A Very Important Life Lesson

May 17, 2010
By Anonymous

Nicolas was a very fortunate man who yet has lived the most tragic life. Nicolas had a great job that in return, brought him a great income. Nicolas was an amputee doctor. After God "took his wife from him at an inappropriate time in life", he hated his life more than anything and felt as if he had no reason to live any longer. Nicolas's life consisted of work, work, and work because that's what kept his mind off of the awful things he had gone through. Nicolas travels the world and is one of the most well-known doctors in the world. He was grumpy even towards his patients, but he gets the job done well and they're unconscious during the operation so they didn't mind.

It was a Tuesday afternoon when Nicolas got a call from a lady in a panic but he could barely hear. After he understood well enough, Nicolas got the correct address and booked an immediate flight from Tokyo, Japan to Moscow, Russia. Nicolas was in Japan in the middle of amputating an infant's arm but called someone to finish the job so he could leave because the lady on the phone sounded like this was a life or death situation.

When Nicolas showed up at the address where he told this woman he'd meet her, he found something strange. He found a heavy set African American woman with a snake twirled up on her head which reminded him of a turban. It made her look smart. Maybe inside that snake was hiding a very large brain. She was sitting in a chair at a desk in a very large and empty room.

On top of the desk was a crystal ball. The crystal ball was swaying with images and glitter and Nicolas was flustered. She greeted him by saying, "Well are you gonna sit or you just stand and rudely stare? Ain't you seen a black woman with a crystal ball before? No? C'mon boy, sit. I ain't bit anybody yet."

"Sorry, I just expected to see a Russian woman in a lot of pain, but you look fine. I hope this isn't going to be a waste of my precious time, I was in the middle of something very important ma'am. I'm a very prominent and important Doctor and my time could probably be used somewhere more in need right now," Nicolas responded.

"Cool it Mr. Cranky Pants, we'll get you outta here as soon as possible. I don't wanna be around you anymore than you wanna be around me. You give off an awful aura... just sayin'." Madam Celeste got Nicolas to sit down as she explained to him why she was here. "Nicolas, you're living an awful life. I know you have plenty of money and fancy things, but money cannot buy you happiness. You need things of more value. You need a family, you need friends, Nicolas! You are a good man who used to be so happy. I know you have the ability to please so many people and don't get me wrong, you save so many lives! Doing your job with a smile on your face would just make things so much better for all of your patients and even yourself. Look here, in my crystal ball." Madam Celeste and Nicolas looked in the crystal ball and watched Nicolas's past and also watched his present. When Nicolas asked if he could take a peek at his future, Madam Celeste frowned and awkwardly told Nicolas that with the way he's acting, there will be no future for him. It's a shame to live a life full of depression and Nicolas was taking life for granted and now it was soon to be taken away from him. Madam Celeste explained to Nicolas that he could do one of two things. One, he can choose to permanently lose his legs or two, he can choose to lose his life. No matter which one he picks, he will in addition lose the ability to talk.

Knowing Nicolas was full of anger all of his life, Madam Celeste assumed he would choose choice B, to lose his life. She could tell life was becoming a burden to Nicolas. Madam Celeste was shocked to hear Nicolas's response.

Nicolas explained that he would not accept a death wish and he would decide to bare life without legs and a voice. Little did Nicolas know, he was given the most beautiful singing voice in the world. Although Nicolas wasn't singing words, he was literally singing the most idyllic melody in the world. Nicolas was so grateful for the opportunity to meet that wonderful woman. Nicolas has now become a motivational speaker for young depressed youth that have been amputee patients in the past and think they cannot possibly do anything with their lives. Nicolas's perspective on life was completely changed after meeting Madam Celeste that day in Russia. Nicolas is now grateful for having lost his legs, for that opportunity has taught Nicolas the most valuable lesson in life.

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I'm submitting this for extra credit. Yeah.

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