Stones and Bones with Her Wings

May 19, 2010
By MissJazziMay BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
MissJazziMay BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
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A smile, one wide and beautiful, in traces the soul of an open hearted child. Outlines it with a clean cover, with no rigid edges to the soul. Dead of night, around 1:23, and not a sound around, but the nervous beating of a heart. Listening to the unsteady breaths of a lost one. Not able to close her eyes, Annie’s fragile body is restless. With the short, pink and purple hair of a rocker and the heart of an angel; she lost her self long ago. The moment she fell, there hasn’t been a second she wishes that this wasn’t wrong.

Finding herself walking the yellow line in the road to the beach. Tracing the once laid foot steps to the pier, she over looks the sea. Standing on the edge, Annie lets her self scream. Releasing every bit of air from her lungs; she collapses into the water. Not grasping anything to hold herself, Annie lets go of it all.

Here comes the tide, Annie have better open them eyes wide. She’s all that remains in this life, the game. She screams to the heavens above; let’s them know she’s not done. She won’t back down without a fight. Soon, she knows everything will be alright. Angels are listening to her now. She can tell them all her dreams. Make a wish and set her heart free. No one can tell Annie what to do. She won’t let that little voice tell her, she can’t. These angels believe in her, if only those demons knew. No one can break her now.
The once open heart of this sweet little angel becomes stone with every bit of torture endured. The demons finally had their way. Looking up over the horizon, she sees that pretty little city. Feeling the warm trickle of blood dripping from her palms, Annie knows what she wants to do. Standing on the ledge of her beloved home, the cement becomes stained with crimson red. She says to herself, “The city looks so pretty and it needs to be burned to the ground.” The sky scrappers tower the water and the pretty little neon lights hide her once beautiful stars, she wants her home back.
Grabs a match and she lets all her sorrows go.
The thunder strikes and the lighting sounds, Annie stares at the violet red and black clouds cover the little city. With the violent stabbing the rain on her skin, she knows the angels are crying. She wants to apologize, but there’s no use. She wants the world to pay for their sins. Angels turn their backs to this once angelic child and her terror begins.
Wings have been ripped from her spine; she is no longer the good kind. Laughing with the most angelic evil laugh, she watches their homes go up in flames. Annie feels no remorse as she hears the screams of her enemies. “They deserve this for destroying me.” Soon the pretty little city is incinerated and gulped in flames. Her sick obsession and her heart’s hate turned her into something people thought they would never see.
Soon the night has calm in the air, the moon rises shining over a land of nothing. Annie lays her head in the rubbish and broken down homes. She runs those small little fingers through ashes of the once pretty little city. Annie looks up into the night and notices those glorious, beautiful stars shining oh so bright. As the hours move on, she begins to feel alone. Annie sits on the shore dragging her knees close. Puts her headphones in, left and then right, and blares her lovely tunes.
Those lovely stars guide her through the night as Annie looks for someone in sight. Wishing to entangle her fingers with someone she wishes to love, Annie is left alone to scream. As her throat closes she hears the sound of footsteps. Disregarding all other sounds, she looks for the beat of the foot steps heart. The rhythm matches her own; soft and smooth, yet rapid and breaking.
Without looking into the eyes of her intruder, Annie already felt the one. “You’re the one who burned that city”, he whispers into her ear giving Annie some chills down her spine. “Why would it matter to you?” He looks a little confused and turns away. She notices his wings and begins to understand. “I am here to save you from your destroying self,” the beautiful angel says with no breaths in between. Annie looks him in the eyes and yet she knows you’re never to do such a thing.
“The name I was given is Taylor. I am here to protect you, but you seem to accept no one at all.” Annie looks onto the sea; she knows he’s the one to pick her up from the fall. He takes her hands and pulls her close, whispering in her
ear everything she’s ever wanted to hear. That baby girl’s heart of stone was cracked in two. Taylor mended her every wound. Her sick obsession and heart’s hate lead her to Taylor; her much enjoyed fate.

The author's comments:
I just wrote down some feelings I was having in a moment. Somehow all my thoughts gathered to this.

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_Mags_ SILVER said...
on Jun. 9 2010 at 7:14 pm
_Mags_ SILVER, Somewhere, North Carolina
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wow i loved it, ur a really good writer


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