The Scared and the Forgotten

June 2, 2010
By BelieveMilea BRONZE, West Plains, Missouri
BelieveMilea BRONZE, West Plains, Missouri
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Halloween KILL Beth Brandi Ashley Evie Zaida Alyssa M. Daryan Brandon Matt Cassidy Hannah Daryan The only thing on the page was a word and names, but why. They were about to find out...
Chapter 1 Halloween!" the mysterious man said, "Halloween is when we shall begin!" he had an evil smile one his face. Right then Daryan woke up in shock. She shot herself up from her bed, waking up from the alarm to school. She pushed the covers off her body. She got up and headed for her closet. She put on her out fit. Then she woke up her two sisters, Evie and Zaida. Evie is 12, Zaida is 12, and Daryan is 12. They are all in the 7th grade. They are triplets, but they are ferturnal triplets. They did every thing together. They stood at the bus stop talking about how their dreams were so scary and how each one of them was the same. “Yah I know, but I didn't wake up after that. I kept going!" Evie said. “Well what did you see?" Zaida asked rolling her hands as if to say "Keep going." “Well, I saw a women, but not just any woman. A 9ft tall, green haired, knocked out teeth, doesn't know that stores have a cream to get rid of pimples, ugly faces woman!" Evie tried to catch her breath while Zaida and Daryan looked eager to find out more. "She walked into the room and sat down. She was looking for something. I don't know what, but I know it was a
person. Maybe more, and apparently they were suspects to something bad. The scary thing was a note." "What is so scary about a note?" Zaida said in disbelief. "What the note said was scary!" Evie continued. I couldn't read it out entirely, but I know for a fact I really didn't want to!!" Just then Brandon, Matt, and everyone else from the neighborhood came to the stop. "So what is going on?" Brandon asked. "Oh just another crazy dream of ours!" Daryan said. "Again?" Brandon asked. Daryan, Evie, and Zaida nodded their head. "Wow!" Brandon said to himself. The bus was making a loud, squeaky stop. Every one got on. All of them sat in the back. Their neighborhood was filled with kids. The main kids were always out side and playing. There were about 13 kids. On the bus the kids were talking, practically about nothing! They usually just talked about songs. Or they just planned something to talk about. "So you planned on doing what?" Alyssa asked. "Well we want a neighborhood-get-together." Zaida answered. "Okay let's make a list." Evie started writing names while Daryan said names. "Okay so we have: Daryan, Zaida, Hannah, Beth, Daryan, Brandi, Ashley, Me, Alyssa M., Brandon, Matt, Cassidy, and Maranda. Right? Are we missing any one?" Evie looked around to see if any one was going to respond. "No. Then we are ready." Daryan looked out the window, and her eyes widened up. "BUMP!!" she hollored. Every one kind of stood up. THUMP. The bus kept going. "Sorry I almost forgot." Daryan looked outside. "Well any ways," Brandi said, " Where are we going to meet up?" "I guess at our, " Evie slouched down words twords Brandi and started whispering. Every one else crowed down also. "Our secret hiding spot." "Ohhhhhhh." brandi looked around to make sure no one was listening. Andrew another boy who didn't really give a care about the world just starred at the crowd of kids all staring at him. He rolled his eyes and turned around in his seat. Every one just slowly turned around back into the circle of people. "So once we get off the bus we call our parents and tell them we will be at..." Daryan had her and up to our chin, thinking, "We will be at the hay bails!" she looked around and saw every one nodding their heads. "So we are good. We get off the bus, then we go to the secret hiding place. Ok!" Evie said in agreement. The bus came to a stop and everyone got off. As everyone was walking down the hall, Andrew pushed his way through. Once he got all the way out he said to him self, "Losers." He didn't really have that many friends. "What a loser!" maranda never really liked him. No one likes him now. He gets straight A's, has no friends, and disappears into nothing. Some may say he has a huge amount of problems! Well any ways to make long stories short. He's weird! ************************************************************************************************************ Once they got off the bus they went straight to their secret place. They had all ready clled their parents. They went to the hiding place,which is in a secret place in Matt's yard that had a hole dug in it. They slid down the slide that lead up to a large 2 story hide out. The first story had a t.v., chairs, a rug, and books. Plus a bunch of other stuff. The second floor was just a bunch of bing- bag chairs. It was like a chat room. It also had a poster on the top that said "we rock." Then a flat screen for watching projects on. "Okay so what are we going to talk about today?" "Well, Halloween is coming up and so is our birthday. Well Daryan, Evie, and I." Zaida said every one was very excited that Halloween was coming. Zaida, Evie, and Daryan's birthday. Well to tell the truth this year they were turning 13. This year was going to change their lives. FOREVER... Chapter 2!!! That night all the kids stayed out late to watch the shooting stars. All the kids were in a circle with their heads on the inside. Evie's eyes widened up, and she pointed to the sky, "Hey look, a shooting star!" Right then everyone's eyes shut and they all made a wish. The spirits of the wishes, floating in the air had the same words, "I wish this month would be the best year ever." Well like they say, "Wishes do come true." They all opened their eyes, and just waited. "So what should we talk about now? How about our favorite moments!!" Cassidy looked like she had a lot of things she could talk about, "Well