SIN School Is a Nightmare

May 21, 2010
By grayswan SILVER, Bronx, New York
grayswan SILVER, Bronx, New York
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Favorite Quote:
my heart is closed i can't see alot of wat people see, the sadness of my life consumed it now that so much happened i wonder if it'll ever be open so i can find out why .why im here my purpose and why i shouldn't dissapear atleast yet.......

The wind going through my hair how? Where am I? My head it feels like its being crushed I don’t get it.
Boom lighting struck.
“The lighting it so bright like the sun”
Hee hu her breathing was getting heavier faster and faster
“My feet this feeling I don’t get it ___” crash the thunder hit again
She looked down
Huh he huh he huh
I there’s no ground! Ahhhhh!!!
Her voice echoed throw the air
I’m not falling

She took one step I'm walking on air
Sisss ziiiip the feeling throw her body was like an electric shock
Then the place had became silent
“Oh no not now” the voice of little girl went
Her eyes went wide
“Kanon, kanon!!!!’
Thump went the book on her head
“ow why did you hit me”kanon said

“Kanon what wrong with you it’s like you were in another world” Janie said
“Jane that’s impossible if I was in another world do you really think I would have came back this boring lesson”-kanon
“Kanon why do you even go to this school if you hate it so much”-Janie
“Jane I told you my mom and dad were alumni’s of the previous school, it was how they met if it wasn’t for here I would have been born”
“Kanon you’re a really weird person you know that?”-Janie
“Jane you attended this weird school too, your parents are so overprotective I wonder why they sent you here? I mean we can only come home every 3 weeks.”-kanon
“my sister was a slut you know that. She just lied, curse, flunked school and slept with boys ruining my life and her. This is the only way they know I won’t do the same.
“kanon, Janie stop talking!”
“Mr. than where talking about the problem”-kanon
“really ms.kanon then what the difference between mitoses and miosis.” -mr.than
“mitoses is the process of cell division between body cells and meioses is the process of cell division between gametes.”-kanon
“nice job but have you ever though of cloning”
“Cloning idk about that”-kanon
“its not something impossible once only used on sheep more and more scientist are using the process on humans”-mr.thans
“that’s sick”
“oh really, well what’s so wrong about it” –mr than

“it’s like your making your own people” –kanon
“exactly, well to wrap up the lesson watch out when you come back from the home visit many rapist where running around the road between” Mr. than
“rape is very scary Mr. than don’t say those things”-Janie
“hmmp mr.than you seem very happy for this home visit”-kanon
“kanon please mine your own news + your habit of wondering the forest might not be smart this trip”-mr.than
“no problem I’ll keep her out of trouble”-arty said
Kanon smiled the her heart thumped but bump she started to blush
Janie whispered in her ear “it’s like love manga maybe life will start getting interesting in the boarding school”
Kanon responded “be careful what you wish for”
Mr.than stared at kanon with the darkest evilest stare as if he had lost it
“mr.than are you upset at___” –kanon
Kanon fell all she saw was a wolf she screamed

She saw that this wolf was part human and it started pushing her pining her down soon she realized he was begging to mate with her she screamed
“get off me”
she began to cry the wolf started turning human. “
“What’s happening?”
“Ehh huh ahhh ow it hurts”
At that moment kanon lost her most precious protector the innocence of her, the world, and secrets she is yet to find out about.
I’m bleeding it hurts she thought
Thump her heart went when a fever like sensation went throw her body
“What with my stomach I feel something its moving eww is this semen; I can’t feel that I’m so sure I can’t”
The wolf moved soon she realized the face that had morphed into someone she knew someone very close
“Arty why would you” hot tears start to flow down kanon’s face

“Kanon, Kanon wake up please wake up come on how can I explain what happened to your mom Kanon!” –Janie
“what Jane where are you I can’t see you!”-kanon
“Focus, focus open your eyes”-Janie

Focusing her eyes she regained controlled and opened her eyes
“Jane it was so scary and real, what happened to me” – kanon

“well we were about to leave when you stabbed with mr.thans shot for the animals in the infirmary it knocked you out” –Janie
“I don’t get though those eyes he made to me wasn’t shock it was so scary, like he wanted to kill me. And the dream the wolf my,my,my ……..” –kanon
“kanon it was a dream Mr. than said it was very intense shot you probably halotionated,”-janie

