Nikko and Jenna

May 17, 2010
By x56677 BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
x56677 BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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Nikko was running. Not for fun, but for his life. His father, Saul, was right in front of him with a small bundle in his arms. In the bundle was a girl around three years old; Nikko was only six. They were running because they where escaped prisoners of war. The two kingdoms, Lemair and Delcuse, were at war. Five Delcuse soldier were chasing them. Then Nikko woke up the next morning. He was in his small tent. He had been dreaming.
“That was seven years ago” Nikko said aloud, as he ran his hand through his brown hair.
“What was seven years ago?” asked Jenna, as she walked into his tent.
“Nothing.” he quickly replied.
Jenna tied her long brown hair in a ponytail. “You sure?” His blue eyes met her green ones.
“It’s probably nothing.” she said. Before she walked out Nikko said,
“It’s was about Seven years ago when me and my dad found you.”
“So you remembered your dad. Look Nikko, it wasn’t your fault.”
“Yes it was.” Nikko said back. His voice was trembling. Four years ago, three years after they found Jenna, Nikko’s father was killed by a Delcuse soldier. Soon before his father died Delcuse took over Lemair. They had been on the run ever since. With his dying breath Nikko’s father made him promise to keep Jenna safe. Since then, Nikko had been using the skills his dad had taught him to hunt and cook food for him and Jenna. Nikko would never forget his father’s body lying on the cold, hard ground after he died.
“Come on and get dressed.” Jenna said impatiently.
Nikko got dressed and walked out of the tent. Outside was the cool March air. He could feel the humidity in the air as he walked around the small camp. He saw Jenna’s tent next to his and the small fire pit they had made the night before. He had on his normal brown pants with a brown shirt. Jenna was wearing a dress which was unusual for her since she hated dresses.
“What’s with the-“
“I am only wearing this because I have nothing else. Where is the river you said was around here? I need to wash my clothes”
“Not much farther. Just an hour’s walk.”
“Then eat your breakfast fast so we can get going” Jenna demanded
“Fine fine” I said quickly. All I had for breakfast was a wild plant that could be cooked with water to make a good tasting oatmeal like thing. Nikko had no idea what it was called he just made it and ate it.
After breakfast the duo packed up there then and supplies and started walking. Nikko had his dad’s sword in the sheath on his right side. He also had a dagger in a sheath on his left side. Jenna on the other had had a long sword on her back.
“How do you carry that sword” Nikko would always ask.
“Not sure.” Was her usual response. He had not asked for some time. He thought about asking again but decided not to. After a long walk with little conversation between the two they reached the river. It was rather small. Smaller the Jenna had thought.
“I thought you said this was bigger” She asked as soon as we saw the river.
“It is in the summer. It is early spring. It won’t be that wide”
“Oh well I am going to wash my clothes.” Jenna said while walking toward the river with a pile of dirty clothes.
“Wait Jenna stop” Nikko yelled as an arrow flew over Jenna head and barely missed Nikko.

End of part of chapter 1

The author's comments:
This is a story that I am still in the prosses of writing. I will submit more of it as I go along.

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