Earth Girls

May 27, 2010
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The quiet stilled the 3:37 AM sky as I looked into the sky I watched the whisked clouds churn through. Then I saw him, the flyest boy I’ve ever seen in my life: Harlem. I’d heard about him. He lived in the clouds, Cloud 14 to be exact. He still does so if you count your stars, you might be lucky enough to meet him, but I digress. You see everyone thought it was all about cloud 9, Nope. Nobody but stoners and promiscuous people frequented that cloud, so he kept his distance from that zoo of a place. Only the super fly could go to cloud 14. He came down to my rooftop, where I was sitting watching him in amazement.

“Hey, why are you sitting here staring into my galaxy? What’s your name?” Harlem asked while baring his eyes through my soul.

“L-L-Launa. I didn’t mean to stare. I come up here sometimes to relax; to get away from the stress from the world,” I responded like a teenager with a crush.

“Yeah, I see you from time to time. I decided to come down and speak. I think you’re cute. What’re you stressing over?”

“Well, I need to find a way to get these new shoes and purse to match. Maura has them already and there’s no way she can be more popular then me. She just can’t. I’ve worked too hard for my all around popularity. I have to have everything first. She has the shoes but she doesn’t have the purse to match it. Keeping up with people and being better then them is all that matters in high school you know? Plus I’ve been going steady with Michael Taubert for about 9 months now so he’s pressuring me to give him the goods and I think I might this Friday. Cause then I’ll be single and he’ll def def go after Maura. You know what I mean?”

Harlem looked at me with disappointment in his eyes. He made this face like ‘aw man’ then he looked me directly in the eyes and said, “No Launa. That isn’t what’s most important in high school. Getting into college is what you should be concerned with. What you’re doing after having those shoes aren’t enough for you to get by. It’s sad. I thought you were cute and maybe you were different. You could never live up in the sky with us. This is exactly why I don’t date Earth Girls.”

“Wait, why don’t you date us?” I asked with
He turned to walk on the clouds back to cloud 14 I presumed. Right before he was gone from my sight, he whispered, “They’re so beneath me”

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