"Well your highest,im from a small village called Koru.How did you know I'm a visitor?"

"Your style of dressing of course.Women here dont posses your unique fashion",said Omari.

"Wow,amazing?"said Minka.

"Minka, this maybe none of my bussiness, are you in a relationship by any chance?"

"No, do you have any suggestions?"

"Yes,my brother Jin he is right next to the fruit stand".

"He looks shy,but I found it cute could you convince him to come talk to me?"

"Yes",said Omari.Running as fast as he could to Jin,Omari deliverd the excellent news.Jin was so happy that he ran over without recieving his date's name.Omari watched Jin trying to mimic his approuch but was satisfied that Jin finally had a date.Omari began feel happy for what he did.Jin began to speak with Minka in a nervous voice.

"Hi my name is Jin".Minka began to smile and replied.

"My name is Minka,don't be so nervous after all Im just a girl".

Jin losened up ,then offered Minka a stroll through the Shell gardens."Minka may I offer you a stroll through our finest gardens".

"I accept",said Minka.As the day went on the two lovers sat down and watched the sunset."Jin your brother tells me that your a prince".

"Yes Im a prince".

"My grandmother use to tell stories of a brave prince who would slain a dragon for the one girl he loved so much.What Im really asking is if you could be my brave prince"

"Minka I love you so much that I would kill a 100 dragons for one kiss".

Minka leaned in close and Jin did the same for a kiss that would change Jin forever.


Two years had past since Jin had a date with Minka.Jin who was now 19, had changed personality wise now he was more out going never worried ,and he knew would marry Minka.Omari was still the same old Omari just now he is 18.

"Boys please enter the reading room",said King Yama.The two enterd as instructed,and saw three seats surounding ane purple table.Each of the boys took a seat and waited. Suddenly, black smoke in gulped the third chair.For the very first time King Yama,Prince Omari,and Prince Jin felt a cold chill down their spines.

A dark laughter was heard,then a deepvoice said,"Prince Omari and Prince Jin,put fourth your.Don't be alarmed,Im just a palm reader".Both boys flipped there hands over,and in two minutes the voice said"Jin and Omari both of you have the same heart and soul the purist so far.You may leave".Once the boys left,it was King Yama's turn."King Yama!Evil man,put your hands foward",said the palm reader.King Yama did as the man asked,"Hmm...I see darkness in your soul.Your own evil will kill you.Ah! I sense something else,your running from your fate.The same evil you did to your brother will repeat again.King Yama withdrew his hands and ran off.

King Yama began to plan to banish both boy's."The only way for them to leave is if they get married",said King Yama thinking to himself."Boys I have a message for you both",said King Yama.

"Yes for father",replied Omari and Jin.

"You must find brides to marry Kings",said King Yama.

"I have a bride to show",said Jin.

"What about you Omari,surely you have a bride as well",said King Yama.

"No father I dont",Said Omari.

King Yama began to think,"Omari is the one surely if I give him a bride,I will avoid the spirit world.Then Jin,well he would never go aganist me he is loyal".Once Jin brought Minka to his father and Omari.King Yama said,"This is her,well she is no good for you.Exactly what is your name",said King Yama.

"My name is Minka and I'm perfect for Jin"

"No you shall marry Omari at once,said King Yama.

Both Omari and Jin said angrly,"What!"

"Father your really going to take away the best thing that ever happened to me",said Jin.

"Jin do not disobey me;she is not the girl for you",said King Yama.

"What do you know,the first time you have ever stepped up and be a father you pull this,I hate you!said Jin.

"Jin I banish you from this kingdom".said King Yama. Jin burst in to flames and he was gone.

The day of the wedding Omari began to wonder of his brother Jin."Omari I don't want you to worry about Jin,he will not destroy this wedding",said King Yama.

"Father are you afraid of us?"said Omari.

"What are you saying?said King Yama.

"I bet you dont know,you know that one of us posses the werewolf beast".

"Omari your nervous of the wedding,sit down".

"No father,I'm right do not try to calm me down.Is that why you sent Jin away,so you can hide like a coward from your son".

"Omari,please calm down".

"NO!because of you Jin can die by his rage and power".At that moment the alarm sounded,a whisper from both...Jin.

King Yama imediatly rouned up his army for Jin.In the town square,Jin was standing,behind him was a fiery path of destruction.Building's were burning,deadbodies all had holes in their chest, from Jin's wicked fire blast.Jin was shirtless with his head down.His hair in a mess,each of his hands balled in a fist.Flames were leading up to his elbow."Jin face your father",said King Yama.Jin began to raise his head slowly,once his face was shown King Yama sent his army to kill his son.Jin soon found himself face to face with the black army.

"Attack!",the first genral.Jin let out a scream so loud, heads exploded from the immense volume of the first of the army.The head of all the soliders popped like water balloons.There was a pool of blood all over the town square.Jin used the red to his advantage to blend in and attack."Where is he?",said one solider.At that second, a long rope with a spear at the end went through neck of the solider.One yank and his whole entire body came towards Jin.In a split second there was a splash of blood.Then a long rope chain with a hook tore the army of ten soliders in half, the rest fled"Father your next !",said Jin.

