Being of Darkness

June 6, 2010
By , Seattle, WA
“Again Johnny again” little Jack said. This is so much fun. We should stop now little Jack this isn’t so safe. “Please just once more just one more time” little Jack pouted. Ok but this is the last time. “Yes you’re the best big brother in the world” Johnny lifted his brother over the fence and waited.
Little Jack ran around the junk yard and made as much noise as possible. They’re coming now, hurry come back. Two twin pit-bulls lunged out from the other side of the junk yard and hurled toward little Jack with incredible speed. Little Jack ran toward his brother as fast as his little 5 year old feet could carry him. “Hurry Johnny said they’re almost here. “Ok I’m coming” little Jack ran toward his brother but fell five feet away from the fence where his brothers outstretched arms awaited. Little Jack exploded back up and began to run toward his brother. He jumped into his brother’s arms but before Johnny could pull him back over the fence one of the pit-bulls sunk its teeth into little Jack’s ankle and the other sunk its teeth into Johnny’s arms. Ahhhhhhhh both brothers shrieked with pain and agony.”Don’t let go, save me big brother.” I’m sorry little Jack I’m so sorry. Johnny ripped his arm from the pit-bull mouth and cried with all his heart as he watched his brother fight helplessly and watched as he was shredded to pieces by the blood thirsty pit-bulls.

“Ahhhhhh” Johnny yelled as his eyes opened wide from his terrible nightmare. Johnny felt an unknown presence in his room…. “Why’d you do it, why’d you do it” said the being of darkness. What? Whose there show yourself. Sweat trickled down Johnny’s forehead as he lay in bed, looking wide eyed and unblinkingly at the dark outline of his closet. “You killed me, how could you kill your own brother?” Thunder crackled outside like a fiery whip from hell. The clown creped forth from the closet showing its menacing grin while cackling wildly. His red and white striped arms reached out to Johnny. Suddenly it jumped on him, wrapping its spindly limbs around his neck, shrieking with laughter. Who are you what do you want? “You don’t remember your little brother don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about me so soon hahaha.” As soon as you killed me, I had two choices go up to heaven or get my revenge; after all you did kill me.”

Two tears emerged from Johnny’s eyes. Little Jack kill me if it makes you feel better at least you would put me out of my misery. Ever since you died my life’s never been the same. I feel so guilty about what happened and everywhere I go I’m labeled as a killer an evil beast that would even kill its little brother. Before you kill me I just want to let you know I’m sorry about what happened and that I love… with a confused face, the figure disappeared into the shadows. A single tear was left on Johnny’s forehead and his spirit no longer felt guilt. Johnny’s, trembling, offered a cautions “hello?” to the darkness, but nothing answered no cackling laughter. Johnny laid back in his bed and was soon fast asleep, never to be bothered by the being of darkness that was his brother, or the supernatural again.

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