I guess I'll go first. Well mine was when I moved here. Before, I was always shy, and I didn't really have that many friends. I'm happy to be here now!" Cassidy just looked at the sky. "So who is next?" Alyssa looked around. "I guess I will. Well, my favorite moment would be when my mom had my brother. Seeing her face about 2 weeks later. Seeing her smile. It still gets to me." "Wow!" Ashley said. She looked around and said, "Ok, I'm next. Well mine would be," Ashley had to think a while, "Ok got one. Well mine is when I finally got my new Nintendo DS game! Skater Rink 3000. That game is SOOOO COOL!!!" "My turn!" Evie said, "Well my favorite moment is when we made this club house! It took a lot of time, effort, and money, but it sure paid off!" So the kids went on one by one. Exchanging thoughts when all of a sudden, BANG!!! A loud gun shot. They all went straight for Matt's house. "What are all you kids doing?" Matt's dad asked. "We heard a loud gun shot outside, dad." Matt sounded a little scared. "Seriously?" All the kids nodded their heads. Right then Andrew walked into the room. He just rolled his eyes. Evie rolled her eyes back, "So, do you know what it is?" "I am afraid not. Well I think it may be time for all of you to go home." Matt's dad suggested. All of them started home. Zaida, Daryan, and Evie were on alert going home. All their eye were wide open. Evie was looking to her left. Daryan was looking to the right and to the back. Zaida was just looking forward. They traveled together and tried to get as close as thy could. They never did epext whatwas right before their eyes. "BANG!!!!" the noise was heard again. thhey started running, but didn't look. They ran as fast as they could. "BANG!!!" This time it was closer. They ran with all their might. Nothing was going to stop them. Then out of no where a black figure pops out of them. The figure had a gun with him. He was just standing up straight. He just stared at them, and they stared back. "Um..." Zaida gulped, "Who are you are you?" All three girls were shivering with fear. "I'm no one you should know of. I do not come in peace, and I hate EVERYONE!" His eyes were just staring. No one knew if he was going to attack or just dissappear.
He turned around and began walking off... Chapter 3 The next at the bus stop no one said a word. It was just complete silence. Until, Matt finally broke the silence. He leaned over to Brandon and said, "Hey, what's wrong with Cassidy, Evie, and Alyssa?" Just then the bus came and they all got on. "I don't know," Brandon answered, "they look like they saw a ghost or something." The boys looked at the girls and saw them just staring at the window glancing at each other every once and a while. None of them in the same seat. Both of them just looked at the 3 silent girls. All just sitting on the bus there. Silence.... It came lunch time and still none of them talked. Brandon, Matt, Mason, and Ashley walked to the lunch table. They sat down. "Ok, this time I'm serious. Why are you not talking? You are the ones who usually talk and NONE of us can even fit in and say a word! Now tell us, what is wrong?" Hannah looked very serious when she said that. Silence. Complete silence. "Okay??" This time Hannah was furious. She got her tray, got up, and walked to a different table. Just then the rest of the group sat down. "You guys really made her mad! She is never like this." Brandon looked mad. He got his tray, got up, but before he walked off he was interrupted by a voice. "Okay, fine we will tell you what happened." Cassidy looked around and gulped, "Okay so ou guys remember what happened last night with the bun sho?" Everyone nodded their heads. Hannah saw Cassidy talking so she came back. "Well, we heard another gun shot. We know what did shot it, but we don't know who shot it. Get it?" They nedded their heads, "It was someone, or something! They, or it, had a black cape on. He, she, or it, wasn't here for peace. It, he, or she said so. As I will recall the something said, "I don't come here in peace!" Everyone's faces looked shocked. None of them could believe it, but they had to. "He wouldn't tell us who he was. He just walked off before we had the chance to even ask." Alyssa cut in. "He was actually kind of scary!" Evie looked around tomake sure no one was listening, "Well on the bright side we can tell any one about him, because he didn't threat to kill us if we told! So isn't that good?" Evie looked kind of worried, like she had told er biggest secret and was going to be murdered because of it. Silence.... Chapter 4 The next day was a Saturday, and on Saturday's, the group sung songs at their school. [some times they would do it on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays.] Everyone on Campus of Gransonville Juinor High new them. Here is everyone's job: Evie, Alyssa, and Brandi: Lead singers Corey: Electric gituar Brandon, Mason, Beth: catchers when the singers would perpously fall Matt: Bass gituar Maranda, and Aerial: dancers finally, Hannah, daryan, and Ashley: concert managors. There would be trampolines for the singers to bounce on. Just to help out the catchers. It's pretty awsome. The singers are the ones who do the most work. They have to do flips, slides, cartwheels,and MUCH more, just on the plates uou see sticking out from the stage. I bet you're wondering, "Why in the WORLD is their principal letting them do that?" Well let's just say, they have been trained! Alot!!! to be continued......

The author's comments:
This is about a group of kids who are a mystery hunting group. Well one day the kids found a picture from the 1920's. The thing is, it's a picture of the 12 year old girl in their group. When disappearing one night, the kids get mind controlled and forget all about the girl. Can they save her? Will they remember her? Tell me if you want to see more!

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