The cure

May 17, 2010
By foxes BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
foxes BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Date: March 2, 2011
Location: Texas
Ammo: 50 shells, 350 magnum caliber bullets, 150 machine gun bullets.
Guns: Two UZIs, one AK-47 and M16, one desert eagle, and magnum 44, and one M10.
Survivors: 7 total: Bill, Zoey, Frances, Louis, Ellis, Frank, and I am Aidan.
Plan: Hold out in Riverside casino until help arrives.
Days spent hear: 21
Entry number: first
Number of infected killed: 250
Number remaining: 53625+
Current time of day: 3:30 A.M.
Number of buildings secured: 4+ casino.
Number of infected occupied buildings: 35+ 1 mal
Current contact with infected: scanning perimeter…none.
Important information: We have discovered a cure!
If we die, the cure falls.

Bill-“Hey stop doing whatever you’re writing and get up, it’s your turn for watch.”
Aidan-“Ok. But when we need to know our possible plans, you’ll thank me.”
Bill: He is a short tempered, bad mouthed, Vietnam veteran. His grandson got infected and so he had to put him down…he hasn’t been right since.

The 14 year old walked over to his post at the top floor maintenance room, then to the gambling hall and then to the roof to retract the make shift bridge.

Aidan saw movement on the adjacent roof, sort of like it was crying. Sobbing was more like it; Aidan looked through the thermal sight on his UZI.

Aidan-“What IS that?”

The sobbing stopped as he said this and the thing sprinted, not ran, but sprinted at him with arms outstretched to show long, blood stained talons. Aidan was almost paralyzed as it ran at him; he quickly withdrew the bridge before it reached the start of it. It leapt off of the side of the roof onto spikes set up in case of a retreat of the lethal kind.

“Good idea after all, eh Bill?” Aidan smirked scornfully.
Aidan finishes his shift then returns to the pawn shop to wake Ellis for his shift. As he settles down for the night he takes a quick aiming aid inventory check:
Two lazier sights, seven thermal scopes, two ACOG sights, one holographic sight (mine).

The following morning Aidan told and re-told about the early morning encounter. All of the survivors looked on with horror in their eyes.

Frank-“So you are saying that this… thing, is a mutated form of the virus?!”

Aidan-“If you think about it, it makes sense.”

And at that second a howl pierced the air as a horde of Zombies burst through the barricade.
Frank ran into the pawn shop, Zoey, Bill, Francis, and Louis ducted behind the second barer that Frank had made in the pawn shop by sliding the chain fence over the door. Ellis covered Aidan, and vice versa, until they reached the shop, making it just barely.

Frank slid the chain fence into place locking it, barricading it as well.

Aidan-“What WAS that sound?!”

Bill-“Sounded like a wild beast if you ask me.”

Ellis-“But it came from nowhere.”
When he said this, the zombies crashed into the chain fence, clawing at it with rabid ambition. The survivors knew that if they started to fire too soon, they would run out of ammo. All of the survivors started to head behind the counter, it too was fenced in, when Aidan and Frank decided to check the store room for weapons. What they found was a wooden and a metal bat with nails on another shelf. Frank hammered the nails into the wooden bat as Aidan did a swing check on the metal bat, it was good.

Aidan-“Now this is going to bust some heads in.”

The battle continues if the story is liked.

Good night and drive safely.

The author's comments:
If you play as much zombie games as I do, you'll understand why I wrote this.

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