An evil part 6

June 8, 2010
Griff and I hike for miles down river. Thanks to him my boat now is lying at the bottom of the river. The water is churning next to us, surrounding us with thousands of tiny whirlpools. We barely talk and I wouldn't say we're friends yet. He owes me though.
Night comes then leaves and I find myself standing on the edge of a dirt road. The morning air is moist and foggy. On the other side of the road, you can see a farm with white house and a white picket fence. Griff stops just when I begin to cross. "Wait!" he says. "I hear a car coming."
Sure enough a rusty pick up comes to a halt next to us. I expect an older man to be driving, but instead a teen age girl gets out. "Hi!" I exclaim.
Instead of, "Howdy!" or "Hello." she instead screams, "You!"
She has brown hair, jeans that are ripped in the knees, a yellow sweatshirt, blue eyes, and a six inch iron knife in her hand. She jumps at me, her knife raised. If this is how mortals make friends then I am glad I'm son of death.
"You killed my mom!" she says to me.
"Uh, who are you again?" I ask.
"Trinity, Agatha's daughter."
"Oh, hi Trinity. Nice to meet you, but you're mom isn't dead."
"Yes, she is she was crushed by her house when you collapsed it."
"No, I've killed her many times and she has survived worse."
"That was when she was young, she was older then and she couldn't bring up the magic to save herself without her book."
As soon as she says that I realize I've made a big mistake. Agatha could only revive herself with the power her book holds, and I took it away from her. I had killed the very person who had taught me magic.
"I'm so sorry," I say.
"Sorry won't bring her back!" she yells then begins attacking me with her knife.
I dodge one blow from another, she was good but I was better. Finally, I scream, "No, you're right. Sorry won't bring her back, but I know what would."
She stops. "What?"
"My dad's scythe, it holds the power to bring back souls. The problem is, Griffin and I don't know where it is."
"I do," she says. "The door of war."
The door of war holds the souls of everyone who was killed in battle. It is highly guarded by the deadliest of monsters, and I have to break into it.

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