Spirit: part 4

May 18, 2010
Chapter 4: Roller Coaster Train?

“Next stop, Yami, Yami,” wailed the train conductor.

Koneko sighed and sat down, looking out the window at the peaceful and tranquil scene spread out before her, now that she was out of Tamashii.

Clouds white and puffy made her sleepy and they had a golden lining too.
Flowers of all colors and a gentle breeze rustled the leaves of the sakura trees and her fine, peachy brown hair.

The grass blew along and the sky was a pleasant blue, not too much and not too little.

Koneko was about to close her eyes and go to sleep when all of a sudden the train took an awkward turn. The train leaned and the passengers flew to the left.

“Hey watch it,” yelled Koneko, “you could have killed us... again!”

But too late, the train began to steer left and right violently, up and down, 'round and 'round, Koneko felt as though she might be sick.

Up a steep slope and down too, places flashed by faster and faster, everything was a blur, the train flipped upside down and bounced in the air, everything shook including the passengers, it was like apocalypse all around.

“Ahhhhhh,” screamed Koneko. “What are you crazy?!” Then she realized, the conductor was gone.

Now everyone was in a panic as the train went out of control!

All but one, a strange boy in the corner. He has black hair and blood red eyes, his hair was a spiky kind, he laughed evilly, as if this were a game!

Koneko began to wonder why he wasn't scared, then knew what she had to do.
She made her way to the control room and tried desperately to gain control, too bad she didn't know how to make a train work. Suddenly there was a thud and a falling sensation as the train fell, she screamed and grabbed on to the train whistle, one last toot and the train hit something hard, everything went black.

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