the black fox

June 10, 2010
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The damned have a saying “evil is not wrong only the devils followers will burn in the end” in a way there right. There was a guy named JASE who lived in the world of the damned. A witch’s daughter had been cast into the human world when she was only a child; this child’s name was RAIN. One night as the full moon rose the portal between Xenex (the world of the damned) and the human world (Terna) opened and the prince of Xenex fell through. The prince wouldn’t be able to open another portal tell his 18th birthday when his powers where fully developed. RAIN shifted into a black fox unaware that the portal between the human world and Xenex had been opened and she was no longer alone. The prince of Xenex walked out before RAIN could run. “Do not flee witch, I am the prince of Xenex and I need your help.” “I have heard of you prince JASE, but what do you need of me.” RAIN turned to look at him. “I cannot leave this place for a year you must help me.” “I will help you fit in as long as you make an oath to take me with you back to Xenex.” RAIN transformed back to her normal self. JASES eyes widened as he gazed upon RAIN her short spiky black hair, short jean shorts and her black tank top with a blood red rose on the front. RAIN walked over to JASE her pail whit skin glowing in the moon light; her brown eyes looked him up and down.

“So this is the prince of Xenex, I expected something more refined but you will fit in nicely” The next day RAIN took JASE out to buy a house. RAIN gave JASE some real money and told him to duplicate it. There was an old house on the outskirts of town it was dark blue with neon green trim, it was three stories tall and perfect for a hide out. JASE bought the house with cash, so of course there were no questions asked. Throughout the rest of the day RAIN took JASE around the house and taught him all he would need to know to fit in. JASE picked out a black mustang from the dealership, and RAIN helped him pick out a wardrobe. First thing Monday JASE picked up RAIN for his first day of school. JASE was 17, and RAIN was 16. RAIN and JASE where both seniors at Seara High. Bye the end of the day JASE was the most popular person in Seara High. For the entire day JASE was watching RAIN as thought letting her out of his sight would mean she would disappear forever.

“Tonight we go to club fox” JASE announced to RAIN once they got back to his house. “You need to stay out of trouble, and not make a seen” RAIN warned. “It will be okay I need to have fun wheal I’m here and I have you as my guide” JASE flirted. “By the way wear this” JASE pulled a black leather dress out of his closet. RAIN went to her room and but on the dress with the black knee high boots and the silver chain belt JASE left on her bed. After RAIN added her own personal touches she went to the living room to meet up with JASE before they left. “You look great RAIN” JASE said as he walked down the stairs. JASES black skater hair matched his black skinny jeans and his black shirt with a neon blue lightning bolt on it. “Ready to go” RAIN smiled. “Of cores” JASE was already headed for the car.

When they got to the club strobe lights were flashing electronic was playing and everyone was dancing and drinking. JASE went straight to a group of kids from their school and RAIN went straight to the bar. RAIN ordered a screw driver and sat back to enjoy her mind altering drink. “What’s your name beautiful” a guy sitting by her at the bar asked. “Nothing you need to know, now leave” RAIN hissed. The guy touched RAINS leg and JASE grabbed the guys shoulder and spun him around. “Sorry dude” the man said right before he sprinted out the door. “I can handle myself you don’t need to pity or watch over me” RAIN said wondering why he tried to protect her. “I was only keeping an eye on what is to be mine” JASE snickered then ordered a rum and coke for them both. RAIN chugged her screw driver, and by the time she looked up JASE was gone and a guy from her class was sitting on the bar stool next to her. “What do you want DAMIAN” RAIN asked as she started on her rum and coke. “What …… you don’t want me here” DAMIAN joked flirtatiously. “What ever” RAIN smiled. “Well do you want to dance” DAMIAN asked pulling her to the dance floor. “Why not” RAIN smirked, finishing her drink. RAIN stole a glance at JASE who was sitting across the room talking to three chicks. It was midnight so RAIN let the music pull her, all the while wondering why she was still in the end left without a care. As the night went on RAIN dance and drank, it was one and RAIN was slow dancing with DAMIAN when JASE cut in. “You know my rule” JASE whispered in DAMIAN’S ear. “May I cut in” JASE asked. “Yea” DAMIAN muttered knowing that there was no other answer. “Why do you want to dance with me, your toys are over there” RAIN motioned at the three girls staring in horror. “I have only cared for you; since the night I arrived” JASE admitted thinking that she would never remember. “Don’t you have someone back in Xenex” RAIN muttered. “No one, the one who was to be my wife disappeared when she was born, so I have no one” JASE muttered. “I’m so tired of being alone” RAIN whispered then pulled him to the bar. JASE ordered two shots of ever clear and they washed them down with rum and coke. It was three by the time they went home RAIN was so drunk JASE had to carry her to bed. When JASE was tucking RAIN in she pulled him close. “I’m the one damned who was cast into Terna at birth for protection” RAIN kissed him then cast a spell that pushed him out of her room and locked the door behind him. The next morning RAIN walked down stairs and JASE was making French toast for breakfast. “What do you remember from last night” they both asked in unison. Both of them remembered almost everything from the night before. “Do you regret kissing me” JASE asked. RAIN froze in her tracks “why RAIN said from around the corner. “Because you are the one I want” JASE got up from the table and grabbed RAINS hand. Being taught that love is impossible, is painful, and the thought of taking that chance is worse, so RAIN took one step back. “This won’t end up working, and I must return to Xenex”. “I would never deny you passage home” JASE became offended. “If it doesn’t work I can wipe your memory and you won’t remember taking that chance” JASE explained. “What if I begin to love you” RAIN demanded. “Then I will return to Xenex with a queen” JASE smirked and pulled her close. “Be mine” he kissed her lightly. When a soul meets its match your heart skips a beat.

