Spirit: part 5

May 18, 2010
Chapter 5: Lost Soul

That night while Koneko blacked out she had the strangest dream. She dreamed she was a princess named princess Pearl. She was beautiful and rich and very happy. Then came along a bard, named Renka? He played a beautiful song for some gold coins, it was a love song and soon the princess and the bard
spent all their time together. He'd tell her fascinating tales from other lands and she would weave the most gorgeous things out of silk and other fine materials for him. It wasn't long till he proposed to her, but before she could except the knights of an evil prince who fell head over heels for the princess, who loved none other than Renka, grabbed her. They shoved her in the dungeon and later that day she got word that Renka had been hung. She didn't want to believe it, she wouldn't, she kept saying over and over her words of love and how she and he would be together again no matter what, she would wait forever. Pain gripped her, her heart and her body, trapped and chained to this pain. Koneko woke up gasping only to see that strange black haired boy shouting wake up in her face.

“ Ah, you've awoken, princess. Allow me to explain, you may not remember me, but I am the son of satan, prince Yami, and you are my bride to be, princess Pearl,” whispered the black haired boy named Yami.

“Wh-what on earth- spirit world are you talking about?”

“Yes, I thought you would understand my love, now come my precious rose, time to prepare for the wedding,that is why you were going to the town of Yami right? Of course that's the reason, there isn't any other,” he said this ignoring her screams and dragging her away.

(Wow,) she thought, (he's strong for a spirit in his teens, wait a minute, I'm only sixteen, I'm too young to get married! Besides why would I want to marry him? Oh, why me?) These were her last thoughts as she was dragged off.

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