Tornado Baby

May 26, 2010
Its about 10 years from today. I am driving down the road with my Mother on the way to the hospital and she asks me if I am ready. I smile, gently placing a hand on my bulging stomach and say yes. We are on our way to the hospital to see if I will have a baby boy or a baby girl.
While chatting and listening to the radio, we hear a tornado siren and pull off to the side of the road to cover ourselves. We don’t expect it to hit us, the sky had been clear only a moment ago.
Suddenly, we hear a shrill whistle as our car is thrown high into the air by the tornado and my vision goes blank.
When i wake, I am in a tent with a man that resembles an elf from Lord of the Rings. I find that a bit odd, but overlook it.
Seeing me awake, he rushes to my side, kneeling on the ground to ask if I am okay. I quickly say yes and ask him where I am. Then, not seeing my Mother anywhere, I ask where she is. As I start to panic the man lays me down and calms me. He tells me, my Mother and I did not survive the tornado. We are in what most people call "Heaven".
I look around inside of the tent. It’s blue, with a bit of yellow on the sides. It looks like any other camping tent…
Then I look at myself. I look the same age and everything looks normal. Maybe too normal… As my hand covers my now flat stomach, a tear comes to my eye. Where is my baby?... I was afraid I had another miscarriage. I have had two before..
As I sit in my small cot, sobbing, the man pats my back and says he has something he wants me to see.
Tears sliding slowly down my face, I follow the man out of the tent. Outside, it looks like a beautiful day at a fair. The only odd thing is that everything looked medieval.
We passed many booths, tents, stands, and even some games. We stopped in front of a pink and blue tent with a sign that read “We miss you Mommy”. The man held up the flap and I stepped slowly in.
I saw three boys playing. One looked to be around 16 and was playing on an x box. A three year old riding a tricycle and in the corner of the room, in the arms of an elf-ish looking woman, was a baby boy that looked to be a new born.
The man left the tent and the boys ran and hugged me. I was confused… who were these kids? The woman rose from where she was sitting and handed the baby to me, then she looked at me and softly said “They are yours”.
I tearfully hugged them and asked the woman how it was possible. Am I really seeing my babies?
She explained, “When there is a miscarriage, the soul of the child floats up here and is allowed to grow as if it were on Earth.”
Then she left the tent and I asked my boys about themselves.

Later on, my Mother walked in to meet and talk to her new grandchildren.
In that “Heaven”, life continued on as it would have on Earth. We laughed, we played, we enjoyed our time together. We all got to be a family and live happily.

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