Rainbow City

May 25, 2010
By Haven France BRONZE, Mount Airy, North Carolina
Haven France BRONZE, Mount Airy, North Carolina
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There once was a place called Rainbow city. In Rainbow city there were only four rules, since this was a time before crime had entered the world. The four rules were you couldn’t be sad, you couldn’t sing boring songs, you couldn’t wear grey, black, brown, or white, and last but not least you had to be groomed regularly. Now see, these rules might not seem too hard for the majority of Rainbow city because they weren’t hard to follow. Except for one this one little man, who didn’t seem to like the rules very much, at least not anymore. So of course, like any other person who doesn’t like certain implied rules they tend not to follow them, so he didn’t follow them. He was sad, he only sang sad songs, he wore mostly black and brown and last but not least he was very dirty and un-groomed.
The man’s name was Stample, Stample Von Weasel. Not only did Stample refuse to follow the rules of Rainbow city but unlike everyone else in the city, he and only he was colorless! While everyone else in the city was a beautiful shade of color that had been given to them by the Rainbow fairy, Stample had absolutely one hundred percent no color on his body. He was white like paper, literally. Well not that being light was a bad thing, but in Rainbow city it was a good way to be teased, laughed, and mocked about. When younger, Stample would have went home and wept among himself after being teased, but the older he got the more use to it he got and the grumpier he became. By the way he acted you’d think he had always been an irritable, cranky, man, but this was not the case. Stample had once been a Colorful beautiful blue man. Not only just blue, but the most beautiful blue you’d ever seen in your life. Many had wondered what happen to his magnificent blue skin but Stampel never told a soul what had happened. He really actually wanted to tell someone but No one ever had the guts to ask him and Stample didn’t want to seem weak and just tell them. Some thought he had just lost his colors by accident and got mad over it, Others believed it was because he had always been a grump and the Rainbow fairy got mad and took his colors from him but those inferences were very incorrect. Stample had neither lost nor been stripped of his colors but His colors had been drained. The part few in Rainbow city knew was that Stample had once had a best friend. His friend was indeed a Horse named Scarlet Bruce. Scarlet Bruce, like Stample, Had a gorgeous color coat; he was the most glorious red colored horse you’d ever see. One day Scarlet was on his way to see Stample and lost his way. He had no earthy clue were he was. Stample searched for him day and night. Each day he searched, he got more and more worried and discouraged, and little did he know the sadder he got the more color he lost. There came a day when his color was completely gone, he no drive to continue to look for his friend. He only got more grumpy and cranky. Stample was out on his porch as usual, when a sweet pink little girl skipped by. Stample said “Shew! little girl get away from my home”. The girl Stopped and asked “Why are u so grumpy” this shocked Stample, no one had came straight forward and asked why he was grumpy before. “Well little girl,” he began “If you must know I’ve lost a true friend and it has really hurt me” he said shyly. “Have you looked for him” she said. “Well, why, yes I have” said Stample somewhat confused. “It will work out mister, people come and go through out life. You’ve got to make new friends sometimes” Said the pretty pink little girl. “If you’d like, ill be your friend.” Stampel hadn’t felt the way he was feeling in a long time and what he didn’t notice was that the color he had once been drained of him was slowly coming back. It only took a couple days before Stample had all his color back and was soon the sweetest man in Rainbow city. All because of his charming new pink friend, Suzie is what her name was. Suzie came to his house everyday after school and played checkers with Stample. He told her stories and he even showed her to cook rainbow cookies. Suzie was a good friend, but Stample still thought of his Scarlet Bruce but did not worry, he knew all of it would work out in the end and it did because One day Scarlet Bruce found his way back home, with the help of a friendly fisherman he’d meet on his journey. Now not only did Stample have his Best old friend back he had a wonderful new pink one.


The author's comments:
This was fun to write and i enjoyed it.

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