Fireflies Lie (Chapter One)

June 10, 2010
The night was cold and crisp. Mist hung in the air around her. The grass was wet and mushy beneath her feet. She followed the fireflies. The glow from them was like stars shining on a cloud. Her ivory dress flowed in the invisible wind. She followed the fireflies. They led her to a pond that reflected the full moon. The voices of the fireflies called to her. “Come take a dip in the moon.” They whispered. She obeyed and stepped into the ice cold water. It chilled her bones and froze her hair into long icicles. She felt the moons energy upon her. She soaked it in. The mist began to circle her; it began to engulf her until she couldn’t even see her hand in front of her face. She just floated on the water. Her eyes dull, like almost being in a trance. She breathed in the foggy air.

Lynette woke up in a warm fluffy bed. The covers were over her head, shielding her from the rays of morning sun. She had no idea where she was, thinking that last night was all a dream, but then she saw her dress, clinging to her legs. She felt the chill of her ice cold hair against the now wet pillow. She bolts upright and the covers fly off her and fall to the floor. She adjusts her eyes to the bright room, blinking a couple times before she saw the boy in the corner. She screams and gets up to flee to the door, her foot tangles up in the comforter and she falls to the floor. It’s only then does she realize the boy is sleeping, a slow snore pouring into the room. She gets up, her legs are sore, she’s too weak to even stand. “Where am I?” She thinks to herself. All she can do is sit on the floor in fear. She tries crawling to the door, but her arms and legs won’t let her. She begins to cry. The tears fall slowly down her cheek, warming her cold face. She looks at the room. A Horribly quaint floral wallpaper dots the wall. A plate of chicken and rice is on the night stand with a piece of bread and water. She stops crying, her curiosity winning over her fear. The boy in the corner stirs and changes positions. Lynette sighs, glad that he hasn’t woken yet. The boy opens his eyes rubbing them and beginning to stand. Lynette sits quietly, her heart racing. He yawns and stretches, his eyes glancing at the bed. For a moment panic fills his eyes until he sees Lynette on the ground. He sighs with relief. “Phew! I thought you disappeared or something.” He stares at her confused. “Whatcha doin on the floor?” He asks kneeling down. She scoots away from him, thinking that he is the one to have kidnapped her. She starts crying. “Oh-hey uh don’t cry it’s okay. Your safe here I promise! My names Nik. Do you remember what happened?” He asks her. She wipes a tear away. “No.” She looks at him, unsure if she should trust him. In a split second she decides he might really be evil and grabs the food off the night stand. She throws it right at his face and begins to crawl to the door, making her escape. Nik wipes his face. “Hey wait! You can’t just go crawling out of the room! You still have a fever! He gets down on the floor and begins crawling next to her. She starts to crawl faster. “Hey listen where are you going? Your sick you need to get back in bed.” Chicken is stuck to his hair and rice is clinging from his shirt. She stops defeated. There was no way she could get through the door while she was this weak. “Oh good you stopped.” He sits next to her criss-cross-apple-sauce style. “Where am I?” She asks him. He sighs. “At my house, I found you almost drowning in the pool at the back of the Super Sleep Motel. I thought you were already gone, but I managed to give you mouth to mouth resuscitation.” She touches her lips, stunned some that this boy wasn’t her kidnapper, but her savior. “Why were you even swimming in the pool? It’s freezing out there! I tried asking the desk clerk what room you were staying in, but she said she’s never seen you before, so I had no choice but to have you stay here.” He holds up his hands and gestures to the room their sitting in. She tries to remember the event’s of last night. “No I-I was in a pond wasn’t I? With fireflies and-and?” She can’t remember anything besides the pond. All she can remember is her name and age and the pond with the fireflies. “I don’t remember anything!” She panics and starts to cry. “Who am I? Why am I here!?” she asks him, but he just stares at her, helpless. “I don’t know, I’m sorry I just wanted to help you. So you don’t even know your name?” He asks. She sighs, disappointed at how much she’s been crying. “Well no, I remember my name. I’m Lynette, and I’m 17 and, and-“ She stops, finally deciding that the pond was just a dream and that maybe the pool was real instead. “Well you know me, I’m Nik and I’m also 17. Welcome to my home, well not my home I mean I live here with my foster parents, but yeah. Wow I can’t believe it! You must have uh, what’s that thing called? Oh You must have Amsterdia! Yeah! We should go to the doctor or something.” Lynette stares at him, glad that he’s not some psycho ready to rape and kill her, but she doesn’t completely trust him yet. “Okay..I guess.” She looks down at her clothes, suddenly embarrassed. They were almost transparent. She covers up, and a blush starts to cover her face. Nik looks down as if noticing for the first time that she has nothing on underneath the dress and starts blushing, a deep red that covers his face. “Uh…My foster mom might have some clothes, let me go check.” He runs quickly out of the room. Lynette crawls back on the bed and covers up.

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