The God's Messenger

June 9, 2010
By Neonhellflower BRONZE, Tukwila, Washington
Neonhellflower BRONZE, Tukwila, Washington
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A group of black-clad figures, all hooded, entered the cacophonous restaurant. It was dark and there were many odd groups, some of questionable species. The restaurant was as much for eating as it was for meeting on business.
The group settled lithely at a table with two small men, identical to each other, right down to the star-shaped pupil on opposing eyes. There were five in the group and they spoke in unison, “I am coming. You have seven hours form now to pay homage to the Huntress. Failure means to surrender your lives.”
The men shivered at the haunting echo of their words. “Where are we to be? I know of only two temples in the world dedicated to the Huntress.”
“Then you are ignorant martyrs. You travel across the world, yes, but you know not of the Great Temple. It is now a necropolis, but the statue still stands. It is in the Nairobi Dessert.”
A flamboyant maitre d' came to their table and plopped down a tray of drinks, and asked for their orders. He froze as the group threw back their hoods. They were women of a cruel beauty with the watchful eyes of cats. These were the messengers of the Huntress.
All eyes turned to them. The waiter's eyeballs turned completely black...and they resembled the night sky, full of stars.
The women threw back their heads and as if it was forced out of them, they said, “You...are...relieved...”
The martyrs disappeared, and after a vengeful cry from the Huntress's messengers, they disappeared into a void.

The maitre d's eyes returned to their original state, and he went about his business with a satisfied smirk on his face.
“Hades lives,” he whispered.

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