Fairy tale

June 11, 2010
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Once upon a time, in a small house in a rural area was a bunch of toys that were all loved by their owner Andy, a six year old boy. When Andy was never around the toys would come to life and have wonderful adventures. But of them all, Andy’s favorite toy was the old fashion, cowboy pull string toy, Woody. He even had posters of Woody all over his bedroom and he even had Woody bed sheets. Woody knew he was his favorite and the leader of the bunch. But on Andy’s sixth birthday all of that was about to change.

“Okay guys, its Andy’s birthday and you know what we have to do!” I yelled like a sergeant. “Now everyone gather around and stop what you’re doing.”

Everyone stopped what they were doing immediately. Silence filled the room. All of the toys made a circle around Woody and listened closely.

“So, its Andy’s birthday and you know what that means right?” I said. “It means more toys and more replacements.”

“Replacements, why would Andy want to replace me?!” panicked Rex. “I’m still functioning, I’m still young.”

“Oh shut up, you big doof, no one’s getting replaced, it’s just to be alerted, right Woody?” asked Mr. Potato Head.

“Correct, Potato Head, I recently have just seen an ad for another more modern and high tech cowboy doll that can do all sorts of incredible things.” “Its name is Buzz Lightyear”

Voices flow over the crowd as people make comments about the announcement.

“People, people, calm down…” I said with hand motion.

“Well, aren’t yah scared Woody, this could be bad for you!” Hamm interrupted.

“No I am not, what we have to do is simply find out what presents Andy got for his birthday, and then dispose any toy that you think can be threat of replacing someone, okay?” I demanded.

“You got it, Woody, you can count on me.” Slinky said confidently.

“Good Slinky, now I need all the army men to listen up.” I commanded.

“Sir yes, sir!” they all shouted at once.

“I need about twenty of you guys to go downstairs and slightly unwrap all presents and take a peak of what is inside and report it back to me with this walky talky.” I said handing them the walky talky. “Hamm, I need you to carry the walky talky on your back, strap this to him slinky.”

“Will do Woody.” Slinky responded.

Slinky stretched his body on top of Hamm and strapped the walky talky to Hamm’s back and then used himself as a bridge for the soldiers to get on Hamm’s back.

“Wonderful, now, Mr. Potato Head and Rex I need you to go with the remaining army men into the backyard and watch the kitchen where everyone is and make sure no one is coming upstairs.” I said.

“You got it boss.” Potato Head replied. “Come on, you big doof!” Potato Head commanded Rex.

“Why do you have to call me that every time?” Rex asked as they walked away.

Mr. Potato Head took off his arms and dropped them out of the window. He opened his hands into a basket to catch himself and Rex when they jump out of the window.

“Wait, take this.” I said throwing them a walky talky.

They both jumped out of the window.

“Okay, so let’s test this thing out.” I said turning on the walky talky. “Rex, Potato Head, do you copy?”

“Yeah, yeah, we hear you good Woody, everything fine and dandy here, over.” Rex replied. I heard the two fighting over something in the background.

“Okaayyyy, next person” I said. “Sarge, Hamm, Slinky, you guys alright?”

“Faster, you fat pig, FASTER!” Sarge yelled.

I looked around in confusion.

“What’s goin’ on over there, Sarge?” I asked curiously with a smirk on my face.

“Were fine Woody, trust me, were professionals…. FASTER, MOVE!” he replied switching off topic.

“Alright then, so what’s going on down there?” I asked.

“Were approaching the main hallway about to reach the stairs…I see some presents… about…eight presents” Sarge replied scanning the presents with his binoculars. “One of them is already torn!”

“What’s it say!” I replied in a panicky way.

“It’s a… hold on” Sarge said. “It’s just a race car, movin’ on.”

“Phew… thank god, any other news?” I asked

“Uhhh… I see a big one downstairs, wait I see a whole bunch in the living room all stacked up, it’s too many of THEM!” he panicked.

“Hold on Woody, we have to think of a plan.” “Slinky we need you to hold on to this banister and stretched yourself so that we can climb down you and get into that room, you understand!”

Slinky nodded his head and stretched himself.

“Go, go, go!” Sarge demanded.

The men slid down Slinky and hid in the plants.

“Okay men, were gonna move covertly, and fast as possible, this is a danger zone!” Sarge warned.

The men all moved fast into the living room. The walky talky made a static noise on Hamm’s back.

“What’s going on now, you there Sarge?” I asked.

“No, Sarge is busy right now Woody, he’s in the living room scanning the presents.” Slinky replied.

“Alright thanks, Slink.” I said. “I wonder what’s going on with Rex and Mr. Potato Head.”

“Rex, Potato Head, do you copy, what’s going on in the kitchen?”

“Nothing much Woody, just the kids playing with a piñata.” Mr. Potato Head responded.

“Okay, good.” I replied.

Static was heard from my radio.

“Woody, there seems to be no problems here, just a couple of dead beat toys, they won’t cause any trouble with anyone, were in the clear!” Sarge said happily. “We’re going home, boys!”

The army men began cheering and celebrating. The front door then opened, then came Andy’s mom with a huge box wrapped tightly in red gift wrapper.

“Wait, what the…?!” Sarge yelled out in fear.

