Chapter One : of : Sunrise

June 11, 2010
By JustWriteee SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
JustWriteee SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Never let anyone else's expectations get in the way of who you want to be.

I drum my nails impatiently on the table. How could Drake ever leave me at this place? A seafood place, he knows I hate anything fish smelling. Of course that doesn't bother me as much as the fact that I got stood up. Every once and then some-women-comes by and places her hand soothingly on my shoulder and says. "It's okay that you got stood up, you're really pretty, you MIGHT get another guy."

As if I can get a guy. I'm not pretty at all, well "technically speaking" I am gorgeous. With my long black hair and the dark, dark blue eyes. Some say they look like pearls washed from the sea and the color of the ocean gave the beautiful color. Whatever. It really doesn't matter to me. Lisa my sister, says that I'm "like so beautiful" (Rolls eyes).

Again, whatever. I look around the smelly seafood restaurant. Exactly what I expected, people washing their throats with crab legs and clam soup. Gross. I would order something to eat, but there's NOTHING good to eat. I scan the menu. Crab Legs, Clam Soup, Chowder Soup, excreta.

Finally, Drake comes bursting through the doors, looking like fish meat (Hehe, fish meat).

"I'm sorry baby, I got jumped by Norman and Oscar." He apologizes. Whatever. You can't go back in time, can you? "It's alright," I guess. He does look like someone jumped him. His leather jacket is all dirty with dirt. His shoes look like they've been thrown in a dumpster. His face, well beautiful, looks all torn up with scratches.

"So what ya you gonna order?" He smiles slightly. I notice how is black hair isn't ruffled up today, it's down like Damien used to have it. Damien. I can't forget him. He was the guy who stole my heart and left with it. We were in 7th grade and I knew him since Kindergarten. We were so close and it was like....well I can't explain it. In the last year of 7th grade he left and I couldn't forget him. It wasn't like-bye I'll never see you again kind-of-thing. It was swoosh and gone.

Luckily, Drake was his best friend and....well...we just sored of connected.

The waitress comes by and asks Drake and I if we're ready to order. Drake looks up and down at her (usual behavior). Yeah sure, she's pretty. Blond and green eyes and slim body, all what guys want. But does she have a brain (Huston, we have a problem)? No.

It's what guys like him like. They get the apples on the floor cause' they're easier. Leaving the apples on the top thinking they're bad. What a stupid guy. "Crab Legs for both of us." Drake said.

I started choking on my cola, and spit right at Mrs. Bottom Apple's face (Yeah she's married to Mr. Lazy). "Sorry," I flushed colors of pink and she staggered all I'm-so-tuff-but-I'm-gonna-kick-your-ass walk. "Gosh Clairettza!" Drake looked at me furious. Like I made his "precious" cat run away cause' she never saw a dog before. And yes my name is Clairettza. It's an old English name, but I like it.

Right out of the corner of my eye I see something that will make me throw up. Damien.

Damn it this is impossible!

The waitress brings the crab legs and I stick one in my mouth. "Mmm they're not so bad," I said trying to distract Drake from seeing Damien.

Damien sits on the couch by the door and looks at me. His gaze is so mesmerizing. I just have to throw up. But I can't! Ah jeez, my stomach! It feels so crippled! And that's the moment I threw up. Yeah, I really suck. I threw up all over the waitress again. Making Damien chuckle a bit. Drake start to crap his pants. Mrs. Bottom Apple start to shriek and me, to the bathroom. When I get out of the bathroom, Damien is right there. Starring in my deep eyes, and me...well...throwing up on the waitress again when she ran to the bathroom to clean herself up. Oh this is going to be good

The author's comments:
Reading other writing has inspired me for this. I want to write about a wizard Academy instead of vampyre ones. Keep reading to find out when she hears what Damien has to say.

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