What if

May 18, 2010
By PrimaryColors SILVER, Tacoma, Washington
PrimaryColors SILVER, Tacoma, Washington
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what if
what if time travel is real
what if we could solve world polution
what if we are not alone in the universe
what if
the two words that are the most imposile to understand
the two words that imply the impossible
the two words that have driven man insane at impossibility
the two words that have boggled the most advanced minds
what if
what if we are just crops that have been planted on this planet so some far intelegent beings can come and and divour all we have become
what if science is the answer to all things and the presence of god is just a moral rule book
what if science is just mans dream to be godlike
what if
the two most hated words in the universe yet we can't survive without them
how ironic

The author's comments:
let me know what you think and if you argee with me, or what your thoughts are

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