“Sarge… what’s going on?!” I said in fear.

“Hold everything, I repeat hold everything, there is another present incoming, get back in your positions, move, MOVE!” Sarge commanded.

The toys quickly got in there frozen positions and didn’t budge. Andy’s mom began to move closer to them.

“Get in the bushes, move, move!” Sarge whispered.

“Sarge, what’s going on?!” I said frightened.

Andy’s mom had left the living room after putting down the box. Sarge moved closer to the box and looked it up and down in shock of how big it was. He tore it open quickly.

“Oh no!” Sarge said in fear. “It can’t be…”

Static was heard on the walky talky.

“Sarge, what is going on down there, you gotta tell me.” I said.

“Woody, it’s bigger than we thought.” he said. “Move out, let’s get outta here!”

“Sarge what was it?” a soldier asked.

“It was a NIGHTMARE!” Sarge said overdramatically. “Pack your things, let’s go!”

The soldiers immediately packed they’re things and climbed up slinky.

“So, what happened, what’s down there Sarge?” Slinky asked.

“Yeah Sarge what is it?” Hamm asked.

Sarge just kept walking.

“Let’s move…” he simply replied.

The toys moved out and went back into Andy’s room. Sarge climbed up on top of the bed.

“So what’s the news, Sarge?” I asked.

“Woody, I saw something bad… one of the presents was a Buzz Lightyear.” Sarge revealed.

Every one listening, suddenly gasped in shock and awe. All the toys laid their eyes on me to see what I would say. I looked down then I looked up.

“Okay this is clearly a problem for me and for you guys as well, if I’m replaced you will all have a new leader…” I said sadly.

Silence rang over the room. The toys all just walked away in grief and sadness, shaking they’re heads. Static rang over the walky talky, I picked it up.

“Woody, there is a problem, I repeat there is a problem!” yelled Potato Head loudly.

“What?!” I panicked.

“Andy had just received a Buzz Lightyear; it looks so high tech and professional, wow!” Potato Head said excitedly.

“I know Potato Head just come back to the room.” I said.

Footsteps are heard coming up the staircase.

“Everyone, get back in your positions, Andy’s comin’!” I yelled. I dropped real fast and played dead. Andy barged in the room and sat his Buzz Lightyear doll right next to me. What is this thing? He looks too cheesy, he would never replace me. Andy then observed the toy and left to go unwrap his other presents. I got up and stared into the toy’s eyes for about a second, then he just hopped out of the box from the top of it and observed his surroundings. He looked right by me as if I weren’t there.

“Who are you, boy?” Buzz said.

“I’m Woody and you are?” I responded.

“I’m a space ranger, sent here by a strange evil doer to suffer for the things that I’ve done in the past, get DOWN!” Buzz yelled out loud. “They’re watching us, I’m tellin’ you, they want me gone.” Buzz said in a panicky way. “If you don’t mind, you’re kind of in my way of getting out of this place so just step aside now.” Buzz said shoving me out of his way. He hoped down off the bed and the toys all surrounded him, asking him questions. He showed off his new laser tricks, and flying tricks as well. I was disgusted at how he won everyone’s trust so quick and fast. I was casted out of everything to do with the guys. I ended up sleeping in the pirate chest with a shark that Andy hadn’t played with in years. That shark was so annoying, I just had to get out of that chest, but there was nowhere else to go. Buzz Lightyear had gotten the special spot on Andy’s bed side that used to be my spot. Now he’s got Buzz Lightyear posters and sheets all over the place, it’s crazy! So now I have to think of a plan. I got one, the perfect plan to get rid of this Buzz Lightyear guy. I lured Buzz all the way to the window lying to him, telling him that there was something on the window edge for him, a galaxy space ball I told him. If I knock him out of the window like I planned, I’ll just lie to the rest of the toys to make it seem like I tried to knock him behind the desk. He searched for the ball, then I pushed the lamp and it tipped him over out of the window.

“Oh no!” I yelled. “Buzz… come back!”

The other toys just looked at me in hatred. Oh no, I thought.

“Look what you did Woody!” yelled Potato Head.

“Get him!” yelled out Sarge.

I ran for my life until they finally caught me and threw me out of the window. I managed to be alright but then I found Buzz in the car that Andy was getting in to go to Pizza Planet. He waved at me then smiled evilly. I hopped on the car backseat and then enjoyed the ride there. We couldn’t speak to each other the whole ride there.

“Look I don’t have time for this I have to go in my spaceship.” Buzz said racing towards a crane machine in the shape of a spaceship.

This guy is a complete moron; he doesn’t even know he’s a toy. I had to rescue him of course until the plan backfired on us and Sid the evil kid toy destroyer craned us out of the machine and took us to his house. It was completely awful in his house, dead toys everywhere and half destroyed toys laying everywhere. But as I spent more time with Buzz in Sid’s house we began to actually work together as a team. He started to show me that he wasn’t a stuck moron space ranger he thought he was. With a little help from Sid’s toys we escaped from his house. Buzz was strapped with a rocket and we raced down the street and then we even flew across the city on a rocket. It was actually quite a site of everything. Well when we got home after this long and time consuming adventure, we actually became the best of friends.

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