The Girl Named Nevaeh Chapter *1* Part *1*

May 26, 2010
By Krissy Green, Waverly, OH

She turned her back; so he wouldn't see how sad she was. She couldn't believe it; he want'ed to leave her. But why? What had she done? Or what hadn't she done? Was she not being the girlfriend she should have been?

"Nevaeh, look at me please." He said. She want'ed to so badly to look at him. But she knew if she did, she would cry. And sje just couldn't have him see her crying; not when she needs to be strong.

A hand grabed her's. It was Derek. "No, no Derek. I just can't!" Nevaeh says to him. She turns around; with tears going down her cheeks. Just what she didn't wan't him to see. Her ice blue eyes glass like. Her golden hair flying around her face. He lefts her face up to his. "No, please don't." She cries. But he kisses her lips anyways.

His lips; were soft, but not soft. He kissed her so lightly; that she could have been dreaming it. But then, the kiss was getting more intens. He was moving his hand down her back, to the bottom of her shirt. And then up her back, to where her bar was.

"Derek, no!" She yells at him. The tears falling more and more down her cheeks. "I can't do this anymore. Why do you kiss me, if you wan't to leave me?" She asks him.

"Nevaeh, Honey, I dont really wan't to leave you. But we can't be together." He tells her. His eyes, going darker than they should be. The light green going to dark green.

She starts to fall to the ground. "I can't take this. I don't wan't to hear this anymore." She cries. He grabs ahold of her before she fell all the way to the ground. And holds her in his arms. Resting his cheek on the top of her head.

"I love you. I really do. But your parent's don't wan't us to." He says.

She pushes him away from her. And turns around to walk off. But then looks back at him and says. "You say you love me. But you also said you would never leave me or break my heart." She cries. "But you did, Derek, you are leaving me and that's breaking my heart."

She starts walking off again. Leaving Derek, standing there looking at her. She does't wan't to do this, but she has to. She couldn't stand there, waiting to see if he would take it all back. Or see if he would just kiss her again, and still leave her.

"Nevaeh, please, don't leave it like this." Derek yells after her. But she didn't turn around. She just kept walking down the street to her house. Not really looking where she was going, or what was in her way. She didn't care anymore. None of it mattered to her anymore.

The author's comments:
This just came to me one day after i woke up. I dont know if it was a dream or just my mind lol so yeah i hope you like it! :)

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