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May 19, 2010
By Rocco BRONZE, Waterford, Connecticut
Rocco BRONZE, Waterford, Connecticut
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Opening file: SIR
Classification: Top Secret
Kill Protocol

SIR (Super Intelligent Robots)

The SIR project went underway after the world’s governments found that conventional weapons (machine guns, short range missiles, etc.) were obsolete they turned to a new type of warfare: robots.

After years of unsuccessful attempts they finally invented a prototype that could be produced in mass quantities. This new robot was dubbed the M-22 Mark 2. It carries an armament of missiles, dual chain guns, flamethrowers, sniper rifles, and lasers. It also has 4 levels of mission completion.
Level 1:Destroy. Wipe out.
Level 2: Eliminate. Terminate, Maim.
Level 3: Vaporize. Disintegrate, Annihilate, Eradicate.
Level 4: Exterminate. Obliterate, Pulverize, Nuke, Raze.

Level 1 is mostly used for wiping out single targets or to accomplish small sabotage missions. Level 2 is for small groups of targets or for destroying small enemy camps. Level 3 is for densely populated areas. Level 4 is for completely exterminating a large amount of people. This is rarely used because this means the robot will do anything to accomplish its goal, even if it has to destroy allies. It might also self-destruct; the explosive equivalent of 5 atomic bombs.

Warning: Proceed with caution. If come in contact hope you live toll tomorrow. AND UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DO NOT ENGAGE. You have been warned.

File Terminated

The author's comments:
This has been swirling around in my mind for a few years and now it is now on paper. I probably will follow up. For now enjoy :D

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