The door pushed open showing a short blond with brown streaks or daisy
“well I know one thing Mr. than might hate you for not respecting him but I don’t think he wants to kill you”-daisy

“Hey daisy what up”-Janie
“dais you didn’t see those eyes, so terrifying and my dream the dream oh god excuse me” –kanon

“are you going to puke?”-Janie
“maybe IDK but i’m not taking chances”-kanon
Kanon began to run to the bathroom of her dorm, inside she saw mirror, the light pink wall, the clean white toilet. She ran to it and got ready for puking but rather than vomiting……….

“I can’t I want to but I can’t force myself to.” –kanon
She got up and look into the mirror. She saw her straight hair, the purple shirt with the flower she loved, her deep dark brown eyes often called black.

It’s in my head i’m grossed out but not squeezy it was dream but Arty she thought
She almost started to cry but took control

“It was a dream only a dream” she wistpereed to herself.
Then the memory of being pined down hit her head

“I have to check” she whispered
She grabbed the little hand mirror on her side and got up she began to check she then figured out the in fact she was still a virgin.

“A dream a weird freaky dream”
She then walked out of the bathroom.
“Kanon you better?”-Janie

“Yeah much”-kanon
“Tell me about this dream kanon”-daisy

“Well it embarrassing but I dreamed Arty did something to me”-kanon
“How is that scary? You like Arty he's your dream as you put it?”-Janie

“Well what did he do that was so bad? …….. Wait I so know he raped you”-daisy
Kanon nodded

“Kanon your crazy he’d never do that I mean he is a Virgin too”-Janie
“I don’t feel comfortable about this now I feel like running away from him”-kanon

“Kanon a dream is a dream not reality”-Janie
“Kanon not try to scare you swear to god but it might be a foretelling dream”-daisy
“daisy it was so real it might be I’m so scared, please don’t say things like that”-kanon tears were choking her throat as she said the sentence

“At least we have a home visit there is sometime to forget about it, see the old neighborhood, see your cat Louie and sleep in your own bed.”-Janie

“Janie being home is nothing as long as I have to see those people’-kanon
“Kanon I know but they are your parents”-Janie

“Kanon I thought your were over that”-daisy
“I am but I miss her, she’s in a better place now… I know but what they did is unforgivable”-kanon

Dun dun went the door
“Um... its Mr. than is it ok to come in”-Mr. than
Daisy opened the door

“Ms. Kanon I hope your ok, it was so irresponsible to leave that shot open and by students’ hope you can except my apology”-Mr. than
“Um ok apology excepted not to be rude but I really don’t feel like company could you please leave”-kanon
“Humph ok well kanon, I hope you feel better oh my wife told me to buy you a Sunday. It’s chocolate and whip cream but it’s usually have the cherry popped” -mr.than
Cherry popped echoed in her head the memory of losing her innocents came back she stared at him with her eyes wide.
“Kanon snap out of it” –Janie yelled
Kanon started to come back “huh”-kanon

“Kanon its ok the shot still must be affecting you but you should open the top and find out.”

Kanon opened the top and saw that it was intact perfect nothing was wrong with the cherry

“See your lucky kanon if had been maybe a few days later it would have been completely destroyed, well good night”-Mr. than

“Good night” they all said in unison
What did he mean by completely destroyed kanon thought?

“Well it’s late i'm a go to my room” –daisy
“Ok bye good night parting is such sweet sorrow”-kanon & Janie said

“Such weirdo’ daisy said while leaving to her dorm room little did kanon know a big hint to her near future was reviled today.

The author's comments:
it chapater 1 i came up with this after a dream and some characters reflect people i accually know in life let me know wat you think if you like it i'll write the next chaperter

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on Jun. 7 2010 at 6:27 pm
grayswan SILVER, Bronx, New York
9 articles 0 photos 5 comments

Favorite Quote:
my heart is closed i can't see alot of wat people see, the sadness of my life consumed it now that so much happened i wonder if it'll ever be open so i can find out why .why im here my purpose and why i shouldn't dissapear atleast yet.......

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