Child's Play

June 12, 2010
By GrayGriffin GOLD, Hsinchu, Other
GrayGriffin GOLD, Hsinchu, Other
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The die rolled, landing on the board. The child laughed, putting a hand over it. "I got a six!" he sang. "I win! You have to pay the penalty!" His opponent frowned, reaching out a hand for the die, but the other quickly lifted his hand and gave the die a push that sent it spinning.


"No matter! My dog catches your fox!"


Reynard raced around a corner, panting, a chicken grasped in his jaws. Soon he would get home to his beloved mate and children, and they would be safe. Suddenly, a loud melee of barking rose up, and he found a large Doberman staring him down. Trying to backpedal, he stumbled over the large mass of fowl and dropped to the ground. The Doberman stood over him, saliva dripping down on his exposed throat.


"Aw, I got a one! Your robber gets away!"

"Yes! And ooh, you landed on the accident space! Your police car crashes!"

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