June 5, 2010
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I was standing out side of my house leaving to go with m friends to the new bar down the street. We were all in our early 20’s and going to celebrate my friends 21st birthday at a bar. We hopped into Jim, the oldest of my buddy’s, car. He drove us to the new bar called The Flying Bat. We pulled into the back corner and played a tournament of rock paper scissors shoot to tell who would be our designated driver. I lost so I took Jim’s keys and opened the door.
We walked over to the bar and entered through the back door. We sat down at the bar and began to talk about anything eventful in our lives. After we sat down a tall man with a long, fluffy, grey beard stumbled in after us.
“I guess he’s already started for the night.” I muttered. I got a chorus of chuckles and laughs behind me. The man glared at me then continued on. At 8:46 we made a toast to .Declan. That was his exact time of birth 21 years later, so we thought it fitting for him to have his first drink at that very time.
“I’m going to grab my wallet from the car we all are going to need to pitch in for tonight.” Dave mumbled and got out of his seat. I shrugged and resumed focusing on the conversation. An hour or so after Dave had left I began to worry. Dave had not come back to his seat and I told my other friends about his predicament.
“I’m beginning to worry about Dave, he left an hour ago to get his wallet and he isn’t back yet. I’m going to go check on him anyone else going to come?” Surprisingly they all volunteered. We exited the bar through the same back entrance. Immediately after we left the bar I tripped. I looked down to see what I had stumbled on and noticed there was an arm sticking around the corner of the building. I followed it to the rest of the body and found Dave. He was dead, with two large holes in his neck. Blood was dried around the area which made us all think.
“Oooooooo do you think its vampires?” Jim asked jokingly
“Jim! This is not the time to be making jokes!” Bill shouted
“I’m honestly not sure but what ever did that it was definitely it’s intent to go for his neck” I replied.
We all went back inside the bar thinking that what ever killed Dave was still outside. This time we didn’t resume our usual place, we all sat in the far back corner, locked within ourselves, thinking about what we just saw.
“I’m going to go take a leak.” I heard Jim say. When Jim reached the bathroom we all heard a shriek and ran to him. There, on the floor of the men’s bathroom was the old man who had walked in with two holes in his neck. He was clutching a bottle of what appeared to be his own alcohol. In the back of the room the bartender stood with blood dripping off of his fangs.
“OH MY SWEET BABY JESUS!” Jim screamed again.
“Jake told you he was getting started.” Bob snickered.
We all inched out of the bathroom, and threw a wooden peg in between the door handle and the wall so the thing that appeared to be a bartender couldn’t get out.
“Okay…. Okay….. I was wrong. Now to save our selves I vote we make a list of things about vampire.” Jim said shakily. We all agreed and soon we had a list on two napkins. We divided the tasks evenly. Jim and Declan would be tasked with retrieving all the garlic from the kitchen. John and I would be tasked with sharpening bar stool legs in order to have a weapon. Bill, the pastures assistant, would perform all holy deeds, like making holy water. Bob was tasked with stashing up all the alcohol so we could make a long burning fire to prevent vampires approaching. Josh was tasked with collecting mirror’s so we could easily identify a vampire.
We all had the thing necessary; a large garlic ring was spread around the floor; a fire was set up at the middle of the room; we each had a mirror to identify all vampires and a bottle of holy water. We were all sitting facing in different directions. We all heard a big Whoosh and turned to see where it originated. A breach in the circle was immediately and bob was missing. Immediately we all knew someone was a traitor. Only a human could have broken through the garlic. Every one started to scream. I sat in solitude thinking who could’ve been the traitor. I went over all of the details and remembered one crucial thing. I knew who the traitor was.
“Everyone listen up! I know who the traitor is. . .” I was cut short the lights flickered off then on again. When they came back on, Jim was missing.
“Jim.” I finished my sentence.
“I’m afraid Chuck. I never thought that Jim could be evil. Please Chuck, stay with me your like a big brother and…” Declan started, and again the lights flickered. When they came on again Declan was missing. I ran into the kitchen and found both Jim and Declan.
“Why did you do it Jim?” I spat at him. Over to his left were the bodies of the old man, Dave, and Bob. Jim hissed back. His mind was obviously corrupted by the vampivric control.
“Leave Declan be!” I shouted, but once more, the lights flickered. When they came back on Jim was lying on the floor but Declan was nowhere to be seen. Two holes were in Jim’s neck. Honest, Innocent Declan, the little brother to us all, had been transformed into a vampire. The only thing we had to remember the previous Declan was one thing. One little speck; the drop of liquid that changed this all; A drop of blood.

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