A Blazing Fire

May 27, 2010
It was strange; this erotic dance my heart was pounding as all of my pathos freely ran inside of me. I could see him standing by the town square fountain. His cold chiseled features almost making him blend in with the pale marble. My breath came out shallow, almost husky as I remember when I first saw him. Oh, it seemed a life time ago since that cool November night last fall. It was just before the first snow of the year and the village was having their annual after harvest festival. The full moon illuminated the town square as if it were the golden wings of angels casting their radiant halos.


I ran to the square without caring if my skirts were rising above my ankles. Images of the fantastic and the macabre filled my mind’s eye as I thought of the wonderful things that awaited me at the festival. It was the first year I got to go without my father on account of him being too fatigued to make it. He had warned me of thieves and bandits but I couldn’t concentrate on being careful. The candles around the square did little to light up the dusk compared to the harvest moon. Merchants formed around the perimeter, encasing us all in an eccentric bubble.

I ducked around bodies until I found myself in the middle of the throng. Twirling forms danced around me and I joined in with the lively step. A Firm hand clasped onto mine and spun me around, bringing me into his arms. Dancing as one misting form, we flitted around the marble fountain. He twisted and twirled me out of the mass of people, behind the merchants and stopped me in his arms. My face was flush and our breathing was irregular. Slowly he turned me around to face him. His eyes shown like polished emeralds, their intense nature burrowing into my cool grey ones. He was wearing an exquisitely tailored suit that fit his slim body elegantly. His fair hair curling slightly at the ends made him look like an angel.

My breathing calmed and he took my delicate fingers in his strong hand and led me away from the shouts and laughter. He led me silently down the twisting, dirt road and over the cobblestone bride. The water shown like glass reflecting every ray the moon shot down on it. We turned off the road and he led me through a trail in the woods.

My heart quickened a beat and I started to have second thoughts of following this angelic man. My steps slowed a trace and he swiveled his head to look at me. He gave me an encouraging smile that coaxed me forward until we walked into a clearing and the moonlight once again came down on top of us.

He walked me over to a large oak tree and pulled me to ground to sit beside him against the trunk. He asked my name, his voice sounded like the rustle of dove’s wings, soft and mysterious. He asked about my life and personality. I found myself opening up to this total, beautiful stranger in a way that I never have even with my own family. It was invigorating.

The moon started its trek downward when I started to grow tired. He smiled and kissed me once, unexpectedly and gently enough to feel as if it were a whisper upon my lips. He pulled me close and told me to go to sleep, that he would protect me from any harm. Then, he started to whisper a language I had never heard softly into my ear. It was soothing and flowing but a little harsh which fit my taste perfectly. Soon contentment and fatigue won over my body and I fell to sleep.

I woke up to the soft touch of warmth on my face. A small smile tugged at the corner of my mouth and I opened my eyes slowly. The fair angel that filled my mind the entire night was gone. I sat bolt upright and looked around in every direction; he had vanished as if a ghost in the harvest moon.


He looked over to my direction and his emerald eyes lit up with a hidden secret. His smile was mischievous and alluring. He motioned for me to approach him and before I could think my legs were already bringing me over. I knew I shouldn’t go with him, he already wreaked havoc on my heart once, but I couldn’t stop myself. I pulled up my skirts so they wouldn’t drag in the mud and he started walking away obviously wanting me to follow him. It was irrational but in the pit of my stomach I knew I would follow him to the ends of the earth.

He led me past the bridge and just into the woods so we were alone. He kissed my hand and greeted me with his smooth, soothing voice. The warm summer breeze tousled his hair but he didn’t seem to notice, his eyes were glued to mine as if he were under a spell. I didn’t say a word, I didn’t know how. His smile grew faintly and he spoke again in the tongue I didn’t recognize. It was a beautiful, melodic sound and I started to wonder if perhaps I was the one under the spell. He leaned forward slowly; his eyes boring into my soul and kissed me. But this kiss wasn’t the same, it burned like fire. I tried to scream out in pain but he held me firmly, not letting me move away.

It burned through my lips and body strait into my soul, searing it in half. He was a monster, a demon marking me as his own. He pulled away and I fell to my knees in agony. I knelt there for hours, until the sun was nearly set before the burning was exhausted. I slowly lifted my head and he was gone again. A fresh wave of tears spilled over. I knew I was cursed, I just didn’t know how bad.

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Chandler8446 said...
Jun. 11, 2010 at 4:33 pm

I really enjoyed your work!


soccercrazy said...
Jun. 6, 2010 at 10:29 pm
this is super fantastically awesome beyond the point of words!! i need more!!! i love your writing with a passion that burns!! XD
sparkofheart said...
Jun. 4, 2010 at 9:45 pm
OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER READ! you should definitely publishh!!! so amazing this is going on my favs
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