A burst of lighting struck the ground and King Yama appeared."Now for me to banish you for good",said King Yama . There was a pause and it began,Jin threw a fireball at King Yama then proceeded to attack. First a fire punch to the ribs and a back fist that sent King Yama spining.King Yama then caught balance and was on the move in such speed that he looked liked he was teleporting. Jin stood there in silence trying to anticepate what was coming,then POW!! Jin flew off his feet crashing through the burning building,which calapsed on top of him. King Yama waited before he saw Jin jumped out of the rumble in flames. Once Jin landed King Yama began hitting Jin from every directions making Jin looking like he was a ball in a pinball machine.Jin fell to his knees coughing.Finally he had enough; he punched the ground as hard as he could sebding a liquafaction of waves to stop King Yama.

Once King Yama was on his feet, a chain spear went through his heart.A very surprised Jin found his father alive holding onto the chain.King Yama slowly raised his head letting out electric wave that wraped around the chain shocking Jin, but the willingness to kill his father pushed him through the pain to give one final move."Today father you die",said Jin.One yank and King Yama's heart ripped out of his chest."Now you know how I felt."

"FATHER!!!!",screamed Omari.Running in rage Omari jumps from the tip of the palace doors right into the town square.

"Well well, if it isn't lil bro, aww you wanna cry now that daddy's dead".

"Shut up!, you killed father and now Im going to kill you".

"You kill me,Omari just go to the palace and i will be on my way".

"Im going to banish you permanetly".After that utterance,Omari charged towards Jin. Once close enough,Omari began his barrage of punches, but Jin who was skilled doged every last one.Jin threw a punch that sent Omari gliding on the floor. Jin looked up to the sky as if he was waiting for something.

"Impossible!, I should have changed by now unless,"said Jin. Jin who was slowly bringing his head down was shacking fearing the worst,Omari had the spirit beast.

"AAAAHHHH!!!",screamed Omari.Omari and his body was turining full ice,then the ice formed larger over his body it just kept getting larger. Finally it stopped there was a pause, and then a beam of blue shot out of the ice. Jin waited no time to kill Omari,but it was too late.Once Omari to break out of the ice Jin stopped dead in his tracks. There was a lound growl and even a lounder roar. Out of the dust came a ice boulder slapping Jin in the chest ,sending him flying.

As the dust died Omari who was now a werewolf standing at 6'8 with fur of sky blue.Fangs sharper then razors which were a clear ocean blue,claws long and sharp to the tip.Last the wings of angels were in white.Jin terrified of what he saw began to plan."All I have to do is make him overpower himself and die".Omari charging on all fours crashed tackled Jin through a burning building.Jin slipped out of Omari's hands but not with out getting clawed on his back.Jin ran up a colum then began his plan.

"Omari why are you doing this? Father never loved you".

"Shut up".said Omari as his eye's began to get a darker blue.

Jin blast Omari with a fire ball and quickly changed colums."Come on its your fault mom died,matter of fact he would probly killed you when your back was turned".

"Argh,it's not true father loved us evenly".

"Really so tell me why father never invited you to important meetings for the kingdom".

"Shut up".

Blasting another ball of fire at Omari ,Jin noticed Omari fell to his knees with two palms planted on the floor."It worked". Jin formed his chain to deliver the final blow.


"What". Jin forgot that if you anger a spirit beast there strength will increase,including the speed."Boom!!"one mighty punch to Jin's face sent him through another wall sliding to the statue.At the speed of light, Omari picked up Jin then pined him to the statue.

"Brother you will die with honor" Jin begining to laugh replied.

"Funny I was going to say the same thing to you".Omari threw Jin into the air for the final battle .Omari spread his wings to meet his brother ,but Jin being slick threw his spear into Omari pulling him into a kick.Once there was a connect Jin attempted again but it back fired.Omari pulled Jin into a knee,then he pulled the chain from his chest.He swinged Jin into the palace roof.Yanked once to lift Jin from the crumbleing roof.Omari uppercut Jin out of his release to aim him up.Omari blasted a spear at Jins torso,then he change his forearms into blades.With tremendous speed ,he ripped his brother into streads's.Once he killed Jin, Omari finally changed back, then began to see what was left of King Yama.

"People of Yama, even though my brother killed our King, let us not to forget he was once like you and I.As for King Yama, well he was a proud king who built this city from the ground up.So let us all remeber this day for all of the falling lives, and the weaping souls.This day shall be known as Fire, and the town shall be forever known as Janimba."Once he killed Jin,Omari rebuilt his new found kingdom in honor of his father and brother.Once Omari was done he went on to marry Minka.The people scream long live the king.

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mudpuppy said...
Jul. 11, 2010 at 3:02 pm
Despite some errors, you have a really good story going here! Keep it up! :)
IceSolider replied...
Apr. 27, 2011 at 4:23 pm
sorry it so long for me to reply thank very much. i have beeen trying to perfect my writing pretty soon ill have another story.
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