MlotGP-SlotFP (part 3)

June 7, 2010
“I could have harmed you or the child.” He dragged out what he was saying. That was not like her mate to do that. He would have broached the subject strongly, not doubting his words. Taking a step toward him, she was glad he did not step away.
“But you did not. Do not feel for what has not happened.” Reaching out for him, he took a step back and disappeared into his domain. She could force her way in, but that would make him angry or break his trust. Sighing, she had to think of a way to coax him out. The child wanted to know what was going on, and urged his mother to tell him. He persisted to the point where she felt weak in the knees from dizziness. Placing a hand to her head, she tried to steady herself. Still taking a step forward, her small bare foot caught on a root, and tripped her. Fear flushed all her systems.
The child will be harmed.
Again, all sound died except for her rapid heart beating and her pulse flowing like lava in her veins.
A strong arm shot out from under her left arm to stretch across her chest and hold her right shoulder. The other hand gripped her right hip tightly.
“You should not treat your mother so, young one.” His voice surrounded her head and his breath was on her neck, faster then what it would have been normally. He sounded rushed and his hands gave a slight tremor. The fear. She had given her fear to them again, and they were feeling it as their own. She really would need to get a hold on that. Her voice slipped passed her lips before she had time to think.
“You’re shaking…” It was just above a whisper, as if even she did not dare break the fearful silence of the inhabitants of the woods. He righted them, setting her carefully back down on her feet. He held her still when she tried to turn toward him.
“I’m sorry; I really should learn to control those emotions.” Her back was molded into his front as if he was scared to let her go. Slowly, she calmly reassured those around them and the calm feeling spread. The silence died down first with the chirping of birds and then the whistle of the wind. The sound resumed once more as though nothing had taken place. She realized he still shook, even after the serenity had settled on the ground.
“Why do you shake?” Again, she tried turning but found herself rooted to the place where she stood, his arm a heavy anchor.
“I shake not because of your fear but because of my own. You make me fear many things for you and the child. You could have been hurt in the fall, and you may have lost the child. I could not bear to see you in such agony as a mother losing her baby, nor could I bare the thought of losing him myself. You should be home, resting. Not running about where you could come to harm.” Slowly, taking more time then the rest of the creatures took, he calmed and found peace. Determined to face her husband now, she forced herself around in his grasp, only for him to disappear at the last second behind the large tree that his spirit had been born from. Pouting, she mentally scolded him. Why was he making this so difficult? The wind braced her back as she stared at the tree balefully. This was becoming rather tiring. Thinking hard and fast, she came to her plan and smiled wickedly. Before she was with child, when they were more carefree, when they had been young lovers and not parents, she would call his attention away from his affairs by doing that which she was about to do.
The idea came so fast the memories of her calling his attentions when they were younger flooded her senses. A few times he appeared flustered, stating he was in the middle of something important, and other times he would appear amused with her antics or with a smoldering gaze that sent thrills up her back. The smiled played on her face a bit longer before it was forced away. She didn’t want her lover to know of her plans, but chances were that he already knew she was up to some mischief. Circling the grove, she dragged her fingertips along the rough bark. Leaning against the third tallest tree, she curled her body up against the front. Laying her head down, she rubbed her finger down the length almost as if stroking a chest or arm. Sighing sleepily, she tilted slightly and pressed her soft lips to the bark. She only need wait a moment before a firm, warm body folded into her, pressing her lightly against the wise giant.
“That’s hardly fair little one. You know very well what the does to me.” She smiled and bowed back into his hold. He hummed quietly, the noise rumbling in his chest, the feeling passing through her back and making her tingle.
“You’re going to have to find a new name. It will be confusing with the baby.” He arched over her back, burying his face in her neck.
“The others were making remarks again. They like to make fun. Though some of their comments I would prefer not said. And yes, I do suppose I will need a new pet name. Tell me, what would you like?” Pulling out of his embrace, she captured his hand, and pulled him along.
“I would like for us to go home and relax. And then I would like for us to have this child before the night is up. He is being very temperamental.” She patted her stomach absently and tugged her husband’s hand a little harder. Turning gradually, he followed her at a slower pace, keeping behind her. After some minutes of walking like this, he sped up to walk next to her, draping an arm around her lower back. She was tiring out from the stressful day. Her purple robes clung to her shape, the bottom hem brushing the tops of her dainty feet. They trekked for some time before they came upon their home, and he ushered her in. After a protest on her behalf, he helped her into bed.
It was some hours later she woke. The sun was low, the golden rays just peeking through the windows. The air was cool and the swaying of branches could be heard from the bedroom. Getting up, she patted her stomach twice. Her nightgown was thin against the breeze. She started to shiver just as she got into the hall. Wrapping her arms around herself, she wondered where her lover had gone off too. They would have to leave for the mortal realm soon.
“Askuwheteau?” Her voice was firm but it was still logged with sleep. As if on command, a quilt was dropped over her shoulders and an arm was wrapped around her back. He led her along into the kitchen where he had her sit.
“I wish you would stay in bed like you are supposed to.” He rubbed her shoulders lightly before disappearing behind her back.
“What are you making?” She was answered with his hum.

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