Lord of the Underworld

May 28, 2010
By Megan96 GOLD, Tooele, Utah
Megan96 GOLD, Tooele, Utah
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Kronos, king of the titans. he was as cruel and terrible as the sharp, cold rocks at the bottom of a cliff, waiting eagerly for a victim to make one misstep and fall onto them, to feed the rocks with their lifeblood. Lord Kronos ruled during what the mortal humans know as the Dark Ages. The titans took everything and gave nothing. they ruled with terror over the wretched little beings who knew no better than to do what they were told. Lord Kronos had a wife, Gaia. She was the Earth goddess. When Kronos and Gaia's first child was born, this terrible emporor called for the babe to be brought before him. this was done according to the Kings wishes.
Kronos ate the baby, the firstborn godling, whole. The Titan king had other children, yes. Each and every one of them was consumed by their own father, all to avert a prophecy that one of these young godlings would one day overthrow the Titan king and rule in his stead.
As time wore on, Gaia grew angry and tired of having her husband eat her dear little children. When their youngest child was born, Gaia hid this godling from Kronos, and instead wrapped a large rock in a silken blanket, and presented it to her husband. Without a second glance, Kronos swallowed the amall boulder whole.
The rock disagreed with Kronos. so much that he was forced to release all of his children from his belly, where they had grown for so many years. the godlings fled, confused and tired, and hid themselves away. In time, their youngest brother, who was more brutal and warlike than Ares, and more beautiful and persuasive than even Aphrodite, led these twelve godlings to war. they overcame the Titans, and locked all of them, even their mother Gaia, into the dark pit of Tartarus. Their father they could not completely destroy, and so, determined that they and they alone should rule the earth, they chopped Kronos up into pieces and scattered these pieces throughout the great caverns of Tartarus.
A time of recovery followed. The humans, released from their long-time enslavement to Kronos began to grow and to expand. The gods established their kingdom on Mount Olympus, and established each their own dominion over such things as war, love, sky and water. the gods, for doing so much good, were proud, and as hard and cruel as their predecessors. They did not care for anything or anyone but themselves, and whatever they did always benefitted them in some way. They cared nothing for listening to new ideas, or old customs, and saw little beyond their own beauty.
one god, however, was different. He was handsome, and sweet. He did not care for other peoples company, and would forego a party or meeting just to sit in a meadow and watch the flowers blooming and the bees lazily drifting about. He never talked much, but listened to everything. he had eyes as bright as the morning sun, and golden hair that fell about his ears. He was not fearsome, or terrible like the other gods, and believed in mercy and compromise rather than simply crushing what was in the way of getting what he wanted or destroying lives without a second thought.
The gods of Olympus hated their brother. They sensed the difference withing him, and loathed it, for they knew that this was a good thing, and something that they could never be. So their king, Zeus, he was called, who hated this brother far more than the other gods, made a decision. With the other gods behind him on his decision, Zeus gave his brother a curse. He denied his flesh and blood a throne on Olympus, and gave this brother the hated, unwanted task of ruling the Underworld. The brother was crushed, but followed his duty and began his reign of the dead.
For years, centuries, even, this brother ruled alone and silent. He wore a helm of dark magic and black metal upon his brow, and sat upon a cold granite throne. This brother changed from what he had been Before.
The brother showed no mercy. he brought justice down hard and fast upon any and all in his realm. He became pale, and hard and cold. The people feared him, and feared what he could do.
This sweet, innocent soul was secluded from all that he had loved, from all that was good and bright and joyful, for so long. He became cold and hard like the throne he occupied, and pale. He became dark, in a sense, as dark as the helm that he wore upon his brow. As strong as the fiery horses that drew his terrible chariot, as strong as the earth that surrounded his kingdom.
After such a long time,
Without love
Without compassion
Without life,
He became


This god was different. And he was destroyed.

The author's comments:
I have always had this huge crush on Hades. He's always being picked on, and blamed for all these terrible things in the Greek legends. What if it wasn't his fault? What if he were actually a good person? I know this needs work, but it gets the point across. give me your feedback!

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