story pt. 1

May 31, 2010
By rebelartistry BRONZE, Santee, California
rebelartistry BRONZE, Santee, California
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As I was walking through the beach, sand between my toes, for some reason I’ve always found that soothing. I thought to my self, the plans of what to do. Suddenly, out busted the clouds on the arm and sunny day, now dark, cold and eerie. Feeling this strange feeling in my gut I suddenly felt the urge to hide as if something were to be coming. I ran to the nearest spot to hide, behind the pillars of the pier. They felt very damp, and then the salt water splashed up and hit me in the face. Discreetly looking at the location I had recently been standing in. I saw nothing… then from thin air appeared a form of man, but its neck was stretched out much like the one of those fictional fire-breathing creatures… what they were called, oh yeah, dragons. Then he solidified, it was a man in a long black and read robe, next to him (actually circling his head) looked like a dragon but in miniature. Looking discussed the man uttered something strange to the dragon, it sounded like the sounds of a snake those hissing sounds as but with more power, like roars. I felt a feeling to run but something was keeping me there as if I knew him. Then, as I started to move;
“Who goes there,” said the man. “Get out from behind the pillar, come here.” I moved towards him, there I got a better view of his face his eyes closed side to side instead of normal eyes, up and down.
“I’m Brent,” I said, slowly moving towards him as he directed. “Who are you?”
“I’m the great dragon conjuror Draco Soumettre. I’m from a elite chosen race of humans, who our ancestors made a deal with the devil and they proceeded to lie to him so in turn he cursed them by making them and their entire family and generations to come in to dragon people or draconian. Were able to make dragons appear out of thin air, we ourselves can grow or shrink and can become dragons, and we have all the powers of any type of dragon.”
“Wow, so why did you come here?”
“I’ve came here for you.”

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