The Deceivers CHP. 4-5

May 18, 2010
By Isabella_999 SILVER, Westminster, Maryland
Isabella_999 SILVER, Westminster, Maryland
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Chapter 4
I passed through the next town’s gates approximately ½ day later. My town was really isolated. I saw Túrran’s fake name on a register list at a motel, so I stayed there hoping to find some clues as to where he went. I woke up at 3:00 a.m. someone -or something- was raiding my room, and as of now, my purse.
“Get out of here! Give me my stuff!” Whoever - or whatever- it was, dropped my purse and shot through the window just as Jake came bursting through the door.
“What are you doing here? And how did you catch up to me?”
“I don’t travel with other people.”
“Except Túrran.”
“You don’t know anything.”
“Yes, I know more than you think I do.”
“How so?”
“I’ve been watching over you my whole life.”
“Well, it actually started when I was 11 years old. After I got lessons in divination.”
“You got lessons in divination when you were 11?!?”
“Yes. Well, actually, they started when I was 10...and a half.”
“Half a year spent on lessons in divination?!? Why?”
“Because I wanted to find you. I needed to find you.”
“Why? Why does it matter where I am or how I’m doing?”
“Because you’re important!”
“Oh, really? How so?”
“How do you think? Your necklace, two opposite elements, unusual powers…”
“Unusual powers??? What are you talking about?”
“Reflexes, seeing things others can’t, running, good intuition -though that’s not too unusual…”
“I still don’t get what you’re trying to say.”
“You are the most powerful girl in your family. Along with grandma and your great great grandmother.”
“But that doesn’t make sense.”
“There is no absolute pattern.”
“So I am important. Important because I’m more powerful.”
“That’s not the only reason you’re important to me though. It’s also not just because grandma told me to watch over you. Do you remember how close we were? Do you remember saving my life? Twice?”
“So you’re trying to repay me for saving your life. Twice.”
“Not just that. You’ve always been important to me. Even…especially when we were kids. You were my best friend.”
I sighed. “Who gave you divination lessons?”
“And how do you see me?”
“Bowl of water, that’s all you need.”
“Teach me.”
Chapter 5
We stayed at the motel for the next couple days. I figured that if I could learn this, I could keep tabs on Túrran. Jake kept giving me tips, and saying things like, “Good, good” and “Getting closer”. And there were other times where he said “No, no, no stop. Like this.” And he’d show me. After 5 days, I could already get an image, even though it only lasted a second or two.
When I did this, I was focused on Túrran. I saw him 2 towns over, riding a horse.
“Let’s go.” I said.
“Oh, so now I’m aloud to come.”
“For now. We need to finish lessons.”
“So why are we going?”
“He’s two towns ahead of us. Why not?”
“I told you you were important. You’re special. You’ve accomplished what I did in 1 ½ months.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah whatever.”
“Let me go get the horses.”
“Horses? I thought you had one you rode in on.”
“Well, I figured you’d need one too, so I got two.”
“How’d you get the money?”
“Grandma left some for our ‘travels’”
“She knew this was going to happen.”
“Well it was bound to happen.”
“I guess I never really thought about it.”
“All right, this horse is yours. His name is Pegasus.”
Pegasus was a gorgeous black stallion with a star and the sleekest body I have ever seen.
“You’re kidding.”
“No. He’s yours. I got him from a friend of mine.”
“Help me up?”
“I can’t remember the last time I rode a horse.”
“You’ll get used to it quickly, considering you started riding when you were 4 ½.”
“mmm” I thought really hard about that, and I remembered.
“One of the times I saved you.”
“Yes. You were 6 and I was 7.”
“You had fallen off the horse trying to shoot a deer with your bow.”
“And you turned around, lifted me up onto your horse before mine could run over me.”
“I took you back to the house. You had a broken arm, a broken leg, and you had a gash on your cheek where it hit a rock.”
“And my bow broke in half.”
“You were in bed forever.” I smiled.
“Yes I was. I was so mad I couldn’t go out with you.” He smiled mischievously, “Wanna go have that archery competition now?”
“How about we just focus on getting to Túrran for now.”
We rode in silence and reached the middle of the next town at dark. Although, it wasn’t an uncomfortable silence. We checked into a B & B and went to our room. Which we found out, had only one bed.

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