Blood Trails

June 8, 2010

The duster exploded, as a dropping figure crashed to the floor, close to it, wrapped in a parachute. The young boy slashed through the thick fibers, and wiggled out of the cocoon-like wrapper. After putting his knife away, he dusted himself of. His BDUs were not like the standard red body armor of the temple soldiers, and even mystic’s army had purple BDUs. But his army wore Green BDUs, only he and a couple of others wore the “green glass” hooded sweatshirts. Dragoonofsalvation, a first lieutenant, was 16, pretty young to be in an army, never mind high ranking, but he had been chosen, by Templeoflite, Mystic, to lead his own army.

Kaleb was the boy’s name. Well fit, thin, and strong, he was very tall for his age. Kaleb jogged over to the duster, a cheap standard attack plane that was the best at attacking both air and ground forces. He picked his light machine gun and headset out of the half flaming open cockpit, and put the set over his left ear.

“- out of there Salvation! Get out of there! I’m in the fighter jet, with a couple of dusters, and my spies have spotted incoming enemy homing in on your position! Get out of there NOW! THAT’S AN ORDER!” His cousin’s voice wasn’t heard anymore, because of the bikes that pulled alongside the river Kaleb had crash landed in. The Dark armies 5o. Cal ammunition rained down on the plane, as Kaleb sprinted for cover. “Cross the meadow, and through the next river! Keep back from the roads; don’t let the enemy bring vehicles down on you-” This time, screams drowned out Mystic’s voice.

“Damn!” Yelled Kaleb! His two wing men had crashed with him, which meant that they were gone now. He just reached the meadow now, and he looked over his shoulder. Foot soldiers were being dropped from above, about 3o yards from his new position, and Kaleb ran with renewed energy. His asthma itched at his lungs, as he ran past his limit. Up ahead, he spotted a B- chopper, and he jumped up and down, waving his arms like a wild man possessed. The safeties made clicks, and Kaleb knew that the chopper wasn’t his or Mystic’s. 8o. Cal. Bullets *thunkd* around his feet, as he lifted his gun up. He emptied the first clip into the cock pit, and was rewarded by the sound of glass breaking. Dark’s infantry men jumped, and slid down on ropes, as the helicopter spun 3 perfect 360s, crashing to the ground. Kaleb jumped on the ground, camouflaged by the night time, and the shaded grass, and jammed a fresh clip into his Gun. As he aimed through his sights, he pulled the trigger, and let the bullets fly. 2 Darks (nickname for Dark’s whole army) went down from the perilous drop, and his bullets tore through 3 more. The last to blind fired above his head.

He dispatched the last 2, with some more bursts from his machine gun, and sprinted all the way across the meadow. Leaping into the bushes, he hurtled over fallen tree limbs, broken branches, and bits of metal. Bits of metal? Kaleb thought, and called through his microphone.

“Is anybody there? Hello? Anyone?” He spun a 18o as a bush rustled behind him. “Hello?” Kaleb called out. “I’m with the Glass Dragoons. I’m-” A figure burst through the bushes, and tackled him. “HOLY S-!” He fell to the floor, as a person straddled him, knife to his throat. He looked hard at the dark figure above him. “Violet!?”

Chapter 1

Home Coming

It was around 8oo hours, 8: oo real time and the older young man walked around the dirt, waiting for someone. Just as he was going to turn and leave, his com. set squeaked, and a voice projected out of it.

“Yo cousin, how are you doing?” A young voice came out of the speaker. “I’m coming on your 6 o’clock.” A minute or 2 later, a medium tank, or med. Tank, parked up on the dirt. The latch opened, and a red head popped out of the open hatch. “Hey Myst- I mean Felix.”

“Yo… Kaleb.” Felix walked over to him, and the gripped hands.

“Most of my forces are back by the lake, making camp, but Violet followed me back here.” Felix shook his head in approval. “Should I gather our forces for a head on assault on their capitol?”

“No, I think it would be best to long this war out. Dark doesn’t have that kind of time, after the Great War.” Kaleb sighed, hoping that Felix wouldn’t bring up the Temples great lose against Darks superior forces. After, Dark had forced the Temples into his army, and took all of their land. That’s why Felix, Kaleb, Stacy, and Violet were gathering forces for a battle that would end the Dark dynasty. But Kaleb knew that there would be much blood shed, much more than the civil war, that had token place over 2, ooo years ago. “We should take a Temple headquarters. Maybe the Temples will join use after that.”

“I can do that, there’s a fort that the Temples own a couple of clicks down there, that’s not heavily guarded,” Kaleb pointed toward the west, “but there’s one small problem. My tanks, uh, out of gas.”

“Just follow me,” Felix shook his head, “you can follow on foot. I’ll provide cover from above.” Felix sprinted back to his landed battle chopper, b- chopper, and started it up. Kaleb ran over to his empty tank, and pulled out his light machine gun. Jumping down from the tank, Kaleb started west. After a couple minutes or so of running, Kaleb spotted the headquarters. A purplish black b- chopper flew above his head.

“Yo Felix,” Kaleb pulled his hand over the mike, shielding it from the roaring wind that the chopper was brewing. “Looks like the Temples have been expecting us. Multiple foot troops are coming in on us.”

“You have been heard.” And with that, Felix flew in front of Kaleb, and soared into the air, high above bullets reach. An interfering communications system broke through the anti- taunt com, and Felix frowned.

“Templeoflite, you shall die, and for good this time!”

“Speak your name brother.” Felix replied to the voice.

“Templeofdeath, heroic one.” The Temple soldier answered.

“Then Templeofdeath, you shall see the light!” Felix swung, and fired at the infantrymen climbing the hill to Kaleb’s position, on the cliff top. Felix swung his chopper around, and put it into cruise control, getting out of his seat. He walked steadily to a rack, and dropped a rope over the edge of the open chopper door. Getting back into his seat, he picked Kaleb up. “Kaleb, hook up to the wall, and get on that 5o. Cal!”

Kaleb replied with an okay, and Felix heard a steady clatter of gun fire, from outside his safety door, that he locked. 5o. Cal bullets exploded around the ground forces, scattering them, and Kaleb gave a wop of approval. Felix touched down and Kaleb jumped off, firing at the Temple headquarters, as an armored tank rode out toward him.

“I am Templeofdeath!” And a shell lifted Kaleb off his feet.

Chapter 2

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