Another full moon was approaching and RAIN could since that someone or something was coming through the portal from Xenex. That night RAIN went back to the river and shape shifted into a black fox. At the stroke of midnight the portal opened casting a boy from it. In the dark all the boy could see was a black fox sitting next to him. “Don’t be afraid ….. What is your name child of Xenex” RAIN asked. “I am LARCO are you lady RAIN” he questioned with begging eyes. “I am RAIN ….. Why are you here LARCO” “you need to know what’s going on at home”. RAIN took LARCO to JASE. A war had broken out in Xenex the king had blamed the DARK PRINCE for JASES disappearance and now the land is over run by death and mayhem. The MOON GODDESS sent LARCO to seek out RAIN the lost daughter of Xenex so that she could come back to end the fight between the DARK PRINCE and the king. RAIN was connected to the DARK PRINCE in a way that she didn’t even understand. That night around three in the morning RAIN woke up and went out to her balcony. “Well hello lady RAIN …. My master has been trying to locate you for years” a black wolf chuckled from the corner of her balcony. RAIN blinked and the black wolf was a seventeen year old boy sitting on the railing. “Why are you hear” RAIN glared. “If you want to return to Xenex on the next full moon you must meet me at Ghost River where you saved LARCO”. Over the next few weeks RAIN thought about taking the chance of walking into a trap or maybe put the hole of Xenex in jeperbie.

When the night of the full moon came around RAIN left JASE a note on his pillow. “I have gone to Xenex to save our families and our people; I will return to you my love”. That night at midnight RAIN was at Ghost River to meet the black wolf. “Hello lady rain I assume you have meet me to accompany me back to Xenex” the black wolf snickered. “I am here so I can end the death in Xenex, nothing more” RAIN declared. “I am zeak, and I will help you for fill your every wish after you meet with the DARK PRINCE” zeak grabbed RAINS hand and led her threw the portal to Xenex.

The next thing RAIN knew she was standing under a purple sky with a neon blue moon showing in full, the trees where old and dying. RAIN was standing on a dirt path leading to a black castle up a head. “Let us meet the DARK PRINCE” zeak said leading RAIN down the path light with torches of blue flame. “How old is he” RAIN asked as they neared the castle gate. “Only seventeen lady RAIN” zeak replied. The gates opened with a haunting creak. As they walked threw a guard dressed in neon purple and black took them threw the castle to the DARK PRINCES thrown. “Lady RAIN you have come home at last, I am the prince COLON, and you are my beloved long lost cousin” “why do you war with JASES father”. “You where his betrothed when you were born but when you disappeared he thought we had hidden you from him and now that his son has gone missing he thinks I have taken JASE to be punished for our lose”. “Where is my mother” RAIN asked. “The MOON GODDESS is hidden for her own protection, once you have seen JASES father and this war is over she will return” RAIN transformed into a black fox and went with zeak (the black wolf) to JASES fathers land.

“I am RAIN daughter of the MOON GODDESS (LUNA) I am here to tell you of my life in Terna and of your sons well being” RAIN told the king once she was inside the castle. RAIN told the king how she lived in Terna her whole life and how JASE fell through the portal to Terna. “Where is my son know” the king questioned. “As soon as peace is restored in this land I will bring your son home with me” RAIN smiled. The war ended and RAIN brought JASE home when the next full moon rose. “I’m sorry I left you behind” RAIN held JASE. “You came back that’s all that matters” JASE kissed her with all the passion he had in him. As time passes RAIN and JASE grew older and more in love. When it was time they took over the Kingdome and made the unity between their two kingdoms strong and a force to be reckoned with.

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