Fantasy World

May 27, 2010
By Anonymous

“Get ready to go!” my mom shouted at me. I started to get ready for the party. My name is Chloe and I'm 14 years old. I live in a big house with many trees and gardens behind it. I have a brother named Jack and he is 16 years old. My blond hair falls past my shoulders and ocean blue eyes that tell a story with light skin that has a summer tan and freckles on my nose that wrinkle when I laugh.(Appearance)

I ran downstairs, heart pumping, hands shaking.(Absolute) “I'm ready!” I called. We got into the car, like me, my brother had blond hair but darker eyes.“I bet Ms. Fuller, the chubby old lady, is going to be happy to see us!”(Appositives) Jack rolled his eyes as he talked. It was true, Ms. Fuller was a very chubby lady who lived down the road. When we arrived Ms. Fuller greeted my mother, our father had come from work and was already there. Jack went straight for the food. Jack always had made me smile, with his happy eyes and smiles, he would laugh and pretend to punch me. We use to go outside in the summer and run around our trees. We would find new places and make each other laugh.
Now Jack still pretends to punch me and makes me laugh and how his happy eyes still look at me. He eats a lot more now. He explores with me sometimes but the thing I'm happy about is he still talks to me.(Full circle ending) I decided to go on a walk when I found a tunnel. Dripping, echoing, and whispering, the tunnel welcomed me.(Participles) I walked inside of it and felt the weather start to change. It became hot all the sudden as the tunnel opened up. A cat, bright eyed and happy, walks over to me. “Hello Chloe!” the cat said.

“Ella you can talk!” I looked at my 8 month old silver striped cat.

'Yes every animal can!” A girl about my age came out of a rainbow forest. “Hello I'm Melody!” The girl smiled. Melody had curly all different colored hair with bright blue eyes. Ella stared at Melody then ran over to me and jumped on my shoulder. Ella curled her tail around my neck.(Action verb). Melody gave me the-follow-me look so I followed her.(Hyphenated Modifier) “I need to go home right now!” I stared at her.(Words spoken by character)

“You will go home when we find away.” She nods at me. I looked at a leaf with rainbow raindrops on it and I took the leaf and shoved it into my pocket.(Actions of character) I followed her to her father's mansion. I looked all around, everything is rainbow/multicolored, even the buildings and the sky.(Environment) “We're here!” called Melody. Ella got up and stood on my shoulder. “This is going to be fun,” she said bored. Melody looked at us. “I will probably have to wake my father up, just get me my shield and helmet then I can go!”(Reaction to characters) Melody ran upstairs and went into her father's room. I didn't like the way the pictures all faced me but I got over it.(Thoughts) She came back downstairs and told us about her father. “I hear someone is lost?” A tall man with curly all different colored hair walked over. “Hi dad!” Melody smiled.

“You can get to another tunnel by going through the forest and swamps.” He said and smiled at his daughter. “Will you take her to the tunnel?”

“Yes father!” Melody smiled. I looked at my cat as she slept. We headed out soon after. Melody held Ella in her arms as I went through the swamps, it was as humid as a trip in the rain forest and as wet as a fish under water.(Figurative Language) We got to the other side as my cat woke up. She complained about being wet. After a while we got to the forest and it had become dark. “I hope we don't get lost!” I sighed. I was listening to the eerily creaks and sounds, walking quickly to get out of here, giving myself a shake to know I was alive.(Magic 3) We made it to a dark tunnel when my cat Ella jumped out of Melody's arms and into mine. “It's time for you to go home,” sighed Melody. I stepped closer to the tunnel and waved a goodbye for now. My cat and I walked through the tunnel as the rainbow water droplets fell on my shoulder. I felt climate change to a cold dry day. “We're almost home!” I said to my cat Ella. Ella didn't respond to me and I figure she was a normal cat again. “Chloe! Lets go home!” called my mother. I looked at my shoulder and the water droplets were clear again. I got in the car and held my cat. We drove home away from the rainbow world, away from Melody, away from the fantasy.(Repetition for Effect) I have visited the rainbow world twice since then and now I have two daughters Scarlett and Lynn, they have been to the rainbow world once when they were five.

The author's comments:
This was inspired by the movie called,"Alice In Wonderland"

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