Overcoming Shadows

May 31, 2010
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The demons in her head filled her thoughts with their voices. With each whisper, they tried to seduce her to believe in their words. With her hands, the girl clasped her head in an attempt to get those voices out, but they wouldn't leave. They had settled in a comfortable nest inside her mind, and had no intention of getting out. As tears flowed down the girl's cheeks, the voices grew louder. Their urging cries were now heard with an unmistakable chill. The girl pounded her fist into her pillow, wanting, hoping, praying, for someone to come and save her. But save her from what? She didn't know, but was scared. Those looming shadows of the demons were now even more visible, and their shagged bodies reached out for her own. She screamed out in terror, and began to run. She had no destination; she was only trying to get away from those deathly corpses that were following closely behind her. Their jeers had now turned into screams, and not too long after, her own scream had joined theirs’. Her heart was beating at an abnormal rate, and her body had begun to shake.

She was afraid of what would happen if her legs would suddenly come to a halt; would those beasts seep into her soul and overcome it? She could hear her heart pounding through her ears, but she kept running forth into a never-ending sea of darkness.

Suddenly, she began to slow down and heart shifted to a more stable pace. As tears stopped filling her eyes, she felt her body shifting. In a matter of seconds she was facing the oncoming devils. She heard their howls as they realized that their prey had stopped running. Drool dripped down from their fanged teeth and left puddles of ooze on the ground. Their distorted feet bounced off the ground with an abnormal pace, and their clawed hands reached out for her body. But the girl was no longer afraid. Her eyes gazed at the creatures as they anxiously approached her; they were only a few meters away. Her eyes blazed as she spoke out to them, "I'm not afraid of you..." The demons seemed to slow down, but they kept approaching her. Louder now, she said, "I'm not afraid of you." This time the fiends stopped, gazing at each other in confusion. The hollow pits that resembled their eyes turned to the girl, who was now only an arm's length away. Once again the girl spoke- this time, she stood erect; her voice booming in the darkness. "I'm not afraid of you!"

The ground beneath her began to shatter. Specks of light penetrated the thick, dark blanket, and the demons began to screech. Their desperate cries engulfed the air as their bodies began to dispatch, and within moments they had all perished. All that remained was the girl, who stood in the dazzling beams of the light.

She had won the battle within her mind.

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L3iidy said...
Jun. 14, 2010 at 2:12 pm
I think it was very pretty and I read twice actually trying to get myself really to understand this girl. It was very unique and sensible I very much enjoyed it. 
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