Spirit: part 6

May 18, 2010
Chapter 6: The Wedding, of Doom

Koneko lay on a bed in a room lit only by a candle that night. Tomorrow was the wedding, she just couldn't wait. Koneko looked at the big sparkling black dress on the wall of her room. Black gloves and a ribbon to match laid neatly in a pile on her dresser. To top it all off, a crown made of pure black gold with gleaming gems of blood red, Gothic purple, and crystal diamond encrusted in it.

She sighed, “I'm never gonna get to sleep tonight, am I?”
With that she turned over and attempted sleep until 5 AM in which she achieved half- sleep.

11 AM and finally two bridesmaid came in and picked her up roughly.

“Up, up,” one said. “Today' the big day, your big day, the day all girls dream of, now come get dressed,” the other cooed. Slowly she rose and headed to a silent and awkward breakfast with her fiancee.

Soon after Koneko was forced to get dressed and head to the top of Devil's Tower where the priest, Yami, and Satan himself awaited.

“I've always dreamed of this day,” cackled the fearsome devil that made all creatures but himself and the lord shiver and shake underneath him.

The music played, she began to walk up the aisle, her heart beating faster and faster, every step she took, finally she reached the top when all of a sudden a plane came crashing into the tower. It was Renka! He flew the plane just above the tower and held out his hand to her. “I remember now, I remember my past and I've returned for you my love after I heard what was going on in Yami.”

“I remember too, thank you so much Renka, you are my prince of song!”
Yami was confused, “You prefer this non-prince over me?”

She looked at him sadly, “Well, yes, don't get me wrong, you are a very loyal and I'm sure you would make a great husband if you fixed just a few things, but my heart belongs to Renka, our fates are connected.” With that she gave Yami a quick peck on the cheek and leaped onto the plane.

“You shall not ruin my only son's wedding and the day I've been waiting for always,” the devil shrieked.

“No dad stop, don't make her marry me if she's not happy, I realize now, I just want her to be happy!”

“Well , I don't care, you are marrying her and that's final!”
With that he threw a black ball at them.
“No,” Yami cried, hurling a curse ball at his father.

“That's it, a son that betrays me is no son of mine, I'm disowning you!”
“Good I didn't want to be your son anyway!” The battle moved to Yami, now all souls, angels, spirits, ghosts and other creatures fought in it. It was the war of the century, of the millennium, of forever!
Good, bad, and in between with the universe ripping at the seam, both worlds, mortal and spirit collided. Could this be the end? The wind roared, the earth screamed, water ripped, and sky beamed. All around came the apocalypse, all around, the world was breaking, what could save us now?

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