Except Susie

May 13, 2010
By thatonekid18 BRONZE, Columbia, Tennessee
thatonekid18 BRONZE, Columbia, Tennessee
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John didn’t like sports like all the other kids his age. John didn’t like many of the kinds of food that all the other kids his age liked. In fact, John really didn’t like anything that all the other kids his age liked, and he was reminded daily that they didn’t like him. John didn’t really like them either, except for Suzie. John was far skinnier and smaller than the other kids his age, so he was considered excluded from most every activity in Town. John loves two things in life; cereal and computer games. John lived his life for these two things completely and wholly. Most of the people of Town tried to avoid the little guy, some hated him, some pitied him, but he was generally either picked on or left alone. John didn’t like being picked on. But John never said a word. He simply went home, ate some cereal and played computer games while all the other children played sports and games outside. John was feeling especially sad because Holiday was coming up. Holiday was a day that came once a year that invariably had perfect 70 degree sunny weather. Now other days were nice but Holiday was the one day of the year that was always perfect. John hated Holiday. It was day of the year that all the people of Town had a chance to pick on him and laugh at the fact that he didn’t play outside with all the others. John didn’t like this much at all. But every year John didn’t say a thing. He just stayed inside and ate cereal and played computer games. The day finally arrived and John got up and went promptly over to his computer. He ate cereal and played on his computer for several hours, all the while hearing insults and laughter coming in through his windows. He managed to ignore them and enjoy his cereal and games. Then all of the sudden something unprecedented happened in Town. Quickly the sky clouded up and a torrential downpour began on Holiday. Everyone panicked. No one knew what to do. People were dying left and right from the deadly water of the sky. There, of course, were pills that could easily save these people, yet the pills were inside! No one had bothered to bring any because it was Holiday. There was one person who could save them. All John had to do was put on his rain safety gear and grab some pills and take them out to the desperate citizens of Town! But John didn’t want to help them. John stayed inside and ate cereal and played computer games.

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