The Unusual Wares

May 30, 2010
By Anonymous

Mr. Badger strolled down a dirt trail, holding his wares in a carpet bag, whistling a snappy tune. He turned to walk down a paved path, and stopped at the door step to a burrow. He was about to use the door knocker when the door opened itself from the inside, and there stood a young mouse.

“Good day, young lady. Is your mother home?” Badger said politely.

“Yeah.” The little mouse turned around and shouted into the house, calling for her mother. A moment later, she appeared at the doorway.

“How can I help ya Mr.…?” The mother asked.

“Badger. Mr. Badger. I’m selling these”, Mr. Badger pulled out a large circular object, “I’m not quite sure what they are, but I’ve been told by multiple people that they are a fantastic centerpiece for any table.”

Mrs. Mouse glanced at the item, and then her beady eyes lit up. “Oh! Those were used by the humans as currency. They’re so rare these days! How much for one?”

“Oh my! Being used by an extinct species really raises the price….I’ll sell it to you for fifty carrots.”

right back; I have to go get my thimble purse.” Mrs. Mouse descended into her burrow; the sound of her claws scratching the rock became more distant as she went deeper into the earth.

While she was gone, Mr. Badger turned to her daughter and asked, “How did she know it was human currency? I’ve sold strange wares for over twenty years, and never have I picked up that bit of knowledge.”

“Oh, she’s been around so long, she acted as a pet for that rat race right before they wiped themselves out.”

The author's comments:
This Piece is post apocalyptic, but until you finish it, it will seem to be other wise.

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