Water, Fire, Earth, and Air

May 22, 2010
Arowen skirted the edges of the hot fire vent that served as a portal to the plane of fire. Curious as the black panther that ventured into daylight was what the elders of her village called her. Though it confused her when the night cat ventured into the sun he burst into flame. She’d done nothing to harm herself, well not intentionally.
Leaning over she looked into the picture that shimmered on the pools liquidy surface. A voice roared from behind her startling her into falling, away from her home in the realm of trees into the hostile and strange plane of fire. F’lar native to the plane of fire sat on one of the only cool regions in his home, he stared wonderingly at the green and brown when it began to bubble. He jumped back prepared to flame anything that came through the portal.
Out of the silence there came scream as he dodged behind a rock pillar. Then as quickly as it was broken there was silence again. Soft swearing reached his ears, he peered around the boulder to see a girl not much younger than himself. She wore a leather tunic and leggings. Beads and tassels hung to the seams and intricate stitches embroidered it. A pendant made of a silver metal he could not name hung around her neck, embedded in it and the gold circlet that girded her forehead were many multi colored stones. That rather than reflecting the light caught and held it within their many facets. She picked herself off of the floor of the cavern and dusted off. Then becoming very still her ears, which resembled a cats, moved independently catching ever sound.
He held his breath but too late. Turing she spoke, “You can come out I know not if we are friend of foe. But whilst you make no move to harm me, my actions as well will stay passive.” He came out from behind the pillar, “you can speak flame tongue?” She nodded her head, “yes at my home in the realm of the trees, it is mandatory to learn a second language. Many learn two or three in case we have a chance to visit another realm or plane. Pray tell me, what is your name?” “F’lar.” “Well met F’lar of the plane of fire. I am Arowen from the realm of trees.”
The pair spoke for many hours before it was decided that she would have to leave through the portal back to her home as was it necessary that he should return to his. After a parting wave they split off in their separate directions on the agreement that they would meet at the same spot the next day at the same time. As Arowen was thrown from the portal onto familiar soil she felt as if something had changed. Throwing her senses all around her she found nothing alive nor moving just stone and pictures frozen in time.
She lifted herself off the ground and ran through the rock trees towards her village. Only to be met by cold hard stone with no remnant of life. Tears leaked down her face as she found friend and family even childhood enemies stolid statues forever more. A crashing and crunching brought her back to reality as she realized whoever had done this was still there. She slunk out of the village and followed her ears to a clearing where four gigantic Relwin sat conversing.
Anger welling inside her she began to wish she had learned Relwin for as she sat and tried to interpret what was said she was in danger. Then one other being came to the center and all speech switched to accommodate the new comer. This was in Tantican this was something she could understand though as she heard the plans that the professor they called El Suave laid down, she almost wished she hadn’t.
His plans along with the relwins were to enslave all of the realms and planes, with one overpowering society headed by one man. Those that did not submit would meet the same end as those on the realm of trees a life in stone for all eternity. She closed her eyes but continued listening with more force once she heard her name come into play. “It is of a great concern that the princess Arowen is found. She may be the one power that could halt our ascension.” That was one thing that might come of interest to her but she would have to think of it later the man was continuing. “For now we must accept that she escaped our grasp. We will capture her later she is a mere child it should not be as difficult as some might expect. Next we must move on to the plane of fire, we will move through the portal at dawn. Get your rest for tomorrow will be a long day yet again.
Fear leapt within her as the name of her new found friend’s plane came to play. She crept away from the clearing and ran head first towards the portal where she jumped through without hesitation. Emerging from the other side she began to run without thinking along the trail that led towards F’lar’s village. She allowed her nose to lead the way and continued to run bare foot in hopes that if she kept her feet moving she would not burn them as much.
The ground licked her feet with tongues of flame while the scorching air filled her lungs with what felt of ash. Her cloths were seared along the edges and he nose hurt from the acrid stench of burnt rock. Finally after ducking and dodging and keeping hidden she came to a door where she knew F’lar had entered. She hopped from one foot to the next while she bit the inside of her lip to keep from crying. She knocked four times and waited while hearing foot steps behind the door. It opened to reveal the face of an older woman. Consternation clouded her face as she viewed the dancing lass. Arowen gasped, “Is F’lar here it’s very, very important and I know you don’t know me but my name is Arowen. If you mention my name he’ll remember.” The woman surveyed her over once more and lifted her eyebrows at seeing the girl wore no shoes. Even she was unable to walk around on the hot soil without foot coverings. “Come inside I’ll go and get him.” Arowen stepped into the cool air and rested her worn feet on the flag stone floor.” The woman walked away and came back with F’lar in tow. He looked about as confused as his mother.
As Arowen opened her mouth to speak a huge crash shook the ground and they all fell against the walls and then to the floor. Roars that were unmistakably Relwins filled her ears not but seconds later.

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wolfspeaker said...
Jun. 7, 2010 at 11:06 pm
This is actually something that I wrote for a class so I hope its alright.
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