Jonathan The BirdMan Pt.2

May 14, 2010
It had been several months since David nearly escaped the bird. And it would be months still until he reached civilization. But that was alright, David had once been an eagle scout. So he knew exactly what he had to do to stay alive. He would travel by day and sleep by night.
He had encountered several unknown animals in the forest, but none like the giant hawk. David often heard the beating of its wings or the earsplitting screech of it but he hadn’t been attacked yet. He had tried and tried again to figure out just WHAT Jonathan was, but the answer was always the same, unknown creature from another universe.
David heard a crackle in the leaves just outside his camp; he grabbed the self-made spear that he made out of a sharp rock and a very strong stick. As he approached the crackling, a small squirrel jumped out of the brush. He readied his spear, and lunged for the squirrel. He got it! Tonight, he had cooked squirrel.
The next day, after David had packed up his makeshift den and gathered his supplies, David walked to the south. After so long the forest seemed to change, the pines slowly turned to beach wood and the firs turned to maples. And not soon after that, he heard something, almost like something moving quickly on a hard surface. He quickened his pace, hoping, praying that it would be a road.
David burst out of some bushes and he had made it, he was on a highway! He ran out into the middle of the road and started waving his hands. Eventually a small old woman in a station wagon pulled off the side of the road for him.
“Boy! What in the h*** are you thinking! Running out into the street like that, you could’ve gotten yourself killed if a Semi came past!” she yelled,
“Mam, I know this is going to sound odd but, where are we?”
“Where are we?” she said, flustered “why your in California dear!”
“California? That can’t be true! I was just in New York!” I screamed! “Please Mam; will you take me to the nearest police station?”
“Certainly, get in.” she said unlocking the passenger side door.
As we drove down the street, I looked over at the old woman, who was now a young man.
“Where’d the old woman go?!?! Who are you?!?!” I yelled at the young man.
“You don’t remember me David? Now, that’s sad.” He said in a British accent.
“Y…..You! It cant be! “I screamed, “What have you done to me?”
“I’ve killed you, David.” He said as he drove directly into some gas-pumps at a gas station. The last thing I saw was Jonathan getting out of the car, covered in flames, and just fly away.

“But that’s impossible! You’re sitting here in front of me today!” said the doctor.
“That’s true. How I don’t know.” I said calmly “But if you look up my name, I've been clinically dead for the last twelve years. And I haven’t aged a day.

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SilentSerenity said...
Sept. 23, 2010 at 9:15 am

Yes, I am continuing this story. Jonathan the Bird-Man Part 3 is waiting for approval. and im already starting on Part 4!



Heres a sneak Peak at:


Jonathan the Bird-Man Part 3


The doctor looked at him incredulously, not believing a single word the boy had said so far, he was insane, that’s all there is to it he thought.

          “Nurse would... (more »)

jumpingbug13 said...
Sept. 21, 2010 at 4:24 pm
I really liked this :) R u planning to continue it? Cuz you could if you wanted to. 
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