Synopsis: The Crystal of Raw

June 7, 2010
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In the kingdom of Gour live three sons: Theo, Leo, and Luther. They are called to their king to save the Crystal of Raw from the Zorgonians, a dark, uncivilized people who desire ultimate power. The Zorgonian king, Zorg, and his son, Zugo, don’t get along. Zorg doesn’t treat Zugo like a son. So Zugo plans to steal the crystal and separate it into its three parts, hiding each part so that he can retrieve them when he’s old enough to use their powers.

The Crystal of Raw has three powers: strength, size, and speed. The crystal does more than grant powers though; it makes its owners greedy. The Gourians guard the crystal so that no one will be corrupted by its powers. Only the chosen ones can use the powers of the crystal without getting corrupted by them and bring peace to the world.

But the Zorgonians don’t want peace. At the story’s start, the Zorgonians have been waging war against the Gourians for a hundred years, and the Gourians are running out of soldiers. They have to dip into their elite guard, the men who guard the crystal, in order to fortify their armies. Zugo takes advantage of the weakness in security. He steals the crystal and cracks it with his knife.

King Henry of the Gourians tells the three sons—Theo, Leo, and Luther— that they are the chosen ones—one part of the crystal belongs to each of them. But the sons are young. Theo is only fifteen, and he’s the oldest. Leo is thirteen, and Luther is ten. Legend has it that the crystal can only be touched, without extreme pain experienced by the beholder, by someone who has become an adult. He must be 18 years old, even the chosen ones, to use the powers without pain. Yet because of his weakening army, King Henry tells the sons that it is time for them to go claim the crystal and help them win the war. But they get to the crystal and Zugo has stolen it.

Theo, Leo, and Luther must travel into the land of the Zorgonians, facing bandits, hunger, and the mighty Zorgonian troops, to locate the crystals. Then the brothers have to learn to use the crystal’s powers and withstand the pain it causes them in order to save Gour and its people, and bring ultimate peace. Can they do it? Or will Zugo defeat his father and devour the world with his greed?

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John098 said...
Jun. 16, 2010 at 10:09 am
Wow, your story sucks you in imedialtely.  Excellent writting.  i would enjoy reading what happens next
Brandon said...
Jun. 15, 2010 at 11:49 pm

Hey Colin (Mr. Awesome haha)! I like your synopsis. Great descriptive writing techniques! You should post the first story of the trilogy up here so we can all read it! Keep up the good work!


cousin Brandon

Mamasan said...
Jun. 15, 2010 at 10:17 am
This is a really great story. It was slow to start but really got exciting towards the end. I like that all three sons share the crystal powers! I can't wait to read more.
grma replied...
Jun. 15, 2010 at 10:45 am
I love this story.  I am hooked.  Can't wait to find out what will happen.
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